Glenn Beck’s End Of Days Comes June 30

These are the indeed the End Times for evanga-pundit Glenn Beck. Mediaite has learned that the last broadcast of the Glenn Beck Program on Fox News will be June 30, 2011. Fox News confirmed the report. So get ready for some extend sobbing and hysteria. Not from disappointed fans – from Beck himself.

It already started today. Beck whimpered through much of his radio broadcast, and he could barely complete a sentence in the opening minutes of his TV show. The source of his tearful meltdown was a discussion of his new-found interest in the plight of Nazi-era Jews. Beck described himself as unable to walk after watching the movie “Schindler’s List.” I’m Jewish and my grandparents emigrated from Northern Europe. When I saw Schindler’s List I certainly thought it was an outstanding film, but I was fully capable of leaving the theater and driving home.

It is difficult to accept such deep despondency and theatrics from a man who recently said that Reform Jews, the largest denomination of Jews in America, were “almost like Islam – radicalized Islam.”. Earlier this year he made a list of the nine people whom he said most contributed to the 20th century being the Era of the Big Lie. Eight of them just happened to be Jewish. His attacks on George Soros as a tyrannical “Puppet Master,” another common derogatory insult aimed at Jews, are infamous. And Beck has even perpetuated the intentionally incendiary allegation that Jews killed Jesus. Just this morning Beck hosted Ben Shapiro on his radio show. Shapiro recently wrote an article that accused Jews who support President Obama of being “Jews In Name Only.”

Beck’s departure date is significant because it comes just about three weeks before his pilgrimage to Israel to help them Restore Courage, or something. This is a trip that will cost his followers over $5,000 a head for an experience about which he says “This may be it for our generation or for all mankind.” He even speculated that he may die over there. So he’ll need a few weeks to prepare for the trip. And he can use the remainder of this month to peddle it to his congregation.

The mood of despair and foreboding that has enveloped Beck was apparent today. He delivered some his his darkest sermons ever. And for him, that’s saying something.

“God Bless Fox. If Fox goes down…if Fox goes down the tubes, we’re done. We’re done. They’re the only bastion of truth out there. Now let me ask you…when I leave, who will play those videos? Who will play those videos?”

Don’t worry, Glenn. I’m sure Andrew Breitbart, Judge Napolitano, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, Eric Bolling, Steve Doocy, etc., will pick up the slack.

“I don’t know why I have been given the the gift, the blessing, or the curse, of being able to see slightly over the horizon, but I am telling you I can. And it is not something that I take lightly. It is not something that I…I have to be careful.

Do you wish that this cup would pass from you? Has your father (Roger Ailes) forsaken you? Will Sarah Palin deny you three times before dawn?

“The left is making a push for the West along with the Islamic extremists. They do not have the same goal to be ruled under Sharia Law. They will sort that out when we are all dead. They will sort that out when the United States of America and her Constitution no longer stand. They will sort that out after they have destroyed the state of Israel. Right now they’re united to destroy the West. And they have all the artists. They have the movies. They every piece of propaganda. They have the news media. They have the singing artists. [screaming] They have all of it. We have something more powerful – the truth.”

First of all, why is he so worried if he is convinced that he has the greater power? Seems like he could just take it easy for a while.

Secondly, Beck again asserts that the left, whom he regards as Godless heathens, are going to conspire with religious extremists to bring down their own society. He really believes that liberals, who shun alliances between church and state, are prepared to happily work with fundamentalists for whom church and state are inseparable. And then what? They will negotiate with their unlikely partners for control of the ruins of western civilization? Makes perfect sense.

Finally, what’s all this about the artists? So now all the artists and filmmakers and singers are aligned with terrorists? I knew Beck didn’t like artists and, particularly, the Hollywood variety. I knew he wanted to defund the National Endowment for the Arts. I knew that he sees subversive Marxist messages in many of the art installations around Manhattan. But now he’s implicated ALL artists as accomplices to the destruction of western civilization.

As an artist I find that absurd generally. However, I see some degree of plausibility when I think about people like Ted Nugent and Victoria Jackson. If they aren’t signs of the end of civilization I don’t know what is.


3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s End Of Days Comes June 30

  1. He’s…….so crazy…..either that or enormously stupid.

  2. That Ailes/bearwoman analogy is priceless! I’m still laughing…and when an Islamic Nancy Boy finally “gets” old paranoid Roger, the Fox party organ will unravel like a cheap sweater.

  3. Let’s see…Keith Olbermann is given ten minutes to say goodbye at MSNBC and is immediately shown the door. Glenn Beck announces he is leaving, and Fox News keeps him on for two more months. Gee, I wonder who is leaving on better terms?

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