Fox News And Andrew Breitbart Have Weiner Envy

There has not been a more obvious case of penile obsession than that exhibited by Andrew Breitbart and the pervs at Fox Nation. Since the non-story about Anthony Weiner’s alleged Twitter escapade, these alleged “news” sources have maintained a frenzied focus on it. Despite the utter lack of verifiable evidence, the Fox Nationalists have posted FOURTEEN articles on the subject:

That’s fourteen separate articles on this one issue that hardly compares to the urgency of other matters currently in the news cycle. The second most reported story on Fox Nation, with two whole articles, was the Palin/Trump pizza summit. They sure know their priorities.

As for Andrew Breitbart, he puts Fox Nation to shame. It has now been four days since the story broke and Breitbart’s BigGovernment blog still features it in a big way. In fact, EVERY SINGLE HEADLINE on the site is Weiner-related. There is no other story (with the exception of Breitbart’s lame book) that warrants a headline on that pseudo-news site.

I know these weasels live to smear their liberal adversaries, but this ridiculous. When Americans are desperate for information about pressing issues concerning jobs, the economy, health and Medicare, and national security, the rightist media is glued to titillating irrelevancies. Weiner is one Congressman from New York who is not even a member of the Democratic leadership. He is in a heavily Democratic district that would likely elect another Democrat if the worst case scenario were to occur and he left office. The GOP has little to gain from hyping this other than to remind people of the verifiable incidents of Republican malfeasance in office.

So why are they doing it? Because they are being hurt so badly by their own news that they are desperate for a distraction. Their presidential candidates are a laughing stock, even amongst Republicans. And their budget plan that kills Medicare is unpopular with every sector of the electorate, including conservatives and Tea Partiers. They are in a rapid meltdown and they think that this will save them. Thus the fixation that blots out every other news story for these losers. Pathetic.


10 thoughts on “Fox News And Andrew Breitbart Have Weiner Envy

  1. I dunno why this is a shock – it’s been pretty clear for a while that Breitbart is, how shall we say, a little “obsessed” with weiners in general… 😉

  2. So Mark, what is your take on the whole Weiner scandal? Supposedly your articles are just criticizing how Breitbart is covering it and you seem to think it either shouldn’t be a news story or is part of a vast right wing conspiracy.

    • My articles are indeed about the coverage – for a reason. I’m not getting into the substance because there isn’t any at this point. It’s all reckless and titillating gossip that I believe is outside the jurisdiction of responsible journalism. There is an agenda in the coverage that needs to be addressed, and it isn’t just Breitbart and Fox.

      But don’t drag me into the gossip. I can’t say what happened with the Twitter episode and neither can any other honest observer. So why debate a bunch of salacious speculation? But I can say that the coverage is atrocious and, since this is a media analysis blog, that is a fitting matter for debate.

  3. What chaps my ass about the republicans and conservatives alike is that they are loath to call out any of these nutjobs on any of this type of stuff. They think they can use it to their benefit even of they aren’t responsible. It makes them look petty and complicit. That’s the story.

    • the fact that you think there is a difference in how liberals and conservatives criticize their own media shows you have a very large bias.

  4. Why are they doing it? Because Wiener was pushing Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from the ACA ruling. Hard. Up until the day the underwear story broke. Suddenly he had to drop it. And Clarence did not recuse himself, did he? These guys are agents, their only agenda: The servicing of those who have hired them, big insurance and/or the hospital industry, in the case of Anthony Wiener, but in the case of ACORN, the RNC? For being so successful at registering Democrats? Or Bank of America? who needed ACORN fingered for the mortgage fraud and corruption that they, in fact, were guilty of. They threw ACORN under the bus, and it made an excellent distraction for a few years. But the people caught on to the shenanigans of Bank of America even if they didn’t catch on to the shenanigans of these corporate cointelpro agents.

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