Donald Trump Jr’s Shoddy Shots at Cuomo Blow His Dirty Daddy to Bits

The first month of President Joe Biden’s administration has not exactly been living up to the “sleepy” sobriquet that Donald Trump tried to tar him with. Biden has launched an unusually productive 100 day initiative that has already seen him drafting a COVID relief bill; reversing Trump’s Obamacare sabotage; rejoining the Paris Climate Accords and the World Health Organization; and introducing a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Donald Trump Jr

None of those achievements. however, can be seen by the willfully ignorant shills at Fox News. And, not surprisingly, the Trump Crime Family is equally as blind. In his haste to lash out incoherently (just like daddy), Donald Trump Jr. left an indelible stain of doofus on his Twitter feed. He was aiming at the already imperiled Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, but fell wide of his mark:

Seriously? First of all, pretty much all of the media has reported on Cuomo’s current tribulations, including the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, all the national broadcast networks, and more. Donnie needs to come out of his self-imposed, tunnel-blind, Fox News BS bubble.

Secondly, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is made glaringly obvious by this controversy. Where Republicans would circle the wagons and defend their cretinous cads against credible allegations of sexual harassment – and even redouble their support for their most loathsome louts – Democrats are repulsed by harassers regardless of party. Many are already calling for consequences for Cuomo including resignation or at least being subjected to an independent inquiry (which Cuomo himself has called for).

That openness to scrutiny is another D vs R distinction. Republicans refuse to be scrutinized, instead resorting to viciously disparaging their accusers. Democrats want the truth to come out, although some are understandably reluctant to allow Republicans to goad them into partisan political brawls. Stalwart Democrats from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Jerold Nadler are speaking out unambiguously about the need for transparency and truth-telling.

More to the point, Junior’s attacks on Cuomo are painfully oblivious to the detestable record of Daddy Trump. On every point Junior posted, his father is an even worse offender. To begin with, Trump the Elder has been credibly accused of sexual harassment, abuse, and even rape, by dozens of women. With regard to COVID-19 fatalities, Trump is single-handily responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. And how Junior can even raise the issue of pardons after his father granted them for numerous cronies and criminal co-conspirators is stunningly audacious.

If Republicans generally, and Donnie in particular, continue to insist that Cuomo’s political career be terminated, then they need to be consistent and apply the same standard to Trump (and Jim Jordan, Madison Cawthorn, Brett Cavanaugh, to name a few). With dozens of accusers, Trump should never have been allowed to serve in the first place. And his negligent, incompetent, and even deliberately malfeasant mishandling of the COVID pandemic should result in a permanent banishment from civil society, if not eternal damnation. Until Junior has acknowledged those realities he should keep his filthy mouth shut.

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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr’s Shoddy Shots at Cuomo Blow His Dirty Daddy to Bits

  1. The wanna be non-benevolent authoritarian needs to be held to absolute ethical standards by the press every day. His finger pointing began long before his run for the Presidency. The orange demagogue needs to be kept in check every time he or his supporters begin to project his falsehoods and alternate facts on his opponents. There is no truth to him; whatever trumpelstiltskin says he will say he never said. Everything is trumpland is upside down and backwards. The truth is never spoken. We have only trumpspeak.

  2. You know what would be funny? Seeing junior go on one of his big game hunts and be savagely attacked by his prey. That would be hilarious, imo.

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