President Bush Enlightens the RTNDA

In a speech before the Radio-Television News Directors Association, the President displayed more of the insightful wisdom that has become a hallmark of his administration. The media professionals that comprised the audience held the President to the same standards they employ when shilling for him at their day jobs. So sit back, put on your thinking caps, and get ready to absorb some topical ruminations of wondorous depth.

On Deep Throat
I really haven’t digested it. I frankly was taken aback…I frankly haven’t that much time to reflect on it. I don’t know enough about the FBI guy. I don’t know what he’s done, and what he didn’t do.

On Federal Shield Law for Reporters
Don’t know enough about the law… I don’t know what the right balance is. On the other hand, I don’t know what the law says, so I can’t tell you if I’m for it or against it.

On Press Relations
I have done enough East Room press conferences; I kind of write that off for people wanting to show off for folks at home. Want a little more exposure, with the right color tie when they get up there. I would characterize my relationship with the press as good. Not hostile in the least bit.

On Iraq War Troops
The hardest thing I have to do is sit down as the President with loved ones who’ve either lost a soul or have a wounded person, severely wounded. I try to do a lot of it. It’s my obligation as the President. It’s an amazing experience. First of all, I’m a crier, and I weep a lot. On the other hand, when it’s all over, I feel incredibly strengthened by the strength of the parents or the wife or the kids.

On Social Security
This is such an important issue we get right. And I will stay on it. And frankly, I’ve got enough of my mother in me to enjoy it. Enjoy the battle.

Personal Concerns
I’d say I’d spend most of my time worrying about right now people losing their life in Iraq. Both Americans and Iraqis. I worry about my girls. I used to worry about my wife, until she hit an 85% popularity figure. Now she’s worried about me….I’m sleeping pretty good. Seriously. I get asked that. There’s times when I hadn’t been. I’ve got peace of mind. Thanks.

On The First Amendment
I’m a First Amendment guy. Anyone running for President is a First Amendment person. You gotta honor that. How can you not be a First Amendment guy? I was out there raising heck as a challenger.

Inspiring, isn’t it?


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  1. Can’t we impeach him for being stupid? Please?

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