Andrew Breitbart Throws Glenn Beck Under The Bus For Throwing Him Under The Bus

This just keeps getting better.

Last week the feud between conservative stalwarts Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson became public in a big way with Carlson’s web site citing numerous rightist pundits who claim that Beck has plagiarized them. Beck shot back accusing his critics of jealousy.

Andrew Breitbart was one of those cited in Carlson’s story. Today Breitbart upped the ante by telling the New York Observer that Beck “threw me under the bus” during the Shirley Sherrod affair when Sherrod was defamed as a racist in a deceptively edited video. Breitbart reveals that Beck had worked with him in the preparation and editing of the video.

Breitbart: Next thing I know, I’m under complete attack without the support of Glenn Beck, who I thought was somebody I could count on.

This is a startling revelation. First it’s an admission that there was an intent to misrepresent Sherrod in the video, something that Breitbart has previously denied. And it also casts Beck as a co-conspirator. This is significant because Beck has tried to portray himself as someone who had rejected the Sherrod video when it was first released by Breitbart.

Beck: We defended her and said her side of the story demanded to be heard – because context matters. That’s how we do things.

Not exactly. First of all, Beck only defended Sherrod on his afternoon television program after the video hoax had been revealed. On his radio show that morning he castigated her saying that we “have video tape of a USDA administration official discriminating against white farmers.”

So Beck participated in the dishonest editing of the video with Breitbart, used his morning radio show to promote the phony clip that he helped to create, and by the time his TV show aired later the same day, and the bottom had dropped out of the story, he pretends to be pristine and unaffiliated as he defends the poor victim of Breitbart’s slander and the White House’s knee-jerk over-reaction.

What a piece of ….. work.


2 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart Throws Glenn Beck Under The Bus For Throwing Him Under The Bus

  1. There’s a typo there at the end: it’s spelled “shit”. hehe.

    I just love it when they go after each other. It sheds a bright light on their character or lack thereof. And these guys must have gone to the same school of integrity as O’Keefe. They don’t seem to care what people think of them as they keep doing it. I would love to see a rundown of all the advertisers for these rightwing shows as they would be candidates for boycotts.

    • Media Matters has a daily posting:

      So Who’s Still Advertising On Beck?

      Feel free to send them letters. And just because Beck’s leaving Fox is no reason to stop. They shouldn’t be advertising of Fox at all. The rest of their programming is no better than Beck. And many of them still advertise on his radio show.

      See also StopBeck and DropFox on Twitter

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