WTF? Trump Pardons Russia for Hacking U.S., Blames China

After days of conspicuous silence, Donald Trump has finally addressed the report that Russia hacked into several U.S. government agencies including the Pentagon, the Treasury Department, and Homeland Security. It was a cyber attack that officials described as “significant and alarming.”

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Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

Trump’s appalling negligence and dereliction of duty is emblematic of his weakness as a “leader,” as well his servile relationship with Vladimir Putin. And as if to reinforce his dangerous deficiencies and suspect loyalties, Trump took to his Twitter machine to post this on Saturday morning…

Trump is, once again, contradicting his own administration to arrive at these ludicrous conclusions. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said that “This was a very significant effort, and I think it’s the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity.”

What’s more, it wasn’t sufficient for Trump to absolve Russia of its obvious guilt. Nope, he was compelled to cast blame on China with absolutely zero evidence. And he also lashed out at the media for reporting the truth as supplied by his own intelligence agencies. And even found a way to connect this to his fantastical delusions that he won the election. But at least he got it right that this is all an “embarrassment for the USA,” although he fails to realize that he’s the reason.

It’s hard to elaborate on this blatant abdication of duty, patriotism, and trust. Trump has literally given up on pretending that he is the least bit interested in the welfare of America or it’s people. He has demonstrated that previously by presiding over an utterly incompetent management of the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has taken the lives of more than 320,000 Americans.

And now Trump is sucking up again to his BFF Putin who he has never once been able to criticize. Whether it was Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, or his placing bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan, Trump has reliably come to Putin’s defense. So it leaves us with one pressing question: Whose side is Trump on?

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5 thoughts on “WTF? Trump Pardons Russia for Hacking U.S., Blames China

  1. All Republicans, are completely responsible for the State of our Nation due to their choice, Donnie the Draft Dodging Communist Puppet, to be a Republican President. Even the dead ones who died from Trumpf’s (R) Virus. No Republican should be allowed to deny the reality of Trumpf (R) and his hatred for our Country. Never let the fact be ignored or forgiven, since abusers will not change- they are just bullies.

  2. Der Hair Ober Fuhrer definitely needs to be indicted for the known crimes he has committed in the past four years. The orange tweeter will keep twisting the truth and keep on lying about reality unless he is forced to be fully accountable and fitted for an orange jumpsuit. This is what actually should happen. This should be an example to all retrumpians who plan to stifle the actions of our forthcoming President, Joe Biden.

  3. I realize, Marc, that your “pressing question” is rhetorical & that we who absorb truthful, factual news all know the answer: Donald Trump is a Russian asset, handled directly by Vladimir Putin. Anyone who argues this is wilfully blind & deaf, usually because they’re addicted to far-rightwingding propaganda. Sadly (& astoundingly) 73 million American citizens argued just that on November 3. Trumpism is fascism, let’s be clear. Now that the GOP has fully embraced Trumpism, it’s a full-bore fascist party & looks like remaining so as long as the likes of McConnell, Graham, Jordan, Gohmert et al are around to carry the torch. Until the Democratic party accepts that its adversary is truly autocratic, it won’t be willing to take the aggressive, hard-nosed steps needed to combat that abhorrent philosophy. It needs to begin by identifying (loudly, on TV) that party not as Republican, but overtly fascist.

  4. Dang! All 3 are great & insightful comments today!
    ‘Tis a very good day…unless a Rethuglican, I suppose. But they should get used to this cuz’ they’ve got it comin’ to them.

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