While The GOP/Tea Party Was Blackmailing The Nation…

For the past month our country has been embroiled in a contentious debate over whether to raise the debt ceiling, a routine congressional function that has been done without controversy dozens of times. The farthest right faction of the Republican Party was determined to hold the nation hostage in their yearning to dismantle the social safety net and protect the wealth of billionaires. While that carnival was in progress, Washington and the press missed something else that holds some importance to the American people and the economy:

Jobs vs Debt(Source for job loss data: private sector / public sector)

Despite the GOP’s promise to focus on jobs when they assumed the majority in the House of Representatives, they have not produced a single jobs bill. In fact, they have endeavored to kill legislation that would create new jobs. Just before they left for recess after passing the debt ceiling bill, they left unresolved a bill to fund the operations of the Federal Aviation Administration. As a result, over 90,000 workers will be sidelined until congress returns in September. Not to mention, the Treasury will lose $1.2 billion in fees that will go uncollected.

That’s the GOP’s commitment to working families and reducing the deficit. In other words, it’s a hoax. And the media is their accomplice. The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism reports that 52% of news stories last week were related to the debt ceiling debate. Notwithstanding the fact that polls show that the American people are more concerned about jobs than debt, the media virtually ignored the issue of job creation and unemployment.

Now that the debt ceiling debate is at least temporarily resolved, it will be interesting to see what issue dominates news coverage next week. Jobs or the Obama’s dining at a fast food restaurant?


2 thoughts on “While The GOP/Tea Party Was Blackmailing The Nation…

  1. “Beware, beware! The elephants are on parade!” lol

    Now “it’s easy to believe somebody’s been lying to me”, “but when the wrong word goes in the right ear, I know ‘they’ve’ been lying to me”. “It’s getting rough, off the cuff I’ve got to say enough’s enough…” “Why don’t they do what they, say what they mean; one thing leads to another. ‘They’ve’ told me something wrong; I know I listen too long.” Good song. Very true.

  2. Unfortuneatley, for the country this is the GOP/Tea Party plan. Distract the couuntry on contrived crises, sit on your hands and do nothing to help put people back to work, blame it all on Obama and hope the american people will be mad and stupid enough to put Republican/Tea baggers back in to power in 2012. The republicans want to cut everything, including cutting as many federal and state government jobs as possible to increase unemployment. High unemployment, they feel, will increase their chances of winning in 2012. I hope enough people can see through this to stop them from taking control of the government. I think Obama is laying the groundwork for the fight in 2012: Vote Obama to protect what little you have left or give these lunatics control and their unabashed greed and corruption will finish us off and put us into third world status.

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