FINALLY! Fox and Friends Host Acknowledges the Strict Vaccine Mandate at Fox News

Last month President Biden announced his plan to relieve the suffering and tragic loss due to the COVID pandemic. The plan included proposals aimed at getting more Americans vaccinated in the workplace, in schools, and in government agencies.

Fox News, Cov-Aid

Biden’s plan was received with overwhelming popular support by the American people. That popularity was even affirmed in a poll by Fox News, the nation’s most staunchly pro-COVID network.

Ever since Biden’s plan was made public, and in stark contrast to the results of their own poll, Fox News doubled down on their anti-vaccine rhetoric. They went particularly hard on the concept of mandates, which they maligned as communist decrees and instruments of tyranny. Never mind that the corporate policy at Fox News contained an even stricter mandate than the one in Biden’s plan.

Undeterred by reality, the squawking heads at Fox News lashed out Biden and any of the companies that were implementing vaccine mandates ahead of his initiative, which has not yet gone into effect. But for some reason, they never bothered to mention the “oppressive” mandate under which they themselves were forced to toil. It was always some other enterprise that was abusing its employees.

Well, that error of omission officially ended on Wednesday morning when the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends brought up the subject. Co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade had a bit of a testy exchange:

Doocy: Our company, like a lot of companies have vaccine requirements. We either had to have gotten the shot or get tested every day. And when we’re in common areas everybody needs to wear a mask. There are a lot of companies coast to coast – I was just looking at brand new ones, General Electric, Union Pacific – are requiring their employees to get the shots. They joined Tyson Food, Walmart, Boeing, IBM, Raytheon, already on board.
Kilmeade: So they’re saying get the shot or you’re fired.
Doocy: Essentially.
Kilmeade: Fantastic. Be prepared to lose 10 to 15 percent of your workforce. I hope that’s okay.
Doocy: Well, people are getting accommodations in certain circumstances.

Setting aside Kilmeade’s counterfactual alarmism (there haven’t been any reports of any significant workforce resignations due to vaccine mandates), Doocy’s belated acknowledgement that Fox News has a corporate mandate is a milestone for the network. It comes as his primetime colleagues are still disseminating disinformation, such as Tucker Carlson’s false proclamation that vaccines don’t work.

Carlson tops the list of those at Fox who have attacked mandates at other companies, while demonstrating their cowardice by ignoring the one that he is silently obeying. Dan Bongino is another, who recently pretended to threaten to quit his radio network because of its vaccine mandate. Although he hasn’t had the guts to say anything about quitting Fox.

It will be interesting to see if any other Fox hosts admit that their employer has a vaccine mandate. But either way, we can rest assured that Fox will continue to deprive their viewers of honest information about the pandemic that is literally a matter of life and death.

As an example, Fox host Neil Cavuto announced yesterday that he tested positive for COVID and is taking precautions due to health conditions that increase his risk. He strongly encouraged viewers to get vaccinated. However, Cavuto’s disclosure and advice has not been mentioned at all on Fox News ever since, although it has been reported on MSNBC and CNN. That should tell everyone something about Fox News’ commitment to the welfare of their audience.

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Fox News Exploits Colin Powell’s Death to Fear Monger About Breakthrough COVID Cases

America’s most notoriously pro-COVID cable “news” network, Fox News, is demonstrating just how grossly callous they can be in pursuit of their reprehensible political agenda. There’s a reason that the current state of the coronavirus in the United States can be accurately called the Fox News Pandemic.

Fox News, Covid

On Monday morning it was announced that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had died. The cause of death was revealed by his family as complications from COVID-19. Sec. Powell is now another tragic statistic of a viral plague that has resulted in more than 700,000 deaths and brought grief to millions of American families.

So leave it to Fox News to leap on this announcement in a way that manipulates it in order to bleed some smarmy partisan gain out of it. On Monday’s episode of Fox and Friends, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes couldn’t let this personal misfortune go by without profiting from it politically. Co-host Will Cain offered a perverse eulogy that furthered Fox’s mission to increase the death toll from COVID (video below). After reporting Powell’s demise, Cain said that…

“There will also be conversations about the fact that he was fully vaccinated according to his family and he died from complications from COVID. We are beginning to see statistics like this grow in frequency. We know that the vaccine does wane over time and its ability to protect you from, not just transmission and infection, but from severe complications and hospitalization, and obviously death as well.” [adding that] “all of us are at potential risk.”

Aside from being profoundly disrespectful to the passing of Powell, this is nothing but pure scare tactics to create more of the doubt and hesitancy about vaccines that Fox News has been disseminating since they became available. It is servile conformity to Donald Trump’s anti-vax alt-facts.

Fox News is lying that “statistics like this grow in frequency.” The truth is that deaths from breakthrough cases are extremely rare. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there have been about 7,000 such fatalities out of more than 187 million vaccinated Americans. That’s about 0.0037%. Not exactly a threat that suggests that “all of us are at potential risk.” To the contrary, it underscores how effective the vaccines are.

Fox also failed to mention that Powell, who was 85 years old, was also diagnosed previously with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that weakens the body’s ability to protect against infections. These are conditions that put him at greater risk. But Cain wasn’t finished with his dishonest fear mongering. He continued with what he falsely said were “the implications on everyday Americans…”

“The family has made a point on their post on Facebook this morning that Colin Powell was fully vaccinated. And as Americans out there wonder what lies ahead for them and they search and they need truth moving forward, we’re seeing data from across the world. We’re seeing data from Europe, from the United Kingdom, the fully-vaccinated people are being hospitalized and fully-vaccinated are dying from COVID. And here we have a very high-profile example that is going to require more truth, more truth from our government, from our health leaders as well.”

Once again, Cain is repeating the deceitful implication that “fully-vaccinated people are dying” in order to frighten Fox’s already panicky viewers. He also baselessly implies that government and healthcare leaders are being insufficiently truthful. And he goes even further to criticize rational measures to mitigate the pandemic, including mandates for vaccination such as the one that is place at Fox News.

Fox News couldn’t wait even a single day before launching this political exploitation of Powell’s death. They are single-mindedly focused on telling tales of terror to keep their audience shivering and glued to their rancid rhetoric. Consequently, they weren’t about to miss out on this fleeting opportunity to stir dread and doubt among their dimwitted devotees.

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Tucker Carlson Attacks White House Parental Leave Policy, Which Fox News Also Offers

Leave it to the Fox News Senior Hate Monger, Tucker Carlson, to find a way to malign fatherhood, while viciously insulting LGBTQ people, and simultaneously displaying rank hypocrisy, all with the smirk of an elitist, trust fund baby, shielded from consequences by his right-wing employer.

Tucker Carlson Fox News

On Thursday evening Carlson was compelled to assault the institution of the family, an ironic position for the network that pretends to be the defenders of family values. Carlson’s tirade was triggered by the audacity of Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, availing himself of the parental leave provided to all federal employees. But Carlson is apparently ignorant of the family leave policies of his own employer. This was revealed in a video contrasting Carlson’s homophobic mockery of Buttigieg, with a clip of Fox and Friends co-host Todd Piro:

Carlson: Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child. Paternity leave, they call it. Trying to figure out how to breastfeed. No word on how that went.
Piro: Fox is amazing. It’s a great organization. Really a family friendly organization. They give us six weeks as dads for paternity. I’m taking that six weeks. I can’t wait to bond with my little one.

Carlson’s crack about “breastfeeding” demeans all fathers who love their newborns enough to take some time off of work to care for them and their wives. That includes his colleague Piro, as well as Jesse Watters who, after the birth of his child with his second wife (a Fox News producer with whom he was cheating on his first wife), said that “Now I am pro-paternity [leave]. I used to mock people for taking paternity.” That’s the same brand of family “values” practiced by Donald Trump.

So Carlson deliberately neglects to mention that Fox News has a family leave policy that gives fathers six weeks off after the birth of a child. Even worse he criticizes Buttigieg for taking leave in the most insulting and infantile manner possible.

This, however, isn’t the first time that Carlson as lambasted a Biden administration policy that mirrors those of Fox News. Carlson also attacked Biden’s vaccine mandate policy. He characterized Biden’s efforts to get more people vaccinated, thus saving lives, as tyrannical and as waging a war on the American people. Never mind that Fox News has a similar policy that is even stricter than Biden’s, and which Carlson is abiding by.

How many other Fox News directives does Carlson oppose, but is too dishonest and cowardly to say so? Who knows? What we do know is that Carlson is a weaselly hypocrite who will suck up to whoever he needs to in order to benefit himself. After all, before he was rescued by Fox News, Carlson was fired from PBS, CNN, and MSNBC. He also had a run in with Fox before they hired him that resulted in him calling them “a mean, sick group of people.”

Now Carlson happily toils in Fox’s lie-mining caves like a good supplicant. He furthers their ultra-rightist agenda by embracing and dispensing their hate, lies, and conspiracy theories. All while maintaining his hallmark smirk and confused (constipated?) expression.

UPDATE: Mayor Pete responds saying that Carlson “doesn’t understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone the concept of paternity leave. […and that…] This attack is coming from a guy who has yet to explain his apparent approval for the assassination of Harvey Milk.”

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Fox News Celebrates 25 Years of Ripping America Apart with Propaganda, Lies, and Racism

In 1996 Rupert Murdoch, an immigrant to the United States via England, via Australia (neither of whom would take him back), joined with a professional Republican propagandist, Roger Ailes (who was later fired due to his serial sexual harassment), to launch a cable “news” network with the express purpose of advancing ultra-rightist policies and promoting neo-fascist politicians.

Fox News, Fake News

Twenty-five years later Fox News continues to sow discord and turn the American people against one another. Most recently Fox News has contributed (along with Donald Trump) to the demise of hundreds of thousands of Americans by dispensing disinformation about the deadly coronavirus. They have fractured democracy by buttressing Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “Stolen” from him. They have defended the domestic terrorism of Trump’s January 6th insurrection. And they have exacerbated racial hatred by promulgating the “white replacement theory”

Notwithstanding that resume of ill-repute, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes at Fox and Friends were anxious to honor their employer with platitudes that bore no resemblance to reality. Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy embraced a fairy tale worldview when she gushed that…

“Don’t you wish you had a dime for every time someone said to you, ‘what would happen to America if we didn’t have Fox News.’ We’d have no alternative information at all. Think about that. Democracy, essentially, would die. Because you can’t have a democracy like that.”

Really? Campos-Duffy is lauding Fox News for its commitment to “alternative information,” a close cousin to the infamous alternative facts contrived by Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway. And her conclusion that such manufactured falsehoods are required for democracy to continue is downright laughable.

Speaking of laughable, Desi Lydic of the The Daily Show had a much better tribute to what Fox News has contributed to the nation and the world for the past twenty-five years. Her homage includes such gems as…

“Without Fox News I wouldn’t know that Hillary Clinton showered in baby blood or that Planned Parenthood invented Benghazi with George Soros and the Teletubbies at the Venezuelan BET Awards.”


“Fox News, you should be proud of yourself. For the past 25 years you brought half this country together – against the other half.”

Buckle up and enjoy the rest of the fantastical accolades Lydic has compiled for the Fox News anniversary. It’s funny because it’s true.

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Fox News Slams Biden’s Stamina Because He Rides Bikes – Unlike Couch Potato Trump

President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday with a speech that covered an array of topics that are critical to the welfare of the American people and the world (video below). It included passages about the COVID pandemic, the climate crisis, international conflict and diplomacy, global economics and trade, and more. And unlike the address by Donald Trump, no one laughed at him.

Fox News, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Friends

So it was on this morning that Fox News chose to do a totally contrived story about Biden’s alleged lack of stamina. The sedentary lumps of gall on Fox and Friends considered this bit of fakery and fluff important enough to feature while other news networks were covering the President at the U.N.

Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy took an especially keen interest in Biden’s health. She delivered the following harangue that was entirely devoid of factual basis. It consisted mainly of infantile taunts and tedious talking points that she cribbed from her Fox News confederates over the past couple of years:

“Being the leader of the free world has to be the most demanding job in the whole world, and he simply does not have the mental or physical stamina to do this job. And that is why his handlers and his wife who, by the way, look increasingly like Visiting Angels, have to schedule in these senior breaks for him so he can take naps and go for bike rides because he can’t concentrate on the job the way he should. I mean, just compare it to president Donald Trump who worked these long, long hours and had impromptu hourlong pressers with the media.”

Notice that Campos-Duffy’s lame assessment of Biden as lacking “mental or physical stamina” is just the recycled sneers that were used against Hillary Clinton five years ago. But what really sets this apart is that her “proof” that Biden’s health is diminished is that he is an avid biker. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And then she asks viewers to compare that with the exercise regime of Trump.

As a refresher, Trump was best known as a morbidly obese junk food junkie who spent up to nine hours every day (Executive Time) watching his “policy advisors” on Fox News and other right-wing propaganda networks. He would frequently avoid doing any work by hitting the links where he rode around in a golf cart all day. He wasted untold hours tweeting either undeserved exaltations of himself or bitter attacks on his foes. And he would occasionally show up behind the podium at one of his cult rallies where he just stood there and ranted for an hour or so. That’s not exactly a challenging workout.

Yet somehow Campos-Duffy and her Fox Friends cast Biden as the nap taker, despite his obviously more vigorous lifestyle, healthful appearance, and full work schedule. But that isn’t particularly surprising considering that Campos-Duffy has distinguished herself previously by blaming First Lady Jill Biden for problems in Afghanistan. She defended white supremacy. She promoted Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged.” In other words, she is a fully indoctrinated Trump-fluffer who will do and say whatever her Fox News handlers tell her. That’s how she got her job, and she aims to keep it.

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Fox News Openly Defends the White Supremacy and Treason of Domestic Terrorists

On the solemn anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, four presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden) made dignified and respectful appearances to honor the victims, heroes, and families whose lives were changed forever. These statesmen demonstrated the compassion and decency to set aside their personal interests in order to remind the nation what it means to be the “United” States of America.

Fox News, KKK

The only holdout was, of course, Donald Trump, who had a more pressing engagement to enrich himself as a commentator at an exhibition fight in Hollywood, Florida. He did put out a video that was typically dominated by tributes to himself and bitter assaults on his political foes.

On Monday morning Fox News covered some of the weekend events from a thoroughly bizarre and repugnant perspective. The segment somehow veered off into territory that had nothing to do with 9/11 (video below). At one point, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy felt compelled to say that…

“We had a stand down on white supremacy in the military, and I guess that I’m just not seeing that that’s worthy of a stand down.”

Really? So Campos-Duffy is in favor of the military permitting white supremacy in the ranks? While it isn’t particularly noteworthy that she and others on Fox News would hold that opinion (her co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed saying that “I share your frustration”), it isn’t often that they state it so explicitly on the air.

What triggered this outburst was a discussion about remarks by George W. Bush on Saturday. In a surprisingly thoughtful address, Bush drew parallels between foreign terrorists and the homegrown variety that have been inspired by Trump and Fox News. Bush said that…

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit.”

Campos-Duffy complained that Bush’s comments took “the focus off of who we need to be focused on.” She elaborated saying that…

“I think that motivations matter. The Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans. They hate Western civilization. They hate America. They have lots of reason for that. Regardless of what you think about what happened on Jan. 6, the people there went in with the flags. They were not America haters.”

What distinction is she making here? The motives of the Trump insurrectionists were also that they wanted to kill Americans, including Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and other members of Congress. They hate Western civilization and America, as evident in their efforts to discard the Constitution and impose their own totalitarian dictatorship. Yes, they went there with flags, which they used as weapons against the police officers who were protecting the seat of American democracy. How were they not “America haters”? And Trump himself weighed in on Bush’s speech saying that…

“…he lectures us that terrorists on the ‘right’ are a bigger problem than those from foreign countries that hate America and that are pouring into our Country right now.”

Notice that Bush said nothing about the “right” or any other political ideology, but Trump recognized his own faction when he heard it described. And his assertion that foreign terrorists are “pouring into our Country right now” is just more of his delusional hyperbole. Just like his “Big Lie” about election fraud, there is no factual basis for his charges. Trump just wants to drench his cult followers in irrational fears.

Furthermore, Trump is whining (as usual) that Bush has no right to “lecture” anyone because he is responsible for thousands of deaths from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. That may be true. But there is a nauseating sort of irony in Trump saying it considering that he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths from his negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID pandemic.

In the attempt by Fox News to distinguish the crimes of the January 6th insurrectionists, and other domestic terrorists, from foreign terrorists, they actually highlighted their similarities and common purpose. And even worse, they overtly expressed their not-so-veiled racism. This isn’t new for Fox, but it nevertheless needs to be exposed and disseminated widely to remind everyone what sort of vile propaganda network the Murdochs are operating.

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Vaccine Truthers at Fox News Say FDA Approval Was a Distraction From Afghanistan

The relentless determination of Fox News to propagate phony stories and contrived outrage can really be rather impressive at times. And on Tuesday morning America’s foremost right-wing propaganda source pulled a twofer, slandering President Biden and the COVID vaccine in one dangerously dishonest segment.

Fox News, Covid

On Monday the FDA announced that it was giving a full approval of the Pfizer vaccine as a safe and effective means of preventing infection and transmission of the coronavirus. It took only minutes before Fox News was trashing the FDA and its motives. They asserted that the approval was rushed in the same segment in which they also asked “What took so long.”

On Tuesday morning the “Curvy Couch” potatoes at Fox and Friends called in their medical contributor, Dr. Marty Makary, to comment on matters for which he had no qualifications. He was asked by co-host Brian Kilmeade about what he claimed was suspect timing for the FDA approval. Whereupon Makary accused the Biden administration of using the announcement of the FDA’s full approval of the COVID vaccine as a distraction from critical stories about the Afghanistan withdrawal (video below):

“Three days after the viral video [of the Afghan airport] the FDA is going to approve the vaccine after sitting on it for nine months.”

Makary, of course, has no expertise in either media analysis or military strategies. But that didn’t stop him from questioning the FDA’s action. Nor did the same ignorance on Kilmeade’s part prevent him from implying that the FDA’s decision – that Makary said was held for nine months – was too rushed, and then issued for political purposes:

“All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the FDA is going to give full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. And then that becomes a leak, and that becomes an announcement. Do you believe the timing is curious? […] They make people doubt, because they look at this timing and they say wait a second, does it really get full FDA approval? Do we really need a booster shot? What are we worried about?

The one constant in all of the COVID coverage by Fox News is to trivialize the pandemic, disparage the vaccine, and frighten their audience away from partaking in it. Tucker Carlson has claimed outright that it doesn’t work and that the authorities are hiding that “fact” from you. And Donald Trump told his cult rally that it was just a money making operation.” Meanwhile, Fox peddles toxic snake oil cures like the horse dewormer, Ivermectin.

Then there is the charge that the FDA was participating in a White House plot to deflect from news about Afghanistan. Makary and Kilmeade had zero evidence of any such scheme or any explanation for why the independent FDA would go along with it. It was purely floated to malign the FDA, the vaccine, and the Biden administration’s kept promise to finally end the twenty year long war. Although it might be an improvement over their previous attack on First Lady Jill Biden as being at fault for everything.

In the end, Fox News is going to cause more suffering and grieving as a result of their pro-COVID propaganda. Simultaneously, they will disinform their viewers about the progress of the Afghanistan withdrawal, while inciting more racist responses to the arrival of Afghani refugees who helped American troops for the past couple of decades. Fox News doesn’t care about any of these adverse and anti-American consequences, or the harm to human lives. Because the only thing they care about is their Republican power grab, and advancing their ultra-rightist agenda. And

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Fox News Fingers Who is Really at Fault for What’s Happening in Afghanistan: Jill Biden!

The aftermath of President Biden’s decision to proceed with the previously negotiated withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan has dominated the media for the past week. To be sure, any retreat from failed military operations cannot be expected to be free of difficulty. And there are troubling images of desperate Afghans seeking to escape the anticipated tyranny of Taliban rule.

Fox News, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Friends

Unfortunately, much of the media coverage has focused on melodramatic moments that lack context. The press as a whole seems to have forgotten what Afghanistan was like prior to the U.S. invasion in 2001. In short, it was pretty much the same then as it will be going forward once the evacuation is complete. No better, no worse, and no discernible benefit from twenty years of occupation. The lesson to be learned is not one about predictable hardships following a lengthy war in hostile territory, but about the futility of waging such wars in the first place.

Not surprisingly, Fox News has taken the most preposterous positions regarding the end of the Afghanistan adventure. They have entirely ignored that the original, severely flawed agreement to leave was negotiated by the Trump administration (which he is still bragging about). That deal has been rebuked by Trump’s own National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, as a surrender agreement.” It lifted all sanctions on the Taliban and freed 5,000 of their imprisoned fighters, but got nothing in return.

What’s more, while Fox News harshly criticizes the Biden administration’s handling of efforts to evacuate Afghans who helped the U.S. during the two decade occupation, they are simultaneously complaining about the prospect of bringing those refugees to America. Tucker Carlson has labeled them “invaders” who are “coming to your neighborhood.”

On Sunday’s episode of Fox and Friends, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy went to even more bizarre lengths to malign Biden. She began by regurgitating the tedious Fox News trope that Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president (video below):

“I look at this and I think ‘Wow. We had a president who was impeached over a phone call.’ This looks like a much more impeachable offense. If you ask me, I know that’s probably, technically it’s probably not, but when you look at what’s hurting America, when you look at the lack of leadership, and you wonder who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent, and frankly this, you know, mentally frail in this position?”

Note that the American people already made their judgment about that by overwhelmingly voting for Biden. And they had previously determined that it was Trump who doesn’t have the mental soundness to serve (according to a Fox News poll, no less). Also, Trump wasn’t impeached “over a phone call.” It was his treasonous effort to pressure the president of Ukraine to interfere in the U.S. election that resulted in the first of his two impeachments.

As for grounds to impeach Biden, Campos-Duffy admits that there aren’t any. (unlike Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is apparently even more ignorant of the Constitution than she is). But her craziness was just getting started.

“Of course the media and many people are saying – you had some people on your show this week who were saying it was Susan Rice and Obama and maybe Valerie Jarrett. I’m sorry, as a political spouse, I can’t help but look at Jill Biden, No one knew better his state of mind than Dr. Jill Biden. And if you ask me, the most patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done was tell her husband – to love her husband and not let him run in this mental state that he’s in. I think she failed the country as well.”

So now it’s all Jill Biden’s fault? Never mind that Campos-Duffy didn’t bother to cite a single example of any behavior by the President that would warrant such concerns. She still managed to place the blame on a woman, and one who is highly accomplished and respected.

However, Campos-Duffy never had any concerns about Melania Trump’s tolerance of her husband’s obvious cognitive deficiencies. After all, Donald Trump believed that stealth fighters are actually invisible, that windmills cause cancer, that we should nuke hurricanes, that George Washington’s Army took over airports, and that injecting bleach will cure COVID.

Melania never said a single word about any of that. Clearly she is not a patriot and is responsible for all of the harm that Trump caused during his four years of non-stop incoherence, ignorance, incompetence, and raging hostility. Is too late to impeach her?

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On Fox News Tucker Carlson Drops His Sickest White Supremacy Conspiracy Theory Yet

The past few months have seen Tucker Carlson of Fox News deliver an eclectic array of noxious commentaries. The variety and extremism of his tirades seem more like the rantings of the schizophrenic on the street corner yelling at passing cars than the host of a program on an alleged “news” network. Among the heinous harangues are Carlson’s paranoid claims that the NSA is spying on him, his adoring embrace of foreign fascists, his bizarre accusation that the FBI orchestrated Trump’s January 6th insurrection, and his twisted belief that public health experts are hiding the “fact” that vaccines don’t work.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Klan

On Wednesday morning Carlson visited with the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends to one up himself on the crazy scale. It didn’t take long for him achieve that goal. The topic of the discussion was immigration, which on Fox News means hateful presentations of invading hordes of brown people intent on committing senseless acts of murder and rape for cheap thrills. And for Carlson it also offers another opportunity to peddle the overtly racist “White Replacement Theory” that he picked up from his study of 20th century Nazis. He vented viciously to his Fox friends that…

“What’s happening at the border is not a crisis. A crisis is a flood in Bangladesh. It’s an act of god. This is an intentional act. This is the administration bringing felons, violent criminals, into our country on purpose. Why would you do something like that? Only to destroy it. There’s no other explanation for this. It’s not an act of compassion. It’s an act of hostility against the United States in order to change it forever. I think this is the greatest scandal of my lifetime, what’s happening on the border right now.”

So Carlson wants us to believe that he thinks Democrats are intentionally importing violent felons for the sole purpose of destroying America. He doesn’t bother to explain why Democrats would want to do that, or how it would benefit them. It’s just his opinion that they are the equivalent of comic book super villains who have no motive other than laying waste to civilization to prove that they can. That’s the sort of small-brain thesis that a seven year old would be embarrassed to claim.

For the record, Carlson doesn’t have a shred of evidence to support any of his rancid rhetoric. There are no caravans of migrating felons marching northward. But he is parroting the psychotic ramblings of Donald Trump who has repeatedly and baselessly charged that “Other countries are emptying their jails into our country.”

After getting an “Absolutely!” affirmation from co-host Steve Doocy, Carlson went on to reveal what he thinks the end game is for the evil Democrats. “The strategy,” Carlson snarls, “is to change the demographics of the country.” That’s the heart of the “White Replacement Theory” that he has been hawking on his program for months. His belief is that Democrats will gain an electoral advantage through this, saying that “Democrats are bringing them here purely to vote for them.” Carlson seems to think that these imaginary migrant felons get immediate citizenship and voting rights as soon as they cross the border. And of course, they will all register and vote as Democrats.

In case anyone missed the main point Carlson was trying to make, he conveniently spelled it out for us, warning that “we should not be bullied into silence as they take OUR country away.” The emphasis on “OUR” was entirely Carlson’s. It was his not-so-subtle nod to the white-wingers like himself who he believes are the rightful masters of America. And while it’s disgusting enough that Carlson would hold that opinion, it’s downright nauseating that he would shamelessly say it out loud on national television. But then again, this is Fox News.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Fox News: Unvaccinated People Dying From COVID? So What? That’s Their Choice

The crusade by Fox News to murder their own audience is continuing at full blast. The ignorant and dangerous advice they are disseminating is directly contributing to the recent surge in coronavirus infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities. Virtually all of those being swept up in that surge (99%) are unvaccinated.

Fox News, Covid

By far, the segment of the American population that is unvaccinated, and refusing to get vaccinated, are Republicans and Fox News viewers. That shouldn’t surprise anyone since Fox News hacks like Tucker Carlson have been actively peddling conspiracy theories that vaccines don’t work, but “they” aren’t telling you. Studies show that watching Fox News actually increases coronavirus fatalities.

On Monday morning the Fox and Friends Death Panel upped the ante. Their discussion touched an imaginary government mandate to get vaccinated that doesn’t exist anywhere in the United States. Nevertheless, co-host Brian Kilmeade went ballistic over that delusional encroachment on what he regards as his personal freedom to die and to kill others:

Kilmeade: If you didn’t get a vaccination, that’s your choice. But if you did, like I did, and they did, and maybe you did, then you should not wear a mask. And if you want to go cliff diving this weekend, you don’t have to check with me. It seems a little dangerous. But I’m not gonna judge you. But if you put yourself in danger, if you feel that this is not something for you, don’t do it. But don’t affect my life.
Doocy: 99% of the people who are dying from COVID are unvaccinated.
Kilmeade: That’s their choice!
Doocy: They don’t want to die. So the administration and government is saying we need the mask mandates to protect the unvaccinated.
Kilmeade: That’s not their job. It’s not their job to protect anybody.

There’s an abundance of idiocy in that brief exchange. It begins with Kilmeade asserting that everyone who has been vaccinated “should not wear a mask.” That is contrary to the guidance by most health experts and the CDC. Particularly in the midst of the rapidly spreading new Delta variant.

More to the point, Kilmeade’s tirade is reckless, heartless, and senseless. There is no rational equivalence between cliffing diving (a voluntary recreational activity), and COVID (a deadly viral pandemic for which nobody volunteers). What’s more, he includes his insistence that people should be allowed to make their own decisions so long as they “don’t affect my life.” Of course, the decision to not get vaccinated does affect the lives of the population at large because it increases the probability of viral transmission and mutation into more hazardous variants.

Finally, Kilmeade concludes with what he apparently thinks is the coup de gras of his irresponsible and idiotic argument. He claims that it isn’t the government’s job to protect people. He might want to check with the United States Constitution whose Preamble explicitly states as its purpose to “insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, [and] promote the general Welfare.”

If Kilmeade doesn’t believe that government has a role in protecting people, he must think that everything from the FDA to the EPA to even the armed forces are a heinous breach of government authority. He appears to be advocating for poisons in your groceries and toxins in your air and water. He is effectively arguing to disband the military and to defund the police.

Worst of all, Kilmeade and his confederates on Fox News are continuing to push for the rights of people to be inundated with lies that could result in their demise, or that of their loved ones. They are ignoring the fact that everyone has an impact on how the pandemic progresses and how much harm and grief it produces.

The only thing that Fox News and company care about is being opposed to whatever common sense health agenda is proposed by the Biden administration. It’s purely a partisan play that places politics above humanity. And it ought to make them criminally liable for the consequences.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.