Join Glenn Beck In Jerusalem For A Special Presentation of Armageddon

[Below are excerpts from Glenn Beck’s VISIT JERUSALEM web site. You can read these selected segments here or click the link above for the complete experience.]

Join Glenn In Jerusalem
Coming this August, Glenn Beck is inviting you to join him on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to the holiest of lands – ISRAEL.

If you listen to Glenn on the radio, or watch him on TV, you already know that he is a stalwart supporter of the people and nation of Israel, and their role in the fate of mankind. He is an almost solitary voice advocating for a stronger partnership with the United States and in opposition to any proposal that would recognize the sovereignty of the Palestinian heathens occupying Israel’s West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Restoring CourageGlenn knows that Israel is an essential component of God’s plan for the world. He knows that without Israel there will be no Apocalypse. Therefore it is a vital duty for all Christians to protect Israel so that it can be destroyed and God can raise the faithful up to Heaven.

Glenn stands alone in his commitment to the glory of God and his Divine Will. He takes pride in his condemnation of apostate Jews like Nazi-collaborator George Soros. He courageously took on the Jewish Reform movement (the largest denomination of Jews in America) and exposed them as being no different than radical Islamists. He has featured books by renowned scholars like Elizabeth Dilling despite critics who would snub her writing just because of her overt anti-Semitism and Nazi sympathies.

Yes, Glenn stands alone, but he stands for you. And this is your chance to stand with Glenn, and therefore with God. There’s going to be a lot of standing going on. So know where you stand and what you stand for and where God wants you to stand and what your standing is in His plan. Because God won’t stand for anything less.

Why Restore Courage?
Last August Glenn held a rally in Washington, D.C. to Restore Honor. Before that amazing day there was precious little honor to be found. Now just look at all the honor overgrowing America like a hormonal kudzu. Now Glenn has recognized the critical absence of courage here at home and in the Mid-east’s notoriously coward-ridden nation of Israel. But Glenn, having received instructions from God, is here to Restore Courage or die trying. Here is what Glenn has had to say about this divine mission on which he is about to embark:

  • When I first had this idea, what I saw in my head was a global shockwave. It will ripple across the earth.
  • Possibly for the first time in man’s history, God will remember and make note of what we do there.
  • This is a life-changing, life-altering event.
  • This will be a pinnacle moment in your life. It will define you. In the end it will define you.
  • I want you to know, the very gates of Hell are going to open up against us.
  • It will be expensive to get there. It might be dangerous.
  • Will my event hurt foreign policy of the U.S.? I damn well hope so now.
  • If Israel falls the western way of life falls. That’s not hyperbole.
  • This may be it for our generation or for all mankind.
  • I will stand, I will speak, and in the end, if it be His will, I will die right alongside my brother.

It could not be any clearer. This is a holy pilgrimage to Heaven’s doorstep. This is your opportunity stand with Glenn as he is crucified before the all-seeing eye of television. Yes, you can be there with him as history is made, and maybe ended.

[There’s More! Click here to go to the VISIT JERUSALEM web site for complete details. You will learn about Glenn’s guests and sponsors and what it will set you back to attend. Share it with your friends and family, and conceal from that guy down the street that you never really liked.]


15 thoughts on “Join Glenn Beck In Jerusalem For A Special Presentation of Armageddon

  1. He has welcomed renowned scholars like Elizabeth Dilling to his show despite critics who would silence her just because of her overt anti-Semitism and Nazi sympathies.

    And even despite reports that she died in 1966.


    • Correction: He has featured books by renowned scholars like Elizabeth Dilling…

      • I kind of liked it the way it was. The idea of Glenn Beck trying to get Elizabeth Dilling to appear on his show 45 years after she died was a nice touch.


  2. Ya know, with all these uprisings in the arab world of late, we’re bound to see a democracy or two develop somewhere down the line. Without any boogeymen to have to thwart in the region, Israel will no longer be threatened and will no longer need our support. They too will have to be less threatening themselves. That will be a good thing all the way around but what will Beck do then? If he hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth by then, I’m sure he’ll invent something to be afraid of if he’s still raving about whatever he raves about.

  3. Starting point – jerusalem is one of the most heavily policed and tightly run cities in the world. It is a powder keg of racial tensions, and the Israeli government run it in a suitable fashion. You need a license and government permission to run a tour group, let alone a rally. The idea that they would ever let a race baiting anti-semite huckster like Becksy have a rah rah rally there is laughable.


    Here is how this scam works:

    Becksy SAYS he has the paperwork from the Israeli govt to run his hate in. He announces dates, and sells a shed load of tickets at $4500 each to his legion of brain dead Armageddon cult drones. These are bought through Becksy “approved” travel agencies.

    Just before gig day Becksy announces that the Israeli govt have revoked his permissions/moved the goalposts so he cant run the gig. Gig is cancelled.

    Becksys travel agent chums refund the ticket money MINUS cancellation costs – lets say they retain $500 per ticket in cancellation fees.

    Becksy and his travel gent chums split the fees, and trot down to the bank laughing all the way

    Becksy then gets to go on his hate in hour show and rip on the Jews for spoiling his picknick. Its them that robbed you sonshine not me! he cries. Aint they all just scumbags after all.

    Sympathetic and $500 poorer drones join in with the Jew baiting hatred.

    Job done.

    Its Becks own version of the Long Firm Scam.

    Lets see the paperwork saying you can run this you lying shyster!!!

    wheres your frickin certificate?

  4. Hilarious, Mark. With a character like Beck, I’m never quite positive which parts are satire and which direct quotes.

  5. At this point, I’m so sick of hearing the fake holy roller schtick that I find myself wishing for the rapture if only these self righteous wingnuts would all just go poof in one fell swoop.

    Please God, make it so.

    • kfreed,

      Agreed 100%. The sooner Beckanoia leaves the airwaves and this planet the better off we will all be – the man is insane and the perfect description of an untreated alcoholic/drug addict with zero recovery.

    • Yo, Dummy, If you stay that means your stuffed. Good riddance for that I guess. You basically just backed Glenn. If he goes poof with all the others then he is of the chosen few and you perfect dummies will be left to continue your meaningful lives. Have fun.

  6. “He knows that without Israel there will be no Apocalypse. Therefore it is a vital duty for all Christians to protect Israel so that it can be destroyed and God can raise the faithful up to Heaven.”

    And Israelis aren’t at all concerned about Christian zionism? I’d be afraid… very afraid.

  7. “I will stand, I will speak, and in the end, if it be his will, I will die right alongside my brother.”

    Before you go, will you be donating your ill-gotten gains to charity?

  8. What a charlatan!!! What else can you say. I wonder if he will be hawking gold on the trip over?

  9. Religious people are fucking crazy…..

  10. It would be nice to have a rational discussion about Beck. OR ISRAEL.

    This may come as a shock to you but factually and historically, there has never been a Palestinian Arab nation, country, people, culture, civilization, archeology or ancient artifacts, identity, language, religion, history, economy, currency or coin.

    There has been all of those that can be characterized as Hebraic. Don’t let it bother you.

    Beck is over the top many times. He is an entertainer. And he’s religious. So sue him for it.

    But to suggest that he’s intent is to rush in Armageddon, kill the Jews when he in fact is Israel’s best friend, and shill for drones to attend his “special” is PREPOSTEROUS. It is nonsense and ONLY DRONES WOULD BELIEVE SUCH GARBAGE.

    Beck is humorous, but at least, with all his faults and temper tantrums he has one advantage over the drones who read these blogs critical of his world view without understanding what he’s about.

    Beck knows history, knows what one can expect from the patterns of current events and the repetition of history, and the consequences of both. This is his advantage over the Huffington bots populating these pages. And my friends, that, is a huge advantage. For Beck.

    On the other hand, expansionist Israel is far too large, and the Jews want to take over the world. Any day now.

    Israel MUST GIVE ITS LAND BACK to Islamists who have absolutely no historical claim to it. It must END the OCCUPATION of its own land. Let’s face it. Every Arab nation has a right to self determination and its own immigration policies. In fact ever and the Jews. ISRAEL MUST END THE UNJUST OCCUPATION OF ARAB LAND. NOW!

    • Glenn Beck’s knowledge of history is about as trustworthy as Harold Camping’s predictions of Armageddon.

      Beck is an idiot and a liar, and he cannot repair his his anti-Semitic reputation by pretending to be a supporter of Israel when all he is interested in is New Testament End Times prophecy.

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