Flailing Trump Plots Revenge Against Republicans Who Accept That Biden Won

The madness of wannabe dictator Donald Trump continues to spin perilously off of the cliff’s edge of sanity. It’s been a month since election day and Trump persists in his deranged fantasy that he won the election and that Joe Biden and the Democrats pulled off a massive fraud that produced millions of fake votes and involved thousands of conspirators.

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Donald Trump Zombie

How this alleged scheme managed to work without any leakage of evidence, mistakes by the legions of conspirators, or confessions by whistleblowers is a deep, dark mystery. And yet, that’s precisely what Trump wants his glassy-eyed disciples to believe.

On Saturday morning Trump took to his Twitter machine to pound out more whining paranoia about his victimhood. He began by asserting that if Georgia Governor Brian Kemp would demand signature verification it “will show large scale discrepancies” and a Trump victory in the state. Never mind that there have been three vote counts in Georgia already and zero discrepancies have been found. Also, Kemp doesn’t have the authority to call for the signature verification that Trump is demanding.

Following that, Trump expressed his surprise that some Republicans have conceded that Biden is the legitimate winner and the President-elect. Trump responded to an article in the Washington Post that surveyed GOP members on the subject and found that “Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Joe Biden’s win over President Trump a month after the former vice president’s clear victory.”

Trump’s surprise appears to be more than simple curiosity. He’s asking his Twitter followers to provide him with a list of the offending Republicans. This is troubling on several levels. First of all, since Trump is too fragile a snowflake to read the article himself, doesn’t he have staff that could read it and provide the information he seeks? Secondly, He’s been fighting for a month now despite the election having been certified and his lawyers having lost 39 out of 40 lawsuits (so far). Third, if he really thinks the Washington Post is “Fake News” why does he care what they published?

Finally, Trump’s interest in a list of the GOP members of Congress who he believes betrayed him by acknowledging reality can have only one purpose. He intends to dispense some sort of revenge. This would be consistent with his tyrannical style of “leadership” wherein loyalty to him (not the country) is paramount. He is aiming a thinly disguised threat as his own party confederates for their failure to show unflinching faith in Dear Leader.

This is the behavior of a desperate and frightened cretin whose fate is settled, but refuses to accept it. Everyone but Trump knows that this election is over. And his stubbornness just makes him look all the more pathetic and detached from reality. In this state Trump represents a clear and present danger to America. Hopefully he can be restrained for just 46 more days.

UPDATE: Trump followed his morning tweets with a couple in the afternoon that attacked the GOP governors pf Georgia and Arizona, tarring them with the unspeakable insult of being like “Radical Left Dems.” He is totally freaking out.

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2 thoughts on “Flailing Trump Plots Revenge Against Republicans Who Accept That Biden Won

  1. This is the abominable showman’s the Big Lie. The orange tweeter has told this so many times he actually believes it. The pretedndent has no plan of backing down; he will never apologize. The Liar-in-Chief truly believes that he should be elected for life. Since becoming elected to our highest office he has rubbed shoulders with President-for-Life counterparts of other nations. In the past years of acquiring our highest office the Trumpelstiltskin has openly mused about being President-for-Life and now, after talking about it and thinking about it so much, he most likely and truly believes he should be President-for-Life and could not lose an election because it had to be rigged.

    • Yep.
      PATHOLOGICAL LIARS believe their own lies. Will never be convinced it’s a lie, even tho they are the liar who made it up in 1st place. It is NOT normal person lying (bad enuff in my book), but is a sign of psych disorder that need to be addressed by professional help!
      And yet, along with all the other mental infirmities & destructive, self-serving acts thst have been on full display for 4yrs, the totally corrupted GOP refuses to speak out, or do something to reign in THEIR LEADER. A more chicken-shit bunch of assholes you’ll never find than the GOP we have today! Shame on them! They are the Party of BETRAYAL to the USA – traitorous bunch, in fact. May history make it abundantly clear that they are willingly backing the would be American dictator, knowing full well that the man is incapable of running this Country, is a grifter & liar, lacking ANY MORALS, has killed 1/4 million Americans (so far) by refusing to deal with the pandemic in any way that makes sense to any thinking human & has turned it into a full-blown catastrophe that has destroyed American life, divided the Country in such a vicious way that we may NEVER fully recover! There is NO justification for GOP’s behavior & they are all violating their Oaths of Office, proving they can no longer be trusted & the Republican Party is DEAD…having been corrupted & taken over, becoming the Party of Trump. It does not even resemble the Republican Party that I grew up with for past 60yrs.
      THEY ARE TRAITORS! There’s no hope of redemption for that Party ~ that is obvious to anyone honest enuff to say so. They should be run out of office, maybe the country, before they finish the total destruction of the USA! Mitch McConnell has made it clear already that IF GOP holds onto Senate, they will FIGHT AGAINST EVERYTHING, as they have for long time — preventing any work from being done, laws from being passed, no any remediation & help for Americans, to get us back to moving forward…indeed, to SAVE America & our working class, before it’s TOO LATE!

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