Deluded Fox News Viewers Buy Into Trump’s Election Fraud Lies: Poll

On Tuesday the Supreme Court batted down yet another meritless election fraud lawsuit by Donald Trump and/or his sycophantic surrogates. To date Team Trump has lost more than 50 such cases. Yet he persists in pushing his evidence-free allegations despite his record of unprecedented legal failures.

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On Wednesday Trump embarked on his regularly scheduled morning tweetstorm with a barrage of election related outbursts that share the common feature of being wholly removed from reality. For instance, Trump posted these examples of the articulate and coherent case he’s making to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters:

Well, that should settle it. Trump also tweeted his intention to intervene in the bogus lawsuit that Texas just filed that he falsely says contains “massive evidence of widespread fraud.” He tweeted his belief that “it was impossible for me to lose” because he won both Florida and Ohio, and because “the bookies” said so.

However, Trump is not alone alone in advancing this preposterous campaign to overturn the will of the American people. Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) is right beside him with their patented brand of propaganda buttressed by flagrant falsehoods. And that relentless blast of bullpucky has taken its toll on Fox’s feeble minded viewers. A new poll by Daily Kos/Civiqs reveals that…

“…a large majority of Americans accept and acknowledge the outcome of the 2020 presidential election: President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump. But among people who watch Fox News … rejecting the election’s result continues to be the norm.”

A majority of Americans overall (58%) accept that Biden clearly beat Trump. That’s a conclusion they base on Biden having received seven million more votes and a 306-232 electoral college victory. But among frequent Fox News viewers only 18% accept that Trump is a loser, versus 63% who still suffer from the delusion that he won.

This is what can be expected when a deliberately dishonest media enterprise embarks on a campaign of lies to promote their own agenda. And the threat it poses isn’t merely a division between those who accept reality and those who cling to faith-based fantasies. Both Trump and Fox News have overtly incited potential violence on the part of disappointed Trump cultists. They have promoted fringe voices calling for “a civil war.” Just last week Fox’s Lou Dobbs attacked not only those who defend democracy, but even Trump’s own law enforcement agencies. Dobbs accused them of being…

“…a politically corrupt Justice Department in Washington, D.C. A politically corrupt FBI. And I don’t know if he is a dullard, a fool, or a liar, but the Attorney General of this country is not enforcing the law. And I don’t know what he thinks he’s presiding over, but I guarantee William Barr this, it will not be a quiet surrender of this constitutional republic.”

That’s how radically removed Fox News is from any semblance of sanity. And it is all on behalf of their Dear Leader whose malignant narcissism, and lust for greed and power, prevents him from honoring the traditional peaceful transfer of power that characterizes functional democracies.

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5 thoughts on “Deluded Fox News Viewers Buy Into Trump’s Election Fraud Lies: Poll

  1. The evil pretendent has always make allegations which have no bearing on the truth. Just because he makes many allegations does not make it true. He attacked Obamacare and Obama’s birthplace and citizenship even before he took our highest office and nothing he said, “Obamacare is a disaster,” did not make it true. Yet he persisted in telling the big lie. The orange tweeter said that Covid-19 would simply go away which could not be further from the truth. He has claimed on many subjects, “Only I can fix it,” and we know how well that worked. Now, among the many allegations he has made in the past, he persists in claiming that he won the election, over and over and over. So many big lies. So many untruths. So very pathetic.

  2. It’s frightening to think that so many dullards are so easily swayed by the lies & deceit coming out of the WH, Fox, OAN and Newsmax. Fox isn’t even the worst distributor of lies anymore. I’m so tired of fact checking the bs that my soon to be former friends keep posting on social media. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight and the more lies being told — the more misinformation being spread, the more dangerous things become.

  3. Sad to see Faux Noose acting like a misguided victim of spousal abuse. Even as donnie tells FN that it’s worthless, and showers love on his latest one-night-stand OANN, FN still professes blind devotion to its abuser. What’s truly discouraging is the massive evidence, not of voting fraud, but of the widespread dumbing-down of the US, as shown in the large number of Americans that are stupid enough to buy into this cr@p. SAD!

  4. Only 58% of Americans accept that Biden won the election??!
    Or, put another way… 42% of Americans DON’T accept that Biden won the election?!!

    Like it or not, Biden won. Yet, just over 1/2 of Americans accept that fact?? Really!
    Facts are facts. He won. Don’t have to like it, but need to ACCEPT IT because it is a fact!
    Every election has a winner & a loser in the campaign for U.S. President. It happens every 4yrs. It’s always been that way. The world doesn’t end & being bummed that your favorite lost the race is something people just have to get over & get on with daily life. “Next time.” We’ve all had to do that & we did it without the animosity we now have. In the end, we are to be “One nation, under God, indivisible…” (Words ring a bell?!)
    1 President for ALL of the United States of America. That’s what makes us “united” states & as a nation, stronger than would be on our own.
    At least, that’s how it’s been, until Trump made it clear that HE only cared about the “red” states. In fact, Jared Kushner made it very clear when his group was deciding who to help at (late) start of dealing with Covid-19 & he said it was not politically smart to help “blue” states… basically, let ’em suffer/die. Indeed, Trump helped states that voted for him & ignored those that had not. Didn’t hide it either!
    And GOP said/did nothing to correct their man in WH. No one did. I was stunned. To this day, GOP has not said a thing to Trump on anything ~ but just watch how they bitch at/about Biden for every little thing, real or imagined. Each Party is responsible for their own; to keep them on track, correct them. “Whatever.” (GOP failed miserably at it & still is!) Loyalty is supposed to be to our Country, not to any 1 person.
    Did Trump not know what the job was before he ran for Office?! Race is over dude. Now, you’re supposed to lead THE NATION ~ not just who you want to & screw the rest.
    You have a Country to run.

    We, the real people out here in America need liberty & justice for all. To set things right that are WAY off base! We need to see some cohesive leadership & a President + a Congress that works together…for US!!!
    MAYBE if the 2 Parties can stop fighting against each other & against US, we can fix the DISASTER that Trump has made of our Country, for us ‘regular’ Americans!? Cuz’ we’re damn tired of this shit & we need some help! Now!
    Perhaps then we can all be “United States” again? I sure hope so.

  5. The only voter fraud in this election is being perpetrated by Trump and the right-wing media trash promoting these lies.

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