Chris Wallace Begs Michele Bachmann’s Forgiveness

On last Sunday’s broadcast of Fox News Sunday, Anchor Chris Wallace listed a few of examples of why many people, including Republicans, consider Michele Bachmann to be a “flake.” Bachmann expressed her dismay at being insulted by Wallace, then left the studio to tell a Fox News reporter that she has the same spirit as serial murderer John Wayne Gacy.

After receiving harsh feedback from Bachmann’s supporters and Fox News disciples, Wallace immediately posted a video apology on the Fox News web site. However, that wasn’t enough because Wallace also had to call Bachmann that evening and personally kneel to kiss her ring.

All of this genuflection on the part of the Fox News anchor toward a favorite character on the network’s political soap opera is rather curious. One has to wonder why Wallace never apologized for calling President Obama and his administration “the biggest bunch of crybabies” he’d ever dealt with. Wallace also never apologized for calling Democrats “damn fools” for not gracing his program with their presence. These were insults that were aimed directly at his adversaries and represented his personal opinion, unlike the Bachmann episode where he was relaying the opinions of others. Yet he never felt compelled to apologize.

Does this represent Wallace’s fairness and balance? Or is it more representative of the point Jon Stewart made after getting Wallace to admit that Fox News “tells the other side of the story.” Wallace has since tried to back away from that comment by claiming he meant to say the “full” story. However, this isn’t the first time Wallace has used that framing to explain the Fox News bias. In July of 2008, Wallace told an interviewer that…

“…whether you like Fox News or don’t like it, it seems to me that it is a healthy development if only because it creates another view point.”

Yep. Fox News has been creating another point of view for years. Creating it from scratch at the behest of the conservative Republican hierarchy. That’s why no affront to liberals or Democrats is deserving of an apology, but when it comes to folks like Bachmann the amends must be made within minutes and repeatedly.


4 thoughts on “Chris Wallace Begs Michele Bachmann’s Forgiveness

  1. Yeah, Chrissy was catty with Michele; now he meows to make nice. In contrast, when he last interviewed daring defiant, dominant Gov. Sarah Palin, he lay like a puppy at the toes of Palin’s perfumed pumps, and wagged his widdle tail. That just shows ya who has the Power.

  2. He shouldn’t have said a word. He was saying what people already knew. She is a Flakeadoodle

  3. I don’t understand the guy. When he signed the contract he had to know what the job entailed. Unless he was desperate to enter his father’s profession and it was the only outlet willing to hire him (unlikely, see: nepotism), in which case he should have known no job would have been more dignifying than the one he accepted.

  4. All this is such a distraction from the big story of the day: The destruction of Jon Stewart. Going to lose that one Roger.

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