CPAC: Conservative Political Action Cult Disciples Ask ‘What Are Our Marching Orders?’

As a testament to the efficiency and competency of Donald Trump and his ultra-rightist brigades, the website for the Conservative Political Action cult (CPAC) has been down for hours, and still is at the time of this writing. And this is on the big day when Trump is delivering his first “Post-Presidential Losers Address.” Metaphors abound.

Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

Why anyone is looking forward to Trump’s speech is a complete mystery. Anyone who has been watching him for the past few years knows exactly what he’s going to say. He will touch on the only four speaking elements he knows: Lying, whining, insulting, and bragging.

Prior to the Trump keynote, Matt Schlapp, the head of the American Conservative Union that stages this affair, delivered his own remarks. The interview that followed began with the moderator asking what he said was the question uppermost on the minds of the conference attendees:

Moderator: I went around the lobby this morning asking people what they wanted me to ask you. And person after person said “Ask Matt what are our marching orders.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that these glassy-eyed devotees of Trump are pensively pacing the halls of the Hyatt wondering what in hell they should be doing and pleading for some authority figure to provide the guidance they require to function.

Schlapp responded with a quote by Pope Paul II, who said “Be not afraid.” And then said that “they’re trying to make you afraid,” Schlapp warned. “They’re trying to make you afraid that you’ll lose your job if you have a MAGA hat.” He went on to criticize violent demonstrations and assaults on police without mentioning the Trump Insurrection at the Capitol or the cops who were killed and injured there by Trump supporters. And then he closed by saying that…

“We have to start – each one of us – saying that this is the truth. And we are gonna keep saying that. And if all of us do it together, guess what? they can’t can’t shut half of us up. They simply can’t. If red states are joined by people of goodwill who love the country, they will not cancel America.”

In other words, keep on repeating the lies we’ve mapped out like a mantra until it is indelibly engraved on your otherwise useless grey matter. Keep telling yourself that Trump won by a landslide; that the election was stolen; that Trump is an infallible beacon of virtue; that Democrats are sex-trafficking baby eaters. And your desires will be fulfilled on March 4th when Trump is inaugurated as the 19th President of the United States – unless he isn’t and we have to think up some other idiotic conspiracy theory.

The results of the annual CPAC straw poll were also released and they contained some interesting revelations. For instance, when asked “Would you like to see Donald Trump run again for president in 2024?” only 64% of the respondents said “Yes.” Another 15% said “No,” and 17% were unsure. That’s a pretty awful number for a pool of devoted Trumpists, 87% of whom strongly approved of his job as president.

Also surprising was the response to the question “If the Republican primary were held today, who would you vote for?” Only 55% chose Trump. Florida governor Ron DeSantis got 21% (the conference is being held in Florida). No one else got above 4%.

If Trump’s support is this shaky among this crowd, it’s impossible for him and his shills to keep pretending that he’s the presumptive nominee for 2024, much less the future of the crumbling Republican Party. And of course, none of this takes into consideration the prospect that it will be difficult for him to campaign from prison.

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  1. The orange demagogue lost the election for President. They know it. They won’t openly admit it, but they know the truth.

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