The Most Flagrantly Dishonest and Idiotic Trump Tweet of 2020 (So Far)

In recent days Donald Trump has shifted his tone on the COVID-19 (coronavirus) to one that appears more appropriately concerned about the threat that it poses to Americans and the world. But while he seems to be reluctantly recognizing the risks going forward, he is still fixated on assigning blame to others and paying undeserved tribute to himself.

Donald Trump, Toilet, Bathrobe

When asked how he would rate his response to the coronavirus crisis, Trump inconceivably gave himself a “10.” Sure, if that’s out of 100. He also claimed, in an epic feat of gaslighting, and after downplaying the matter for weeks, that “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic” (see video below that documents his lies). But for sheer stupidity and/or rabid dishonesty, Trump has still not surpassed this tweet from February 24:

In that one Twantrum, Trump managed to get two very consequential things horribly wrong. First of all, as noted above, the coronavirus was very much NOT under control. On February 24, there were only 42 confirmed cases and zero fatalities in the U.S. That has now risen to more than 7,300 infected people and 135 deaths. If that’s what Trump considers “control” we are all gonna die.

Trump’s management of this crisis has been an unqualified disaster. He ignored the peril for far too long. He disbanded the pandemic office at the National Security Agency. He refused to use the test kits provided by the World Health Organization. He relied more on his Fox News sycophants than on scientists. He trivialized the matter as a political “hoax” that he imagined was perpetrated by Democrats. And he sought to blame previous administrations (translation: Obama) for burdening him with an archaic and inefficient system. The truth is that he gutted the system himself and did nothing to restore it.

As for his investment advice, it’s hard to image that it could have been worse. The stock market that was “starting to look very good” to Trump on February 24, has dropped more than 7,000 points (30%) since then. And that was after the Federal Reserve gave Trump the ill-advised interest rate cut he lusted after. All of the gains for the past three years – the whole of Trump’s presidency – have been wiped out. Anyone who acted on Trump’s analysis has lost a fortune. But then, it’s hard to sympathize with anyone who would take financial advice from a trust fund baby with six bankruptcies, a long list of defunct companies, a failed, phony “university,” and a charitable foundation that was found to be fraudulent?

There is, however, a bit of relatively good news. The American people aren’t buying Trump’s BS. A recent poll found that only 37% trust what he says about the coronavirus. That’s the predictable result of having lied more than 16,000 times since he was inaugurated.

Unfortunately, that’s a dangerous position for a nation to be in when it faces the sort of hardships that the U.S. faces today. Under the circumstance, we should have someone at the helm that isn’t a malignant narcissistic and a pathological liar. And with any luck (and a lot of hard work) we will have new, respectable leadership by next January. That is, if Trump hasn’t killed us all before then.

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15 thoughts on “The Most Flagrantly Dishonest and Idiotic Trump Tweet of 2020 (So Far)

  1. So, while we are all working from home, and practicing “social distancing”, we can entertain ourselves with the announcement every three days of the latest COVID-19 jokes and trumpty’s “most flagrantly dishonest and idiotic tweet of 2020”.

    Personally, I would vote for “I called this a pandemic before anyone else called it a pandemic.” Oh, I get it. “Democrat hoax” is a synonym for “pandemic”.

    • I wonder what a full term of inaccurate, idiotic, quotes (start it from the onset of his campaigning). I have little to no trust for ALL politicians and while I agree the American people should hold the double speaking tricksters accountable for all their lies but I almost feel we have our selves to blame. This is the information era – we can literally ask and answer questions we know nothing about in the blink of an eye so what we’re really seeing is the evidence of a lack of preparation to deceive the public and further their own personal, political or social agendas. In other words the interment has gotten faster than it takes to come up with some good ole fashion lyin’. It’s almost comical really, and the reality is the average citizen has zero power to do anything to help temper these self serving, on the fly, anything goes, make it truth narratives that our politicians ( on both sides to be clear. ) This May be the wrong attitude to have but when close to 7 billion people hate your guts (and most couldn’t say why other than that’s what they were taught to think), I admire his poise under pressure. Trump’s ability to deflect blame, toot his own horn, and antagonize his opposers in a warm inviting way kind of way.

  2. Trump’s quote of the day:
    “People are dying who have never died before.”
    – Donald J. Trump,
    March 18, 2020

      • I did some research and have concluded that the Trump quote above is not real. Still, it’s disturbing that something like that *seems* so plausible.

        • It is because no one would doubt he is capable of it. Still, like Dumya’s “I stand behind all my misstatements,” equally unreal, it will define the Terrorist forever.

    • Are you kidding?!!? OMG!
      Maybe Trump is being influenced by ‘Dubya’ — sounds like dumb something he’d say.
      I really think it’s time for a minimum IQ level to be President; it can replace min. age limit we have now.

      “Independently Certified 3-digit IQ required for presidency.”
      (Will accept 90+ IQ for Congress Critters.)

      • Why not make all candidates for President have to qualify by passing a test on the Constitution, campaign and finance laws and release their taxes for the last seven or ten years?

  3. So, the FucksPods now have their orders: After MONTHS of swallowing Their Beloved God’s mindless “This is all a Democrat hoax dreamed up by Obama,” suddenly, they are SO conscientious about the coronavirus which all of them TRULY BELIEVED MONTHS AGO!!!

    And, then there’s Seanny:
    Daily Beast: Hannity, With a Straight Face, Claims He Has ‘Always Taken the Coronavirus Seriously’

    F*cking hell, Seanny!! Daily Beast posted the video in which, without a shred of self-awareness, Seanny spewed this nonsense. Not a SINGLE WORD in that screed was true, and we all KNOW IT!!

    Meanwhile, the Tyrant Worshipers are taking the racist line, calling it the “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu.”

    Well, EVERYBODY GO KUNG FLU FIGHTING!!! [I’m sorry.]

    • Wow! Sean Shammity really IS just a Trump mouthpiece, repeating whatever his assh*le says. I don’t think he’s a real human being.
      If we peel back his fake skin, bet there’s just a robot underneath – electronics sputtering & sparking, like in Sci-Fi movies.

    • Ode to Sean Hannity
      by John Cleese

      Aping urbanity
      Oozing with vanity
      Plump as a manatee
      Faking humanity
      Journalistic calamity
      Intellectual inanity
      Fox Noise insanity
      You’re a profanity

      Wednesday 8 October 2008

  4. Wow! Sean Shammity really IS just a Trump mouthpiece, repeating whatever his assh*le says. I don’t think he’s a real human being.
    If we peel back his fake skin, bet there’s just a robot underneath – electronics sputtering & sparking, like in Sci-Fi movies.

    • Maybe that explains why he’s so frightened of getting his lumpy butt waterboarded for charity. 🙂

      • LMAO! That explains it. And here I thought he was just chicken-shit!

  5. Ok, that was scary as hell! Read thru whole thing & no doubt will have nightmares from it. Should’ve waited until…? Huh. When would be goid time, I wonder?

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