The Narcissistic Paranoia Of Glenn Beck

Glenn BeckA few days ago, Glenn Beck told his radio audience that the murdered kids at a Norwegian summer camp were “like the Hitler Youth.” That repulsive comment, coming before the grieving families could even bury their loved ones, was received with horror by most of the world, but Beck refused to apologize. In fact, he defended it by insisting that if he wasn’t able to draw comparisons between teenaged massacre victims and Nazis that “We are going to be a society of gas chambers.”

For Beck it isn’t bad enough to defend his disgusting Nazi comparisons with more Nazi comparisons, he has now gone further to attempt to turn himself into the victim in all of this. I guess the scores of victims in Norway weren’t sufficiently sympathetic.

Here is an annotated account of Beck’s neurotic paranoia as expressed yesterday on his radio program:

“They’ve been taking something that I said completely out of context and they’re trying to just…they’re trying again to destroy me.”
You can hear for yourself whether anything was taken out of context. And if there’s one thing about which Beck is consistent, is that it is always about him and the forces out to destroy him.

“Give it your best shot gang. You tried to get me out of the mainstream media.”
Um…Remind me again, what show do you have on television now? Oh, that’s right, we got you canceled after getting more than 300 advertisers to rebuke you. Hopefully, that’s just the start.

“Be careful what you wish for. Because now I’ve got a 24 hour, 7 day a week network.”
What you’ve got is a friggin web site, Poindexter. So do I and about a billion other people. But don’t let me interrupt your delusions of grandeur.

“Oh wait, in a year from now you’ll pray for me to be a part of the mainstream media. You’ll pray.”
The only praying most people will be doing for you is for a cure for the brain disease that has turned you into a conspiracy monger with a Messiah complex.

“Bring it on. I am not afraid. If I go down, don’t worry. I’m doing my damnedest to make sure there are 30 million others like me who will never sit down.”
Cool. That means there will be plenty of seating for the rest of us. And trust me, if you go down no one will remember your name in a year.

This page has a list of the radio stations carrying Beck’s program. Please call or write the one nearest you and tell them what Beck said and that you will not listen to the station or patronize their advertisers until Beck is gone. Also, sign this petition from Media Matters.

Beck is also holding an event in Israel next month with the unseemly name of “Restoring Courage.” How can his Israeli hosts permit this to go on as scheduled after he insults the memory of Holocaust victims by throwing around aspersions regarding Hitler’s atrocities aimed at innocent kids? After this, whatever authorization Beck has to produce this event should be rescinded. Feel free to contact the Israeli Embassy and advise them of the sort of person that is heading their way:
Email: / Phone: 202.364.5500


3 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Paranoia Of Glenn Beck

  1. Wow how lame is that guy. Absolutely no common sense.

  2. It would seem that Glen Beck calls everybody else a Nazi, except Nazis.

  3. It should be noted that the Tea Party, co-sponsored by Beck’s own 9/12 initiative, in three states offered a YOUTH SUMMER CAMP (gasp). Of course, there are also all those conservative religious camps in which politics are rampant (remember the scene of young camper praying to a cardboard cut out of George W.?). So are all youth camps by default Hitlerian or just those that lean left?

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