Fox News Shill Sean Hannity Defends Trump Family’s Criminal Grift Operation

There is no one on Fox News who has been a more servile toady to Donald Trump than Sean Hannity. Well, maybe Jeanine Pirro. Okay, maybe Lou Dobbs. Perhaps Maria Bartiromo. Alright, never mind. Let’s just say that there are a lot of Trump toadies on Fox News and Hannity is one of them.

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Hannity does have the distinction of often being referred to as Trump’s “shadow” chief of staff. They reportedly talk every night after his program. And Trump posts clips from show almost daily. That occurs even while Trump attacks Fox News as “unwatchable” and “worse than CNN.”

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Hannity launched yet another shamelessly dishonest defense of Trump and his thieving family on Friday night. This episode of Hannity’s Trump-Fluffing Hour included a segment about one of the many lawsuits that are pending against the “law & order” president. This one concerns charges that Trump misused nonprofit funds to enrich the Trump family (again). Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee paid grossly inflated rates to hold an event at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

Hannity’s lying diatribe began with his patented feigned outrage against the media, saying that…

“The mob has been caught again tonight pushing yet another anti-Trump hoax. this time now about Ivanka Trump, who was this week abusively deposed in a lawsuit filed by the District of Columbia against the Trump Inaugural Committee from 2016. That suit alleging that the Inaugural Committee spent a million dollars to rent event space at the Trump hotel – by the way, that deal was way before he even considered running for president – which plaintiffs claim was above the market rate.”

First of all, Hannity’s characterization of the deposition as “abusive” is an invention of his hyperactive imagination. Secondly, Hannity’s assertion that the deal for those rates was made “way before [Trump] even considered running for president,” is preposterous. How could they have made a deal with the Trump Inaugural Committee way before there was any consideration of a campaign? And finally, during the segment Hannity displayed a tweet by Ivanka that was supposedly proof that there was no wrongdoing:

What both Hannity and Ivanka are missing is that the lawsuit is not alleging that the rates charged by Trump’s hotel were inflated – although they obviously were. The lawsuit charges that it was improper for the nonprofit inaugural committee to pay those inflated rates to Trump’s own hotel for a private affair that wasn’t related to staging the inaugural activities. It is a violation of the law that requires nonprofits to use their funds for their stated public purpose, not to benefit private individuals or companies.

What’s more, Ivanka’s supposedly exonerating tweet has a subject line that says “buyout minimum.” What does that have to do with hotel room rates? And even her reference to “market value” doesn’t absolve her of any impropriety because the rates charged to the inaugural committee were far above market rates.

All of this proves that Hannity’s purpose was solely aimed at providing false cover for the Trump Crime Family to enrich themselves. And it doesn’t matter to Hannity or Trump or Fox News that none of their justifications are truthful. After all, Fox News literally argued in court that they have no obligation to tell the truth because no reasonable person takes them seriously.” And during this same episode of Hannity’s program he confessed that…

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  1. Hannity has shit for brains!

  2. Hannity will be taking his shit-for-brains to Trump TV as soon as it’s set up.

  3. I think you are wrong since Trumof (R) did say in only ‘two weeks’ he will give America the best, huugest Health Care Plan paid for by China!! On day one, of ‘two weeks’ we will be surprised how much winning is in it!!! Go ahead and look under your seats!!! You all get a trip to Mar-A-Lago Billionaire Motel!! It’s Free!! He said we were winning!!!!

  4. Fastidious, defined ~ very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.
    Yes, MarkNC does a really good job with the accuracy & detail, doesn’t he. I like that.

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