Ted Cruz Makes a Great Argument for COVID Mandates While Arguing Against Mandates

America is suffering from the recent spike in the COVID pandemic far more than is necessary. This is due primarily to the deliberate disinformation being spread by Fox News and by Republicans who care more about securing and preserving power than they do about human life. The Pandemic of Fox News. is responsible for the majority of new infections and deaths, which otherwise would be mostly preventable.

Ted Cruz, COVID Virus

If Fox News wanted to reduce the number of people getting sick and dying, they could do so easily. But it’s clear that they don’t want to. They are devoted to the agenda they have been pursuing for more than a year now. And it’s the same deadly, sociopathic, pro-COVID agenda of Donald Trump.

It is also the same agenda of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Like the rest of his GOP confederates, Cruz is locked into a partisan pandemic perspective that aims to exacerbate the harm caused by the coronavirus. Their goal is to exploit an utterly disingenuous advocacy of “freedom,” while blaming Democrats for the persistence of the pandemic. To that end Cruz appeared on CNBC to demonstrate how shamelessly obtuse he can be on this subject (video below).

From the start Cruz displayed a profound ignorance of what he was there to talk about. He asked CNBC’s Squakbox co-host, Andrew Ross Sorkin, “How would you feel if CNBC had a series of medical procedures that they demanded you do as a condition of your employment?” Apparently Cruz doesn’t know that all of the divisions of NBC News require every employee to be vaccinated in order to return to the office.

What’s more, Cruz doesn’t seem to be aware that many employers have health related requirements that must be adhered to as a condition of employment. Construction workers are not allowed onto a work site without helmets and other safety gear. Truck drivers and pilots are not permitted to drink alcohol or to use stimulants. Even teachers are are often tested for drug use. And vaccines are mandatory to attend to some schools or work abroad.

Sorkin then asks Cruz to comment on the view that “We have to respect the idea that we do not want to injure our colleagues or other people in society who have every right to stay healthy and alive.” To which Cruz replies…

“My view is that we should have no COVID mandates. What does that mean/ That means no mask mandates. No vaccine mandates. That means no vaccine passports. We shouldn’t step into the regime where the government says show us your papers if you want to do the basic activities of life. […] This argument that those that don’t get vaccinated are somehow the unworthy, unwashed, reckless people endangering everyone else, I don’t think that actually stands up to scrutiny.”

It is an established fact that those who are unvaccinated do endanger others. They can transmit the virus to people who are unvaccinated, as well as – to a lesser extent – those who are. And in both cases those they infect can in turn pass the virus on. For Cruz to assert that this verified science doesn’t withstand scrutiny is pure bullpucky. Cruz then reveals that he has been vaccinated, but that…

“If somebody doesn’t take the vaccine, they pose relatively little threat to me. They pose relatively little threat to someone who has chosen to take the vaccine. Now, they may potentially pose a threat to somebody else who isn’t vaccinated. Well, you what? They made that choice.”

That is just plain wrong. The more available hosts there are for the virus, the more opportunities it has to mutate. And new variants have the potential to defeat the protection offered by the current vaccines. So everyone who refuses to get vaccinated now is putting everyone else – including those who are vaccinated – at greater risk of infection. And you know what? That is NOT their choice.

From there Cruz went on to make one of the best arguments for vaccine mandates, although he had no idea he was doing so:

“Smokers, when they light up a cigarette, they’re increasing their chances they’re gonna get lung cancer. That may not be a wise decision to do, but in America we give people the freedom to make decisions about their own health even if we don’t approve of the decisions they make.”

Somebody needs to inform Cruz that there are already numerous mandates that apply to smokers. They may not light up in elevators, or restaurants, or many offices, or some apartment buildings, or airplanes, or almost anywhere that people gather in public. And the reason is that their unwashed, reckless behavior poses a serious risk to those around them. This same principle could apply to mandates for the COVID vaccine.

It’s hard to tell if Cruz is pitifully stupid, or if he is just a terrible liar and propagandist. But if we were to use his analogy to smoking, we could impose vaccine mandates immediately. And doing so would make the world safer for everyone, including crackpots like Cruz.

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2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Makes a Great Argument for COVID Mandates While Arguing Against Mandates

  1. Get the vaccine. It is free. The injection is free. Hospitalization is not free. If you are hospitalized it will cost you $12,000 or more a day. A vaccine may sting for less than three seconds. You may have some side effects for two days or less. If you go to the hospital you may find it somewhat unpleasant. You may not like the food. You might be awakened at 5:00 AM to have your blood taken (another needle) for testing. If you can fall asleep after that you will be reawakened at 7:00 AM to be given your daily dose of medications. If you are sick enough you may be intubated and placed on a ventilator. This is most unpleasant although you may be drugged and be unconscious. All the while you are in the hospital you will not be able to see your friends and loved ones because you are contagious. Stay out of the hospital and get vaccinated. It will simplify your life.

  2. There were two chances to nip Covid and both were squandered. The first was when Trump refused to take it seriously at the outset and the second was when Republican governors decided that vaccines were a violation of the Constitution. There probably won’t be a third opportunity unless so many Republicans commit viral suicide they can no longer elect imbeciles.

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