Deadline News

Papers Reach Iraq Boiling Point
Many of the nation’s newspaper editorialists have roused themselves from seeming acceptance of the continuing slaughter in Iraq to voice outright condemnation of the war.

The Russert Watch
During his ‘Meet the Press’ appearance, RNC chair Ken Mehlman was allowed to distort, twist, manipulate and obfuscate his way through every stop on the disinformation highway.

‘USA Today’ Defends Lack of Coverage for Downing Street Memo
In a report on President Bush’s joint press conference late yesterday afternoon with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, USA Today for the first time mentioned the so-called Downing Street Memo, first reported in London’s Sunday Times on May 1.

A State Run News Service?
After years of trying to destroy public broadcasting from without, right-wing Republicans are now trying to do so from within, by planting aggressive conservatives on the board and staff.

Front-Runner for Public Broadcast Agency Job Is Former GOP Chair
Patricia de Stacy Harrison, a high-ranking official at the State Department, is one of two candidates for the top job at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and is the favored candidate of the CPB’s chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson.

Remixing the blogosphere
Bloggers may have sparked a media revolution by democratising journalism, but there are early signs that a new breed of website will take the idea further. Online independent media hubs are letting people collaborate in new ways.

Media companies look for ownership resolution
Merger activity among U.S. media companies is likely to remain on “pause” while federal regulators and courts try to resolve a long-running debate on the industry’s ownership rules.