Michele Bachmann: I Have The Spirit Of A Serial Killer

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Michele Bachmann officially entered the race today for the Republican nomination for president of the United States. This comes just one day after Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked her if she was “a flake” for having committed numerous gaffes. But today Bachmann responded to a question from a reporter from Fox News (of course) by saying how proud she was to be from the same place as another famous American:

“Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.”

Bachmann may want to consult an exorcist to see if that spirit can be cast out because the actor John Wayne, while from Iowa, was not from Waterloo. However, the serial murderer, John Wayne Gacy, called Waterloo home when he began his life of crime.

This is the woman who told Chris Wallace that it was insulting to be referred to as a flake because she is a “serious” person. I’m sure Gacy was pretty serious also, so it’s easy to see why she admires him.


4 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann: I Have The Spirit Of A Serial Killer

  1. She is very serious, seriously deluded

  2. Another joke candidate being put out there by the republican party. They should be embarrassed putting idiots like this out there but they don’t seem to be.

  3. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

  4. This woman is bat shit crazy ! As long as she stays in this mess; the comedians of the world have a ton of material. She has never ever submitted a bill or amendment which has been voted on. She is considered to be a “Bomb Thrower” in the US House

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