Dictator Trump Actually Said ‘You Must, By Law, Join the Republican Party’ (Video)

As the 2020 presidential campaign enters its final two weeks, Donald Trump is recognizing the futility of his hopes for reelection. The American people have clearly rejected his failed attempts to deal with the coronavirus, the economy, healthcare, etc. Likewise, they are repelled by his toxic divisiveness and flagrant ignorance.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Given the voters’ sharp disagreement with the policies of Trump, and the cowardly compliant Republican Party, there appears to have been a deliberate shift to a strategy of pure character assassination by the Trump camp. Since he can’t change minds on substance, Trump is ramping up his most hostile and preposterous personalized rhetoric in an effort to drive down the favorables of his opponent, Joe Biden. He’s actually been doing that for months without having any discernible effect. Biden’s approval rating continues to stay in positive territory, far outstripping Trump’s historically low disapproval.

Trump’s attack plan now consists exclusively of bizarre allegations that more closely resemble the babbling of conspiratorial kooks than competent public servants. In recent days he has…

  • Retweeted crackpot QAnon claims that Osama Bin Laden is still alive and Biden killed SEAL Team 6.
  • Demanded that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Joe Biden be “locked up.”
  • Aided and abetted Russian propaganda asserting debunked allegations against Biden.
  • Called Biden and his family criminals.
  • Lied that “we are rounding the turn” on the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, if you think that’s as bad as Trump gets, you don’t know Trump. On Saturday he spoke to the crowd at the Michigan stop of his Coronavirus Super Spreader Tour. And amid the onslaught of lies, insults, and whining, Trump laid this bit of fascism on his cult followers:

“If you’re a moderate Democrat or a liberal who knows that your party has gone totally off the rails, you have a moral duty to immediately stop this lunacy. You must, by law, join the Republican Party.”

By law? It boggles the mind trying to predict how Trump will justify this blatant totalitarianism. He can’t say, as he often does, that it was a joke because neither he, nor anyone in the audience, were laughing. He can’t say that it was the “fake news” trying to smear him because this is his own video that he himself posted on his Twitter page. What’s more, it’s perfectly aligned with so much of the other tyrannical outbursts he makes that it’s hard to pretend it wasn’t intentional.

These are the ravings of a desperate candidate who sees his inevitable downfall closing in on him. This week he suffered an embarrassing defeat when the competing TV town hall melodrama that he orchestrated resulted in Biden drawing millions more viewers. His longtime benefactor, Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch, predicted that Biden will win in a landslide. A Fox News poll found that a majority of voters say he doesn’t have the “mental soundness” to serve. He nevertheless is taking refuge in his Fox News bunker. Even Trump’s favorite pollster, Rasmussen, shows Biden winning by twelve points.

Any other (sane) candidate would be seeking to wrap up the campaign in manner that might retain some dignity. They might be thinking about their future, or the future of their party. Suffice to say that Trump isn’t thinking about anything but his obsessive craving for attention and control. And as it becomes clearer to him that he has neither, he will just spiral farther down the rabid hole, making his dire circumstances even worse. So buckle up, people. These last two weeks are gonna be a rollercoaster of crazy.

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14 thoughts on “Dictator Trump Actually Said ‘You Must, By Law, Join the Republican Party’ (Video)

  1. I’ll confess. I thought: Nah. This has got to be a misquote or mischief. So I went to Twitter…F*** me sideways nine ways. He said it. Now how much more proof is needed to get him moved discreetly to a rubber room in nice pastel colours?

  2. Yes, the next few weeks will be a rollercoaster of crazy, but I fear the ensuing almost-3-months will be even worse.
    Once he’s buried under the landslide we all pray (& vote) for, what will Trumpler do with his remaining time as president, lame duck though he may be? How many careers in govt will he ruin? How many institutions will he cripple? How many executive orders will he issue to do how much damage? He will be enraged by the failure of
    “his” people to accord him the 2nd term he believes he merits, so will feel utterly justified in punishing America for its disloyalty to him. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet, folks.

    • Blimey, that’s very valid. One can hope and pray most earnestly, that once the result is definitely known, that all the lenders move in OR the treason trial can start. Not sure about this in US law so I may be way off base here. Does the outgoing have the same privileges as he/she had while in office? I didn’t think of it, but your remark of his rage re the ‘failure’ of his people to vote him in, therefore letting the US in for a f***load of ‘punishment is resonating and on key as well.

      • Never, since McCarthy, have I been ashamed to be American. Wish my apologies to the world mattered. But Rethugs have been plotting this takeover of America since the 1930s. They pulled it off and look at the wreckage. Where now, America? The toilet will not be gold.

        • Your apology matters. It’s not your fault. ???

      • He’s still in office until 12:01 on Inauguration Day. That’s still enough time to cause trouble, but the people around him will want to make deals with prosecutors so they might obstruct Trump.

  3. Oh, don-the-con, don’t worry! We are all doing out moral duty to end the lunacy, and voting your insane, sorry a$$ OUT!!!!

    • He did say it was the law for all to do their moral duty, and we in Aus are hoping at everyone in the US DOES do their moral duty and vote his insane sorry arse out. Good luck to you all, and laying on the pleas to the Universe daily. How someone has never assassinated him I’ll never know.

      • Sadly, Jo, the rightwing villains don’t get assassinated. It’s always the liberals who get killed, right from Jesus on. The proverbial meek may inherit the Earth, but the predators stop at nothing to take it.

  4. Do your moral duty and vote him out. Do not waste your vote. After the orange tweeter is out, indict him for his crimes and then we can listen to the twitwaffle claim, “It’s a witch hunt,” all the way into prison.

    • Betcha Melania has a tunnel from DC to Moscow. They will just vanish down the hole under the white house with their $$$haul.

      • Russia doesn’t want them. He’s served his purpose. His assets would be frozen or seized if he tried, and Putin would hand him over with a bow around his neck.

  5. There is no such thing as the “Republican” Party. It has had no republican principle since the days of the Sainted Ronnie. It has only Tyrant Worship

    Everything the Tyrant Worshiper Party now stands for (that is, Tyrant Worship) is a direct opposition to what it stood for when it was first founded — AND what it became in the late 19th Century.

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