Fox News’ George Soros Conspiracy Continues To Crumble

Last week Fox News published an article by Dan Gainor of the ultra-rightist Media Research Center that purported to reveal a web of connections between George Soros and the mainstream media. The article failed completely in its mission. As I wrote last week:

“On the Fox News web site today, Dan Gainor, a VP at the ultra-conservative Media Research Center, wrote an op-ed that asked, ‘Why Don’t We Hear About Soros’ Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations?’ The answer, as it turns out, is because there aren’t any such ties. […] Gainor has utterly failed to support his thesis. Not only does Soros have no control over these organizations, but they aren’t even the big media powers Gainor describes them as.”

Today Fox News published part two of Gainor’s series. Not only did he continue to fire blanks, he actually revealed information that implicates the right in a vast media conspiracy.

Most of part two was a rehashing of part one with even fewer specifics. The threads in the alleged web Gainor is weaving merely tie Soros to some media organizations that are also funded by many other people and groups who seek to advance the state of independent journalism. And while pointing out the connections, Gainor never discloses anything sordid resulting from them. There isn’t even a hint of some effort to slant their reporting or engage in biased coverage. So the only conclusion is that Soros donated money to a number of reputable organizations that have demonstrated their integrity and that Gainor is apparently opposed to that, as are most conservatives. The last thing they want is news that is truly fair and balanced.

One area where he provided some new information was in identifying a few more of the “major” news organizations for whom Soros is supposedly the puppet master. There is just one thing wrong with these revelations. They are also affiliated with news organizations on the right:

  • The Center for Investigative Reporting lists Rupert Murdoch’s Times of London as an affiliate.
  • The Center for Public Integrity is connected to the Associated Press, of which Murdoch is a member of the board of directors.
  • The Lens is affiliated with WVUE-TV in New Orleans, a FOX affiliate.
  • The Texas Tribune’s founding investor was T. Boone Pickens.

That last affiliation is particularly notable because Gainor is the “Boone Pickens Fellow” for the Media Research Center, and that Pickens himself is an MRC trustee. So Gainor’s job at the MRC was endowed by the same man who bankrolled one of the media enterprises connected to Soros and that Gainor says is irredeemably leftist.

Uh oh. That means that Gainor himself is connected to Soros and this whole series of articles must be a plot orchestrated by Pickens, Murdoch, Soros, and probably President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. Be afraid.


5 thoughts on “Fox News’ George Soros Conspiracy Continues To Crumble

  1. “So the only conclusion is that Soros donated money to a number of reputable organizations that have demonstrated their integrity and that Gainor is apparently opposed to that, as are most conservatives.”

    Since Fox isn’t reputable and has no integrity, I guess they assume that no other news organization does either. One thing I always tell those I know that watch Fox for their “news” is observe the lack of corrections they make when they get something wrong or misquote someone. The real news organizations first don’t make that many mistakes and correct them as soon as they are aware of them. Their reputation and credibility are important to them. Not so much at Fox.

  2. I’m a big fan of irony and sarcasm.
    Good work.
    It’s amazing how Gainor wasn’t realizing he was shooting himself in the foot writing this….I thought “journalists” do research when they write something..guess I was wrong huh…oh well.

  3. If ever anyone wanted to know what the right-wing lunatics have up their sleeves, just listen to the accusations they lob at the left. They tend to exhibit an irrepressible urge to out themselves at every opportunity.

  4. Too bad the folks who lap this Soros stuff up will never ever in a 100 years read an article pointing out the garbage parts of the propaganda they imbibe like mother’s milk.

    • Hey Khyber…you say:

      “Too bad the folks who lap this Soros stuff up will never ever in 100 years read an article…” Well–they will soon! Because, thanks to a recent THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR DONATION by George Soros, (a documented hero of the anti-Nazi movement in Hungary) to New York’s schools–thanks to George Soros,many NY schools have been rescued from the slow rot that typical (and to them necessary), Republican underfunding had heretofore condemned them to.

      Thank you, Mr. Soros.

      “Ooohhh, George Soros…)Only if you’re a CON job, (& that should tell you everything you need to know about the CONS) could the name “George Soros” be ever considered as evil. These of course are the same Nazi sympathizers (only now they’re here in America) who consider Occupy Wall Street as ‘evil’

      Recently, the Radical Right here in America has floated the rumors that “us regular folk” decry the naming of the Radical Right as Nazis. Well, if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, nobody in their right (LOL!) mind will object to calling it by its true name–a Nazi “duck”.

      Mr. Soros–thanks for, the only organization so far to stand against uglies like Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limpbough and the current rest of the rightwing crew. Why, Limpbough himself saw fit to call Mitt Romney “…not a conservative”. That should say it all, about Limpbough and his ilk.

      The only thing that I worry about is that someone like Romney and/or Huntsman-halfway decent human beings, they sound– somehow gets in the White House any time this (or any other) century and, by opening the door to their party’s once-crazy-now-mainstream, also opens the door to the second, true, Great Depression that the Radical Right caused back in the 30s.

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