Donald Trump Is Too Modest

On Fox & Friends this morning, Donald Trump displayed the vastness of his elephantine ego. The man who is so stupid that he has to keep telling people that he thinks he’s smart; so incompetent that he has to keep asserting that he would be the bestest president ever; that man is now convinced that he is the sole target of the President’s wrath.

Donald Trump: Obviously I hit a nerve because they’re fighting me. I don’t hear them talking about Mr. Pawlenty or anybody else. They’re talking only about Trump. I can tell you, I’m their worst nightmare.

The “Donald” is far too modest. He is the whole nation’s worst nightmare. Trump was reacting to comments made by Obama advisor David Plouffe regarding Trump’s polling and his obsession with Obama’s birth certificate. Of course the Fox & Friends folks clipped off the question that Plouffe was asked:

Christianne Amanpour: What do you make of Donald Trump raising this [birth certificate] issue? Do you think it’s going to be a big issue in the campaign?
David Plouffe: I don’t. I saw Donald Trump sort of rising in the polls, and given his behavior and spectacle I hope he keeps on rising. Because there’s zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people to do this job.

So Trump had not hit any nerve, Plouffe was merely answering a question. He wasn’t the one who brought it up and his answer made it clear that he couldn’t care less about Trump, except insofar as the pleasure he would get from running against the bumbling billionaire.

For the record, the only polls in which Trump is rising are with Republican primary voters. His numbers amongst the whole electorate are near the bottom along with Sarah Palin. And if he thinks he’s going to get anywhere by designating himself Obama’s worst nightmare, take a look at some other candidates who have laid claim to that role:

If Trump is intent on joining this fraternity of losers, he has my wholehearted support.


7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Too Modest

  1. Why does Brian Kilmeade always look either pissed off or constipated? I remember him as a bad radio sports talk show host years ago.

    • hah. Maybe he’s always pissed off and constipated at the same time.

  2. An Irish friend used a very appropriate (but not well-known enough) term in reference to Trump: gobshite. Means exactly what you think it does.

  3. I think “that thing” on “The Donald’s” head (as David Letterman always refers to it) has taken control of his brain and is now got him going down this crazy birther path. The more time the lunatic fringe spends on this the worse it makes them look. Remember, Trump is only doing this for the publicity. I think he knows he can never be POTUS.

  4. If Donald Trump is such a Nimrod (and I am not saying he isn’t), how is it that he amassed billions from his ventures?

    • First of all, Trump was born into a wealthy family, so it’s not as if he started from scratch. However, his business success appears to be based on his scorched-earth approach where you screw everyone you come in contact with (if you believe his books).

      Finally, it’s possible to be successful in business and still be an idiot in other respects. Henry Ford developed a product and a method of manufacturing that revolutionized industry. Yet he was an overt anti-Semite and a supporter of Hitler. So it isn’t difficult to believe that Trump might be good at developing real estate and still be a moron who believes that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim.

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