Bill O’Reilly: Propaganda Pimp

Bill O’Reilly: Propaganda Pimp
In a roomful of egomaniacal bloviating pundits, Bill O’Reilly would stand out as a towering infernal display of delusional demagoguery. Almost any random sampling of The O’Reilly Fester will reveal a man obsessed with his own righteousness.

Click the link above to experience an interactive portrait of O’Reilly that puts his unique abuse of language on display.


One thought on “Bill O’Reilly: Propaganda Pimp

  1. In my research, I discovered this little nugget of BOR’s wisdom:

    “‘Talking Points’ has said this before. As long as the Democratic Party embraces the likes of Howard Dean, it will not win anything. He represents the lowest form of discourse and shames a party built on the legacies of FDR and JFK.”

    A year and half later, Dems took both the House and Senate. Now he is saying:

    “So the candidates, the Democratic candidates are stuck in the middle. If they surrender to the radicals like John Edwards has done, they can’t win a general election.”

    I can’t wait to see how this prediction turns out.

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