Crybaby Trump Lashes Out Incoherently at Democrats Who Are Making America Great Again

Poor Donald Trump. He’s stuck in his Twitterless world being forced to watch helplessly as President Biden continues to preside over a nation that is making significant strides under difficult circumstances. Trump hates to see the country enjoying successes that he was never competent enough to achieve. So he behaves like colicky toddler throwing a pathetic tantrum that only makes him look worse.

Donald Trump

After the disastrous four years that Trump spent occupying the White House, America is moving forward. The Labor Department announced that 531,000 jobs were added in October. And the unemployment rate dipped to 4.6 percent. Also, the jobs numbers for August and September were both revised upward.

Contrast that with Trump’s record as the first president to have a net loss of jobs during a single presidential term since the Great Depression. His job creation record, even before the pandemic, averaged about 187,000 per month. Biden is doing better than three times that. And that’s while the pandemic is still a prominent drag on the economic recovery. Although Biden’s efforts to get more Americans vaccinated has produced a significant decline in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Which in turn has benefited businesses and workers.

So naturally, Trump, who spends his waning days rooting against America, which he says is “going to hell,” has unleashed another Twitter rant via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill. Liz Harrington. He whined that

“The Democrat politicians of this Country spend 99% of their time fighting Republicans and no time thinking about making our Country great.”

Once again, Trump is projecting his own psychological sickness onto others. He’s the one who can’t stop bashing his political foes. It’s the Democrats who have been working tirelessly on behalf of the American people on the issues that impact their lives. And despite getting nothing but flack from Trump and his Republican obstructionists, they are making real progress. But Trump wasn’t finished ranting…

“If [Democrats] would spend half of that energy fighting China, Russia, Iran and even the European Union, where the U.S. just dropped all tariffs, we would go back to greatness again.”

So now Trump wants the U.S. to fight “China, Russia, Iran,” and even our allies, “the European Union?” How exactly would that help to make America great? Trump is consistent, at least. He has always been a force for antagonism and conflict. And it proved to be a dreadful strategy that only brought failure during his term. And he continued…

“Instead, [Democrats] are weak with everybody except conservatives. Our Country has become the laughingstock of the world!”

It’s generous of Trump to compliment Democrats for being effective against conservatives. However, his complaints about the nation’s status in the world are, as usual, utterly divorced from reality. A recent survey of 46 countries found that…

“Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, approval ratings of U.S. leadership around the world had largely rebounded from the record-low ratings observed during the Trump administration.”

Trump was undeniably a stain on America’s reputation. But we have been redeemed by Biden’s competency and compassion in less than a year. Which you know is gnawing at the former guy. Nevertheless, Trump can be relied upon to keep up his factless ravings because, what else does have to do? This is his life now. Unfortunately, it’s ours too until he runs out of gasbaggery.

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2 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump Lashes Out Incoherently at Democrats Who Are Making America Great Again

  1. Mark, he’ll never “run out of gasbaggery,” it’s all he’s got. We’ll only be saved from it and him when he’s finally held accountable for his crimes, ie when Garland’s DOJ gets off its ass and gets to work. Trump should be their main target, never mind the underlings … and even they’re not being seriously pursued (see: Bannon).

    • Trump & every single person who is refusing to honor Congressional subpoenas should be jailed until they agree to comply. Period!
      Otherwise, Congress doesn’t really have subpeona power, now do they? And that cuts a major blow into our illusion of having system of “checks & balances” under the U.S. Constitution.
      Under Trump, plenty of laws were broken & GOP refused to participate in holding Trump accountable. Now they refuse to participate in passing any bills in Congress & Trump acts as if he’s still in charge. As for the Senate, McConnell/GOP still running the show, with Manchin as the willing shill, the hardly-Democrat, along with sidekick Sinema. All this shit & plenty more is anti-democratic & unpatriotic, as it works against our Country & its laws!

      Too much has been allowed for too long, but how about we start with jailing any & all who refuse to comply with Congressional subpoenas?! Trump isn’t even in office, yet his toxic bullshit lingers on.
      “Throw the book at ’em!”…(I say)…to any & all who disrespect Congress & our laws. Let them sit in jail cells like the common criminals they choose to be, until they comply, or rot ~ frankly, I don’t even care which they choose!

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