Fox News Skips First Press Briefing By Biden’s COVID-19 Response Team For…

One of the most prominent narratives in right-wing media today is a contrivance that they call “cancel culture.” It’s a thoroughly phony gimmick that they exploit to claim victimhood by a nefarious and shadowy cabal of techie leftists who are out to get them. Poor things!

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Fox NOT News

Amidst this pure and puerile propaganda, it’s the right that is actually engaging in the cancel culture that they pretend to abhor. They have a knee-jerk reaction to any person or entity that is mildly objectionable to them. They demand expulsions and boycotts and the harshest forms of ostracism possible for the offenders. Former conservative heroes like Bill Barr and John Bolton and even Mike Pence are now scorned as “RINOS.” And just look at what they’re doing to Donald Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News), led by Trump himself.

The latest example of craven cancelation was committed by Fox News on Wednesday morning. Pres. Joe Biden assembled his COVID-19 Response Team for its first public press briefing. CNN and MSNBC aired it live. However, Fox News ignored the whole thing, despite (or due to) its focus on science and the expertise of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci. In its place Fox news aired their regular Democratic-bashing programming with segments about alleged “Big Tech” censorship (which isn’t happening), Antifa (which doesn’t exist), and criticisms of Biden’s executive orders (which have overwhelming public approval).

This is the same Fox News that aired almost every public address by Trump, live and uninterrupted, for four years. That included his self-serving Coronavirus Task Force briefings that were nothing more than thinly veiled 2020 reelection campaign events and were riddled with lies and hostility toward his critics and the media.

Among the programs that Fox, in its considered judgment, deemed more important than the COVID team’s briefing was “Outnumbered,” a show whose title was intended as a reference to the fact that it had four female co-hosts and one male guest. In fact, it also had four rightist hacks and one liberal patsy. But on this episode they didn’t even bother to seat an alleged liberal. This is further evidence that Fox News is venturing ever deeper into the wasteland of wingnuttery since Trump’s humiliating defeat, and his treasonous orchestration and support for of an assault on Congress.

We can expect this sort of “news” “judgment” by Fox for the foreseeable future. They have never been concerned with facts or journalistic integrity. Which is surely why they would fail to meet the criteria for being granted press credentials in the Biden White House. For Fox News everything is about advancing the conservative agenda. And if that means pretending that a newsmaking conference about a national health crisis is ignored in favor of more asinine blather by right-wing imbeciles, then so be it. Fox will be Fox.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Skips First Press Briefing By Biden’s COVID-19 Response Team For…

  1. “…on Wednesday….
    Pres. Joe Biden assembled his COVID-19 Response Team for its first public press briefing. CNN and MSNBC aired it live…. Fox News ignored the whole thing…”

    Considering that FoxNotNews aired every episode of Trump’s self-serving campaign drama on Covid-19….yet totally ignored Biden’s 1st press briefing of his “Covid-19 Response Team”, curious people have to wonder, “Why?” We are in the midst of a national health crisis, fer cryin’ out loud! Doesn’t Faux-Not-News care if thousands are dying from this virus? …Or that the virus has mutated, adding variants that are MUCH MORE CONTAGIOUS versions? Yet Fox decided that this important, newsmaking briefing wasn’t worth them covering it ~ thereby denying their viewers the info it contained & not even telling them that it had taken place!
    Since Faux-Not-News claims to have the only honest news (& other such stupid claims), they discourage their viewers from getting news anywhere else. Pollsters have found that most ‘Faux’ watchers do get ALL their news from Faux-Not-News channel. Guess they will not be informed about Covid-19 & what our gov’t is doing about it. Vaccine info, anyone? Unless Fox viewers, by chance, saw this Covid-19 info briefing on 1 of the other major news networks, they will remain ignorant. Uninformed. Fox has made that decision for their viewers. The only coverage they may see/hear will be filtered thru “Faux-No-News” talking heads & their opinions. Furthest thing from fact-based news!
    “Fox News Channel” is NOT about news! It is all about controlling what their viewers see/hear & therefore, think. Their lawyer argued in court that their viewers know that & don’t expect to get true, fact-based news. They watch it just for “entertainment”.
    I call “Bullshit!”
    The fact that Fox chose to ignore this important news info briefing that the rest of major news networks carried “live”, says it all. Faux-Not-News is NOT NEWS. They should be forced to have a disclaimer to that effect, on screen, at all times. Better yet, they shouldn’t be allowed to broadcast their propaganda at all — not while calling it “news”. Obviously, they don’t care about real news at all!

  2. News coverage in the US really boggles my mind. Here in Australia, we get pretty much the same things on each channel because they report the facts without a load of partisanship. A mate in Texas watches Aust news online because he says he learns more about what’s going on in his country than from US news. That is a bloody woeful thing but that’s the way it is.

    “Fox News Channel” is NOT about news! It is all about controlling what their viewers see/hear & therefore, think. Their lawyer argued in court that their viewers know that & don’t expect to get true, fact-based news. They watch it just for “entertainment”.
    I call “Bullshit!”

    Good call! That’s a zombie-creating effort and it’s not even a good one. An ‘entertainment’ news programme is: ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’; the Two Ronnies segment in which both Ronnies posed as newsreaders to give out fictitious and amusing ‘news items’ – THAT’S entertainment. THAT’S comedy. And everyone knew it. It wasn’t serious and it was obvious. If Trumpis going to be charged with inciting the events of Jan 6, then Faux News needs to be hauled in as well.

    Since Trump’s cult is rapidly falling apart, see above link, I’m amazed Faux News (love that handle, thanks!) is still desperately clinging to him as he sinks none-too-gracefully into the sunset. There’s got to be money changing hands – or at least the prospect of money has been dangled like a carrot. If so, Faux News better sit up and pay attention: Rudy Guiliani is still shaking his cheer-girl pom-poms for Trump, even thought dear Donnie refuses to take his calls and refuses to pay his rather largish legal bills – don’t any of these Trumptards ever learn?

  3. Sadly, it appears (so far) that Trumptards never learn!

    They seem incapable of breaking free from whatever hypnotic spell the Trump-a-chump has infected them with.
    “Oh ye, of addled minds…”

    What is far scarier to me, is the large # of GOP who know better, not brainwashed, are Members of Congress…”for cryin’ out loud!”… & still, despite being in Capitol bldg. on Jan. 6th, when it was attacked by armed & angry mob. A mob that Trump had just riled up at a rally, with his BIG LIES that election was stolen (was not!) & he SENT THEM to the Capitol to physically bust in & stop Congress from certifying election for Biden! Violence was to be expected & mob thought they were saving the USA!?!
    Doing what their President wanted/needed/sent them to do. The result of their attack on Capitol was meant to OVERTURN the election, so Trump would then remain as President. Illegally. Last act of a desperate & delusional loser! Bloodshed was part of all that.
    The mob of people bussed in from all over & riled up into frenzy by speeches & told to go to Capitol & ‘save your Country’ by (then Prez) Trump…those people BELIEVED THE LIES Trump & others had been telling ~ that Trump had won, but election stolen from him by massive voter fraud…yadda, yadda.

    Congress GOP knows that is not true, yet since then almost all of them are refusing to punish Trump in any way! Many of them have been repeating what they know to be lies, about election fraud! They were there & in danger from violent mob! They are now perpetuating the BIG LIE, supported by ZERO evidence, that election was stolen by fraud! They are the worst cuz’ they know the truth & instead of getting truth out there, they are joining in the lie! That pretty much guarantees more violence to come. It makes the believers of those lies in this Country consider Biden not to be legit President, which is not at all true! How dare they!! They have no business being in Congress; cannot work with Biden & Dems, having done this. Any future violence, they are complicit in causing it. I just hope that they are the ones to get hurt next time. They need to be removed from Congress! But they won’t be. And they will do nothing to Trump, thereby condoning all the lies, the mob violence, trying to stage a coup & overturn our rightfully elected gov’t leadership! Traitors! Every. Last. One.

  4. Antifa may not exist but, believe me, there are a lot of us that remember the struggle against fascism that has been America’s guiding principle for centuries.

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