WTF? Trump Flunkies on Fox News Blame Pelosi for Plot to Assassinate Herself

The second Senate impeachment trial for Donald Trump will commence next Tuesday. And the approaching spectacle is driving up the anxiety levels of Trump’s apologists in Congress and the right-wing press. Consequently, their arguments in defense of the “former social media influencer” (h/t Colin Jost of SNL) are becoming ever more bizarre and downright hysterical.

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Fox News, Nancy Pelosi

Trump knows that he has no plausible defense. That’s why he is too afraid to accept the Senate’s invitation to make the case for his own innocence. He knows that there is too much evidence against him in the form of videos and the testimony of his cult disciples. And much of the evidence that Democrats will present at the trial is Trump’s own words. So at his lawyers’ direction, he is remaining sequestered in his Mar-a-Lago bunker imagining what he would be tweeting if he were still able to.

Meanwhile, Trump sycophants marched off to defend the dishonor of the Insurrectionist-in-Absentia. Two of them bravely faced the barrage of softballs pitched by Fox News’ Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo. Although her network colleague Lou Dobbs was unceremoniously dismissed for disseminating flagrantly defamatory lies, Bartiromo, for the moment, still has a job. And on Sunday she exploited her platform to feature a pair of shameless mouthpieces for Trump.

There appears to have been some message coordination between the Trump spokes-weasels. Or else both of them just independently decided to launch the same ridiculous attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The gist of the synchronized assaults was that Pelosi secretly plotted the Capitol riots that place the lives of her congressional colleagues at risk. And even worse, they allege that she was complicit with the conspiracy to assassinate herself.

For instance, Bartiromo interviewed Wisconsin Senator and alleged Russian agent, Ron Johnson. in the seemingly scripted segment, Johnson addressed Trump’s impeachment and the charges that Trump incited the violence that took place in his name:

“We now know that forty-five Republican senators believe that it’s unconstitutional. Is this another diversionary operation? Is this meant to deflect away from potentially what the Speaker knew and when she knew it? I don’t know, but I’m suspicious.”

First of all, there is no constitutional prohibition to the impeachment of Trump (which occurred while he was still in office), or the Senate trial, which the Constitution actually mandates. The fact that forty-five cowardly and biased Republicans voted to exonerate their Dear Leader is legally irrelevant.

Secondly, Johnson’s insinuation of some sort of “diversionary operation” is nonsense on steroids. He doesn’t bother to say what it’s diverting from. Nor does he explain what Pelosi could have known that would make her seek a diversion from the criminal attack on Congress by Trump cultists who were screaming their intention to kill the Pelosi, as well as Mike Pence.

If that weren’t bad enough, Johnson was followed by Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. Bartiromo pressed Meadows to address the inadequate law enforcement response to Trump’s Seditionist Brigades. And in doing so, he attempted to shift the blame to Pelosi saying that the problem rested on some bad decisions:

“Some of those decisions weren’t made appropriately in my opinion. And those decisions did not come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They came from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

The record shows that Pelosi and her staff had tried repeatedly to support the Capitol Police and provide back up with National Guard troops. Those efforts were stymied by Trump. And, once again, it wouldn’t make any sense to suggest that Pelosi wanted to cripple the law enforcement personnel who were there to protect her. However, Meadows and Johnson” remarks perfectly fit the character (or lack thereof) of the Republican hypocrites who are now maligning the police who were among the victims.

One of things we’ve learned since the emergence of the Trump cult is that making sense is very low on their priority scale. And the result is appearances like these on Fox News, a network that long ago abandoned any pretense of offering objectivity or even the barest hint of truth. And while the regular viewers of Fox won’t – or more accurately, can’t – critically assess what they see and hear on Fox, the rest of the nation cringes in disgust at the fatuous fabrications that emanate from these craptacular cretins. But that’s the good news. Most Americans see right through the bull. and with some luck, enough senators will alos and Trump will finally be held accountable.

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3 thoughts on “WTF? Trump Flunkies on Fox News Blame Pelosi for Plot to Assassinate Herself

  1. Wow! Just when ya’ think those imbeciles of far-right extremism can’t get any stupider, he they come, acting like biggest bunch of lying POS ever & putting forth lies of epic proportions, like blaming Pelosi for …being involved in her own assassination attempt(?!?)… & blaming police themselves for events of Jan. 6th — fact is, they weren’t sent to protect Capitol & Congress soon enuff, or in sufficient number.
    1 Law Enforcement (LE) officer murdered by Trump’s thugs in their attempt to overthrow our gov’t & give WH to Trump. FauxMedia didn’t even show their viewers memorial for him.
    2 more cops, sadly, committed suicide as result of murderous Trump mob storming Capitol on 1/6/21. Plus, 140 officers were injured, sone very seriously, during the REAL attempt to steal our election… BY TRUMPS MOB! How many in mob also injured? (None?) We know 1 of them died trying to bust in door to get to Congress. They came awfully close to the violent overthrow of legit U.S. election! (They won’t fail next time; not going to stop here, cuz’ Trump + GOP won’t.)
    Congress members hiding in fear from vicious, out of control mob wanting to kill Pelosi & others… sent there by so-called prez, to kill U.S. democracy itself, just so Trump can stay in WH & continue to fleece this nation & kill our people with gross negligence & GOP backing!

    Every single thing that happened is direct result of Trump’s control over the 1 brain cell shared by that mob. “Dishonorable mention” goes to all GOP who know the truth, but choose to repeat Trump’s lies & refuse to speak truth, to this day. They & propaganda outlets like FauxNotNews are partly responsible for spreading the “Big Lie” that led to chaos, violence & death! They should ALL pay price for what they’re doing, but they won’t. GOP never held accountable for shit they do! They’re so cocksure of themselves that they use that same bullhorn now to turn the blame 180° & blame the very people attacked & victimized. And the assholes pretend it’s true.
    It’s 1 thing for mob of violent, brainwashed puppets who believe Trump’s lies – that’s how violent insurrections always start – but not for GOP, who damn well know the truth, that elections were proven fair & legit!
    I see this as 1 more tactic of GOP determined to take all power & control over USA, at any cost! They know the truth, but repeat the lies, knowing violent overthrow is only way they can steal what they cannot win fair & square!

  2. Extremism is being cited as the number 2 epidemic facing the country. Steps will be needed to bring the wacky fringe back into the mainstream where they won’t be attacking the Capital and trying to assassinate government officials who recommend wearing masks. There may have to be cult desensitizing programs but taking Twitter away from Trump was a good start.

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