Jen Psaki’s Scathing, Point By Point Repudiation of Joe Manchin’s Betrayal on the Build Back Better Bill

On Sunday morning Sen. Joe Manchin made a fairly resolute statement of opposition to President Biden’s Build Back Better bill. While it left a tiny opening for some further negotiations, it has been received with a resounding thud by Democrats and the majority of the American people who voted for just this sort of change.

Psaki Lightening

Manchin’s remarks on Fox News (video below) included some wiggle room wherein his opposition was described as “Where I’m at right now.” Which implies that he could be somewhere else in the future. He also said that “This is a no on ‘this’ legislation.” Which implies that a different version of the bill might be acceptable. These are admittedly small cracks in what has been his consistent resistance to legislation that is broadly popular among his colleagues in Congress, and even his own constituents in West Virginia.

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It is inexplicable how Manchin could continue to obstruct this bill to the detriment of his state, his party, and his country. However, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released a response to Manchin’s latest defiant stand against the welfare of the American people. And she wasn’t mincing words. The statement began by noting that…

“Senator Manchin’s comments this morning on FOX are at odds with his discussions this week with the President, with White House staff, and with his own public utterances. […] Senator Manchin promised to continue conversations in the days ahead, and to work with us to reach that common ground. If his comments on FOX and written statement indicate an end to that effort, they represent a sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position, and a breach of his commitments to the President and the Senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate.”

Okay, Psaki did mince her words a little bit, Had she been less diplomatic she might have accurately accused Manchin of dishonesty and betrayal. However, her statement then went on to dismantle Manchin’s expressed concerns point by point. Some of the highlights include…

  • “The Build Back Better Act will have virtually no impact on inflation in the short term, and, in the long run, the policies it includes will ease inflationary pressures.”
  • “Build Back Better lowers costs that families pay. It will reduce what families pay for child care. It will reduce what they pay for prescription drugs. It will lower health care premiums. And it puts a tax cut in the pockets of families with kids.”
  • “The plan is fully paid for, is the most fiscally responsible major bill that Congress has considered in years, and reduces the deficit in the long run.”
  • “Build Back Better will produce a job-creating clean energy future for this country—including West Virginia.”
  • “Manchin will have to explain to those families paying $1,000 a month for insulin why they need to keep paying that, instead of $35 for that vital medicine.”
  • “He will have to explain to the nearly two million women who would get the affordable day care they need to return to work why he opposes a plan to get them the help they need.”
  • “Maybe Senator Manchin can explain to the millions of children who have been lifted out of poverty, in part due to the Child Tax Credit, why he wants to end a program that is helping achieve this milestone.”

Hopefully there is some chance that Manchin can still be swayed. If not, Democrats will have to pour more of there energy into passing the voting rights bills, and to electing more Democrats next year. Biden is walking a decidedly unstable tightrope. The last thing Democrats need is to shove Manchin into the eager arms the Republican Party, which would saddle us with Mitch McConnell as majority leader.

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It’s a sad state of affairs when a Democrat is the barrier to other Democrats achieving the goals that they ran and won on just one year ago. But we must not forget that 48 of the 50 Democrats in the Senate support this bill. Zero of the 50 Republicans support it. It is the GOP that is the problem, not Democrats. And the solution is not to bash the Democratic Party and complain that they suck. The solution is to elect more and better Democrats.

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Crybaby Trump Lashes Out Incoherently at Democrats Who Are Making America Great Again

Poor Donald Trump. He’s stuck in his Twitterless world being forced to watch helplessly as President Biden continues to preside over a nation that is making significant strides under difficult circumstances. Trump hates to see the country enjoying successes that he was never competent enough to achieve. So he behaves like colicky toddler throwing a pathetic tantrum that only makes him look worse.

Donald Trump

After the disastrous four years that Trump spent occupying the White House, America is moving forward. The Labor Department announced that 531,000 jobs were added in October. And the unemployment rate dipped to 4.6 percent. Also, the jobs numbers for August and September were both revised upward.

Contrast that with Trump’s record as the first president to have a net loss of jobs during a single presidential term since the Great Depression. His job creation record, even before the pandemic, averaged about 187,000 per month. Biden is doing better than three times that. And that’s while the pandemic is still a prominent drag on the economic recovery. Although Biden’s efforts to get more Americans vaccinated has produced a significant decline in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Which in turn has benefited businesses and workers.

So naturally, Trump, who spends his waning days rooting against America, which he says is “going to hell,” has unleashed another Twitter rant via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill. Liz Harrington. He whined that

“The Democrat politicians of this Country spend 99% of their time fighting Republicans and no time thinking about making our Country great.”

Once again, Trump is projecting his own psychological sickness onto others. He’s the one who can’t stop bashing his political foes. It’s the Democrats who have been working tirelessly on behalf of the American people on the issues that impact their lives. And despite getting nothing but flack from Trump and his Republican obstructionists, they are making real progress. But Trump wasn’t finished ranting…

“If [Democrats] would spend half of that energy fighting China, Russia, Iran and even the European Union, where the U.S. just dropped all tariffs, we would go back to greatness again.”

So now Trump wants the U.S. to fight “China, Russia, Iran,” and even our allies, “the European Union?” How exactly would that help to make America great? Trump is consistent, at least. He has always been a force for antagonism and conflict. And it proved to be a dreadful strategy that only brought failure during his term. And he continued…

“Instead, [Democrats] are weak with everybody except conservatives. Our Country has become the laughingstock of the world!”

It’s generous of Trump to compliment Democrats for being effective against conservatives. However, his complaints about the nation’s status in the world are, as usual, utterly divorced from reality. A recent survey of 46 countries found that…

“Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, approval ratings of U.S. leadership around the world had largely rebounded from the record-low ratings observed during the Trump administration.”

Trump was undeniably a stain on America’s reputation. But we have been redeemed by Biden’s competency and compassion in less than a year. Which you know is gnawing at the former guy. Nevertheless, Trump can be relied upon to keep up his factless ravings because, what else does have to do? This is his life now. Unfortunately, it’s ours too until he runs out of gasbaggery.

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Trump’s Feeble Attempt to Divide Moderate and Progressive Democrats Fails Spectacularly

Is there anyone in America who is waiting for Donald Trump to deliver his analysis of Democratic politics? His positions could not be more predictable and preposterous. In his view everything that Democrats and President Biden does is “disgraceful” and “disastrous” and is leading to the “total destruction” of the country and the world. And the pretty much exhausts his vocabulary.

Donald Trump

Never mind that Trump never has any facts to support his knee-jerk condemnation. Why would he, when the only thing he’s interested in is fomenting irrational hatred and dividing the American people? Trump is literally the last person that any sane observer would ask about Democrats. But that doesn’t stop him from giving his utterly worthless opinion anyway. In a tweet (posted by his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill), Trump actually gave some back-handed praise to moderate Democrats saying that…

“It’s wonderful to see the moderate Democrats take such total advantage of the ultra Liberal Progressives in the House. They promised the Progressives everything and are giving them nothing. No wonder AOC +3 are so angry!”

In Trump’s shrunken brain he sees a broad-based coalition in a political party as a fatal flaw. In his Republican Party everyone goosesteps to the tune of Dear Leader. Indeed, with respect to the Build Back Better legislation, Democrats have had to struggle to find a consensus among their diverse members. But Trump’s assessment of this process is an affirmation of his authoritarian aspirations. He can’t comprehend that free people can have different views.

What’s more, Trump is 100% wrong – which shouldn’t surprise anybody. First of all, moderates never “promised the progressives everything,” and they surely didn’t give them nothing. In fact, the chair of Democratic Progressive Caucus in the House, Pramila Jayapal, said that “the reality is that we have 50 votes that we need to get in the Senate [and that] out of something like nine priorities, we got seven or eight of them.”

In other words, the vast majority of the progressive’s priorities were agreed to. And if you need further evidence of that, take a look at what’s actually in the bill that will be voted on in the coming week. It states that it will…

  • …expand access to free preschool for more than 6 million children.
  • …provide that middle-class families pay no more than 7 percent of their income on child care and will help states expand access to high-quality, affordable child care to about 20 million children.
  • …improve Medicaid coverage for home care services for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • …provide monthly payments to the parents of nearly 90 percent of American children.
  • …save the average American family hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs. These measures include enhancement and expansion of existing home energy and efficiency tax credits.
  • …cut the cost of installing rooftop solar for a home by around 30 percent.
  • …lower the cost of an electric vehicle that is made in America with American materials and union labor by $12,500 for a middle-class family.
  • …help rural communities tap into the clean energy opportunity through targeted grants and loans through the Department of Agriculture.
  • …target incentives to grow domestic supply chains in solar, wind, and other critical industries.
  • …fund port electrification; facilitate the deployment of cleaner transit, buses, and trucks; and support critical community capacity building.
  • …create a new Civilian Climate Corps – with over 300,000 members that look like America.
  • …provide resources to farmers, ranchers, and forestland owners, supporting their efforts to reduce emissions.
  • …reduce premiums for more than 9 million Americans who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act.
  • …deliver health care coverage through Affordable Care Act premium tax credits to up to 4 million uninsured people in states that have locked them out of Medicaid.
  • …expand Medicare coverage to cover hearing coverage.
  • …enable the construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of more than 1 million affordable homes, boosting housing supply and reducing price pressures for renters and homeowners.
  • …make a historic investment in rental assistance, expanding vouchers to hundreds of thousands of additional families.
  • …create more equitable communities, through investing in community-led redevelopments projects in historically under-resourced neighborhoods.
  • …extend the American Rescue Plan’s tripling of the credit for childless workers, benefiting 17 million low-wage workers, many of whom are essential workers.
  • …make education beyond high school – including training for high-paying jobs available now – more affordable.
  • …make historic investments in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), and minority-serving institutions (MSIs) to build capacity.
  • …expand free school meals to 8.7 million children during the school year and provide a $65 per child per month benefit to the families of 29 million children.

And if that weren’t enough, these programs are being fully paid for “with savings from repealing the Trump Administration’s rebate rule, [and] by asking more from the very largest corporations and the wealthiest Americans.” The bill will…

  • …impose a 15% minimum tax on the corporate profits of large corporations with over $1 billion in profits.
  • …include a 1% surcharge on corporate stock buybacks, which corporate executives too often use to enrich themselves.
  • …adopt a 15% minimum tax on foreign profits of U.S. corporations, so that they can no longer claim huge tax benefits by shifting profits and jobs abroad.
  • …create a fairer tax system – a tax system that requires the wealthy to finally pay their fair share and rewards work, not wealth – by hiring enforcement agents who are trained to pursue wealthy evaders.

Is this everything that progressives wanted when negotiations began? Of course not. But it is still a historic achievement that provides more benefits for poor and middle-class Americans than even FDR’s New Deal did. And it restores some fairness to the tax laws that were grossly skewed in favor of corporations and billionaires during the Trump travesty.

Furthermore, there is nothing stopping Democrats from restoring items that were removed, such as paid family leave, free community college, dental and vision coverage for Medicare, and lower prescription drug prices. In fact, there is already talk of reintroducing some of those benefits in separate legislation. The only thing needed to complete the job is more Democrats in the House and Senate. And the opportunity to do that is coming soon.

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HUH? Trump Opposes the Democratic Bills Because … They Will Elect More Republicans?

Democrats in Congress are battling with Republicans – and a couple of reticent Democrats – to pass a pair pf bills aimed at keeping the government from shutting down and defaulting on its debt. Republicans are demonstrating their customary hypocrisy with regard to the debt limit, and their blatant and reckless partisanship on funding for critical ongoing operations.

Donald Trump Angry

On Thursday morning there was some chatter in the press about agreements being reached to get the Continuing Resolution passed and keep the government open. But any signal that the government might function efficiently is an automatic trigger to Donald Trump, whose psychotic synapses force him into a perpetually hostile stance. Consequently, upon hearing the news, Trump had his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban), hammer out a couple of audaciously dishonest tweets in hopes of undermining the legislative progress.

The first tweet insisted that “This bill must be opposed!” Trump’s reasons for opposition were based on his utterly fictional analysis of the bill, along with a swing at xenophobic fear mongering:

“Snuck into the government funding bill, or CR, the Democrats are trying to pass, and just found, is unlimited money to random, unscreened, unvetted Afghan nationals. Republicans can’t let this happen. […] This is not a “clean” government funding bill. It’s a major immigration rewrite that allows Biden to bring anyone he wants from Afghanistan for the next year—no vetting, no screening, no security—and fly them to your community.”

Absolutely none of that is true. The only reference to Afghans is a clause that permits the federal government to continue operations in support of “individuals evacuated from Afghanistan.” These are the allies who worked with the U.S. military during the twenty year war. They are the same people that Republicans and Fox News complained were being left behind. Now Trump is portraying them as dangerous foes being surreptitiously planted in “your community.”

The second tweet also demanded that the bills be rejected. but this one took a more brazenly political posture:

“If Democrats are able to piece together their huge tax hikes, called by another name, it will mean an additional 40 Republican seats in the House and at least a few additional Republican Senators in the U.S. Senate.”

Without any warning, Trump appears to have changed the subject from the funding and debt ceiling bills, to the infrastructure bills. It is the reconciliation bill that contains a rollback of Trump’s prior tax scam that cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy. However, what is notable in his comment is his belief that those provisions are unpopular and would result in a red wave in the mid-term election next year.

Let’s set aside the fact that the Democratic bills are overwhelmingly favored by broad majorities of voters. If Trump actually believed that passage of the Democratic agenda would result in Republicans retaking both houses of Congress, wouldn’t he welcome that? It would pave the way for his return to the White House in 2024, and then the GOP could enact whatever right-wing wet dreams they have.

Obviously, Trump is rambling incoherently again. He has no idea how Congress works, or how the game of politics is played. His only strategy, no matter the circumstances, is to be virulently opposed to whatever his political foes favor. His one-note ideology can be summarized in the timeless words of one of America’s most renown statesmen…

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Debt Ceiling Dumbass Sean Hannity is Right, Except for Being Wrong About Almost Everything

Fox News is taking a rare break from trying to kill off their audience with COVID vaccine disinformation. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still spreading lies intended to harm their viewers and the nation.

Fox News, Sean Hannity

The current battle in Congress to pass legislation for infrastructure development and economic renewal is consuming much of the news cycle. The plans represent key parts of President Biden’s agenda. So naturally Fox News is weighing in with predictable attacks on anything that the Democrats have proposed or support. And leading the charge is Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Sean Hannity.

On his nightly hour of liberal bashing and neo-fascism advocacy, Hannity demonstrated why he is so revered by budding totalitarians across the nation. He simultaneously demonstrated his infamous idiocy on pretty much any subject that he addresses.

In this episode, Hannity was canoodling with Newt Gingrich to contrive false narratives about Congress raising the debt ceiling. It’s a usually a routine function that both political parties agree to in order to keep the country from defaulting on its debts. But not this year. Republicans have been adamant that they will not play nice with Democrats, even if it means economic catastrophe. And as a loyal Republican, but a disloyal American, Hannity chimed in saying that…

“They [Democrats] have the House. They have the Senate. They want to spend all this money. Republicans don’t. There’s no opportunity to work with a Republican. I don’t think one Republican should vote to increase it by a penny. Now Democrats are gonna say ‘Oh, you’re gonna shut down the government, and the full faith and credit of the U.S. government is gonna be at stake.’ That’s not true. They have control of Congress. They have control of the purse strings. They get to decide. So it will be up to them whether or not they raise the debt ceiling. Correct?”

Oddly enough, Hannity managed to get something right for a change. Democrats do have majorities in the House and the Senate. And they can pass an increase in the debt ceiling on their own, so long as there are no defections. But everything else Hannity said is not only wrong, but mind-numbingly stupid:

  • First of all, raising the debt ceiling has nothing to do with Democrats wanting to spend money. In fact, it is the money that was already spent during the administration of Donald Trump that that would be covered by the increase.
  • Secondly, Democrats have reached out repeatedly to Republicans to join this ordinarily uncontroversial procedure. Th GOP has refused to go along, insisting that Democrats carry the load by themselves. It’s a tactic designed to blame Democrats after the fact for doing the responsible thing.
  • Thirdly, Hannity’s little charade about the GOP not putting the “full faith and credit of the U.S. government” at risk is a straight up lie, and he knows it. If the debt ceiling isn’t raised, then the U.S. cannot pay its obligations. That’s the definition of default, and would send the economy into a tailspin. The anticipation of it has already spooked the stock market.

The only thing that Hannity got right was that Democrats hold majorities in Congress. Although he fails to grasp that the only reason that’s true is because the American people put them there. They also put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, defeating Trump by more than seven million votes.

Consequently, this might be a good time to listen to Hannity. His recognition that “[Democrats] have control of Congress, they have control of the purse strings, they get to decide,” should inspire the Democrats to move forward with the rest of their agenda. They should pass the infrastructure bill without help from the GOP. They should pass the reconciliation bill as well. And if they need to dispense with the filibuster to do it, they shouldn’t hesitate.

The Biden/Democratic agenda is overwhelmingly popular with the American people. Passage would create jobs, stimulate the economy, provide benefits for families, children, students, seniors, workers, and more. And Democrats would get all of the credit. That’s a recipe for future victories in 2022, 2024, and beyond. So if there ever a time to take Hannity’s advice, it’s now. Go for it Democrats!

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Fox News Poll: The Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill is Favored By a Whopping 18 Points

President Biden’s legislative agenda had a significant victory this week when the Senate passed a trillion dollar infrastructure bill with 19 Republicans joining every Democrat in a rare show of bipartisanship. Throughout the debate Donald Trump unsuccessfully begged Republicans to reject the popular package. All he succeeded in doing was affirming his political impotence.

Joe Biden, GOP, Titanic

The next item on the Senate calendar is a companion to the infrastructure bill in the form of a budget reconciliation bill that will likely have to pass with only Democratic votes. However, if Republicans were smart (a long shot at best) they would get behind this bill. And the proof that they would benefit came on Thursday in a Fox News poll.

The poll asked the following question: “Do you favor or oppose the U.S. Senate’s $3.5 trillion infrastructure package? The response was that a significant majority of the American people support the bill 56% to 38% – a decisive 18 point advantage. Reminder: This is a Fox News poll!

With that level of support, how can Republicans oppose it? Here’s how: They are wholly committed to pursuing a brazenly partisan strategy of dragging down Biden’s approval by dragging down the wellbeing of the nation. Even if it means working against the clear interests of the American people.

They may believe that they have some political cover because Republican support for the bill is a measly 24%, while 88% of Democrats support it. But Republicans are a distinct minority of the population at large and thus, a poor demographic upon which to rest their electoral hopes. And the poll was full of additional bad news for the GOP. For instance…

  • Do you approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as president? Yes: 53 – No: 46
  • Do you approve of the way Joe Biden is handling the coronavirus pandemic? Yes: 54 – No: 42
  • Do you favor the U.S. Senate’s $1 trillion infrastructure package? Yes: 62 – No: 30
  • Do you favor proof of a coronavirus vaccine for indoor activities? Yes: 50 – No: 46
  • Have you gotten vaccinated against coronavirus? Yes: 69 – No: 29 (Biden voters: 86 – Trump voters: 54)
  • Do you think schools should be allowed to require teachers and students to either wear a mask or provide proof of a coronavirus vaccine? Yes: 54 – No: 31

With numbers like that the Republican Party is making a huge mistake with their lock-step opposition to the budget bill, as well as a host of other issues on which the people differ with them. They don’t seem to care. They appear to be more concerned about pissing off Trump than the American voters. If so, there will be a political price to pay for that. They stuck with him through two impeachments. They stuck with him through the “Big Lie” and the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. They even stuck with him though his coup attempts.

It doesn’t appear to have done them any good. But it’s a safe bet that the GOP will continue to stick with Trump because they simply haven’t got the courage to do the right thing. They are more afraid of Trump and his cult disciples than the American people. But come next November they will learn that they should have been more afraid of voters. Well, that’s if they still have the ability to learn.

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DISGUSTING: Donald Trump Jr Thinks Democrats Getting COVID is God Being Funny

The Trump family has never been particularly respectful of religion or people of faith, other than to exploit them for political support or to enrich themselves. Their likeness to crooked preachers and pseudo-divine swindlers was evident in their transparent insincerity. They only ever brought up religion when they were in pursuit of some personal benefit.

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump was notorious for his blasphemous comments claiming to be The Chosen One and for his gross ignorance of the faith he pretended to practice. And apparently the rotten apple hasn’t fallen far from the Tree of Anti-Knowledge.

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr sought to politicize and capitalize on the the distressing news that three Democratic representatives from Texas had tested positive for the coronavirus. A moral person would never use the misfortune of others to salve their own inherent inferiority. But the Trump spawn did just that in the most despicable way imaginable. This wasn’t an ordinary political insult. He is using humor to malign people who have been infected with a potentially fatal virus. He tweeted “Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?”

Really? Is there no bottom to this family’s abhorrent conduct? Mini-Trump’s callous tweet linked to an article on Fox News. That’s the same Fox News that his father has been battering for not backing up his dangerous and preposterous lies about the election being “stolen” from him; that has dismissed COVID-19 as hoax; that has attacked people for wearing masks; that has spread fake fear of vaccines; that has peddled conspiracy theories that vaccines don’t work, but “they” aren’t telling you.

The article on Fox News stated that “Three of the 60 Texas House Democrats tested positive for the virus while staying in Washington, D.C.” So while Trump and Fox sought to make the worst of this news, and to imply hypocrisy on the part of the Democrats, the truth is more complex.

All of the Texas Democrats were vaccinated, so traveling together without masks on a private chartered plane was in compliance with CDC guidelines. The three people who tested positive represent just 5% of the 60 who traveled together from Texas. Those numbers are in line with the estimate that the vaccine is about 95% effective in preventing infection. What’s more, those infected are suffering no symptoms, and avoiding severe illness, hospitalization, and death, is also a known benefit of having been vaccinated.

So what is the Trump puppy’s point? Is he just proud to be laughing at the misfortune of others, a common characteristic of compassionless Republicans? Is he endorsing the use of masks, which still provide protection even for those who are vaccinated, particularly during a surge caused by a new variant? Is he finally condemning the reckless behavior of his father who hosted many super-spreader cult rallies at the peak of the pandemic, and made both the White House and Mar-a-Lago coronavirus hot zones?

Additionally, Does Trump know that Texas is currently one of the worst hit states by increased COVID infections and hospitalizations? Does he think that’s funny too? He must think that the 600,000 dead Americans is downright hysterical.

It is unfortunate that a few Democrats have fallen victim to the coronavirus. And while they were complying with the guidance of health experts, it could be argued that they should have been more cautious. But this incident shouldn’t distract anyone from the reason that they are in Washington in the first place. Republicans in Texas are trying to pass a draconian bill that would suppress voting and give broad, totalitarian power to partisan state officials to overturn the will of the people.

These Democrats are heroes for doing what’s necessary, at great personal sacrifice and within the law, to preserve democracy. They deserve America’s thanks, not the grotesquely inappropriate and blasphemous attempt at “humor” by loathsome cretins like Trump.

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In Predictable Perversion of Reality, Fox News Accuses Texas Democrats of ‘Insurrection’

The state of Texas is the latest to pursue a strategy of blatant voter suppression in order to reinforce their right-wing stranglehold on power. To that end their Republican dominated legislature is frantically trying to pass laws that will make it harder for communities of color and low-income (i.e. Democrats) to cast votes.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Q Shaman

So naturally, the GOP Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) is doing its part to clamp down on free and fair elections. Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, entered into the fray on this issue with his signature faux outrage and perpetually furrowed brow. Not content to deliver his customary hate mongering tirade, Carlson reached deep into his rhetorical repertoire of sarcasm, arrogance, and dishonesty to contrive a bizarre mangling of reality.

Facing the Republican autocrats determined to tilt all future elections in their favor, the Texas House Democrats left the state in order to deny their oppressors a quorum. And in an Olympic-grade feat of projection, Carlson lambasted the Texas Democrats saying that “they committed what amounted to an act of, yes, insurrection.” He elaborated

“Democrats in the state don’t oppose voter fraud. Nor critically do they believe in multi-party politics. So they stopped the entire process cold. Now preventing lawmakers from making laws, shutting down the vote, would not seem like a defense of democracy. In fact, it would appear to be just the opposite. It would appear to be an assault on the very core of democracy, which is the legislature, the people’s house.

“Even diabolical old Vladimir Putin never attempted to do that. But according to Joe Biden, this time it’s necessary. Sometimes you’ve got to end democracy in order to save democracy. That is, if you’re not a racist. ‘Requiring people to prove their identity when they cast a vote,’ said the President, ‘is an unrelenting 21st century Jim Crow assault.’ Really? How so? Biden never explains, but he didn’t need to. His bootlickers on cable television jumped in to do the talking for him.”

Whereupon, Carlson played a few seconds of excerpts from MSNBC and CNN hosts discussing the GOP’s anti-democracy crusade. After which he complained that they didn’t explain why the Texas bill constituted voter suppression. They actually explained it thoroughly, but Carlson’s clips were purposefully chopped so as to remove all of the relevant context. Then, in a another display of projection, he refers to them as “brainless shills,” when that is a far better description of Carlson and his television flock.

Carlson’s twisted take on insurrection is typical of how he abuses language. Fox News has been denying for months that there was any insurrection at all. And now Carlson wants to be taken seriously while suggesting that a peaceful boycott of a legislative session is equivalent to the violent and deadly riots that evidence shows Donald Trump incited in Washington, D.C. on January 6th (and continues to do so). Carlson is equating lawful public servants with criminal seditionists.

Contrary to Carlson’s flagrant fallacies, the Democrats are actually exercising the liberty that democracy guarantees them. If he wants an example of subverting democracy. he can refer to how Mitch McConnell refused to even allow a vote on over 400 bills passed by the House of Representatives. Or he might weigh in on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s totalitarian threat to arrest the Democrats when they return to the state.

Carlson also felt compelled to malign President Biden, whose speech on voting rights the day before was profoundly moving and informative. Which might explain why Fox News was the only cable news “news” network that refused to air it. Instead of a timely and newsworthy presidential address, Fox chose to cover such crucial stories as Bill Gates’ divorce, a Fox Nation promo, and the “woke” military.

That’s just more proof that Fox is most definitely not a news network. Which makes it the perfect place for a lying propagandist like Tucker Carlson to spew his factless bullpucky for an audience of glassy-eyed cult followers. Where else could he get away with idiocy like his paranoid delusion that the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on him? Or his baseless accusation that the FBI orchestrated the January 6th insurrection? Or his claim that health authorities know that vaccines don’t work and they aren’t telling you? That’s just how Fox News rolls.

UPDATE: Fox’s Peter Doocy once again found a way to introduce the stupidest perspective possible on this matter:

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Tucker Carlson’s Insane Rant that Democrats Are Plotting to Censor Your Text Messages

STOP THE MADNESS! Fox News is demonstrating both their full blown devotion to the Cult of Trump and their impotence with regard to managing the worst purveyors of flagrantly dishonest propaganda and conspiracy crackpottery that populate their network. And both of those obscene circumstances come in the form of perpetually ticked off and furrow-browed Tucker Carlson.

Fox News. Tucker Carlson

On Monday night Carlson delivered another of hallmark harangues. The subject of this one was an atrocity that exists only in his diseased brain. Stepping off the ledge even further into dementia territory, Carlson is now alleging that Democrats are plotting to censor your text messages and other private communications. The very first paragraph was a study in professional bullshittery:

“Last March, as the first big clusters of coronavirus cases started to appear in this country, media executives in Silicon Valley coordinated with officials in Washington to determine how much the public was allowed to know about the growing epidemic that was killing them.”

So Carlson is alleging as fact that there was a convocation of media and techies to coordinate a blueprint for abridging freedom of speech. As usual, he doesn’t bother to present any proof of this gathering, but that’s only because there isn’t any. He went on to say that…

“Today we learned the Biden administration considers censorship is applicable to private speech as well. What you say in private, when you’re alone with your phone, you won’t be able to say or read what you want because the DNC plans to control – and apparently have the ability to control – the flow the information you receive on your phone.”

OMG! According to Carlson the Democratic National Committee can – and is – monitoring your text messages and is intent on censoring what you read and write. That would be horrifying, but for the fact that it’s a claim that isn’t remotely associated with reality. Carlson based the whole thing on an excerpt from an article in Politico that said…

“Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively, and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages.”

Notice that there is nothing in that sentence that asserts any attempt to monitor or censor anything at all. The article was referring to Democratic organizations having ready responses to the potentially deadly lies being peddled by Republican operatives via mass SMS messaging. Liars like Carlson are understandably frightened by fact-checkers and initiatives aimed at disseminating the truth. Politico notes – and Carlson failed to acknowledge – that the goal is to counter right-wing misinformation. For example…

“Turning Point USA has also sent out SMS messages urging people to sign petitions on the topic [of vaccinations]. In one message, viewed by POLITICO, [TUSA Chief Charlie] Kirk contends, ‘Biden is sending goons DOOR-TO-DOOR to make you take a Covid-19 vaccine.'”

That, of course, is a blatant and dangerous lie. It’s fear mongering that has been all over Fox News for the past couple of weeks. And speaking of misinformation, Carlson is engaging in a new rebranding of “alternative facts” wherein he proclaims that “misinformation very often is factually true.” However, anyone with a smidgen of cognitive coherence knows that, by definition, misinformation is literally false. Unfortunately, that standard of cognition would exclude Carlson, who has his own definition of misinformation, and he exploits it to spread more irrational fear about life-saving vaccines:

“Misinformation is anything the Biden administration doesn’t want you to know – including, for example, how effective the COVID vaccines actually are, and what the potential side effects from them might be from taking them.”

Carlson went on to reveal his ignorance of virology – or deliberate deception – by asserting that vaccinated people have no reason to worry about unvaccinated people. “So why is official Washington so angry,” Carlson asks, “at the people who won’t get vaccinated? How precisely do they propose a threat? It makes you think that maybe none of this is really about COVID. Maybe it’s about social control.” No, Tucker, it makes you think that the more available hosts there are, the more the virus can mutant into variants that could put everyone, including vaccinated people, at risk.

Carlson is coming full circle and exposing his true agenda. It is all about “social control,” and his ludicrous claim that “Your private conversations will be controlled by the DNC.” Which he still has failed to affirm with any shred of evidence. But then, nobody expects Carlson to deal in facts, not even his Fox News or their lawyers who defended him court by arguing that no reasonable person would believe anything he says.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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SRSLY? GOP Senator Vows to Fight Back Against ‘The Left’s War on…’ Meat?

The election of Joe Biden not only sent Donald Trump packing back to Mar-All-Ego, it also launched a months long state of desperation by the Trumpified Republican Party that has been utterly incapable of attaching their manufactured “scandals” to the new President.

Donald Trump, Republican, GOP

Try as they might, the GOP has failed miserably at tarnishing Biden’s image or his broad approval by the public at large. They have floated conspiracies about vaccine outreach programs. They have fear mongered about Critical Race Theory. They have even attacked the romance of the Bidens 44 year-long marriage.

On Saturday Republican Senator Joni Ernst took another swing at muddying up Democrats. She posted a tweet warning her followers about the horror of the alleged “Left’s War on Meat,” an altercation that exists only in her diseased and paranoid mind.

Does Ernst really believe that this is the issue that will galvanize voters and motivate them to turn out for Republican meat saviors? Well, having observed the intellectual state of the GOP lately, she might be on to something.

However, there is simply no truth to the claim that Democrats are waging a war on meat. In fact, they are as enamored of burgers and bacon and McNuggets as any Republican. And there aren’t any bills in Congress to ban or limit meat production or consumption. Although there was a previous attempt by GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-QAnon) to peddle a ludicrous lie about Biden proposing a 90% cut in meat from America’s diet. That, of course, never happened. So where is Ernst’s evidence of a war?

Despite the fact that she is battling a mirage, Ernst has introduced a bill to fight back against her imaginary foes. The TASTEE Act is a bizarre and unnecessary piece of legislative nonsense that states that “An agency, or a contractor of an agency that provides food services to a dining facility of the agency, may not establish a policy that prohibits a dining facility of the agency from serving a particular type of food.”

Really? So an agency cafeteria would be prohibited from establishing their own menus? Would they be forced to serve every type of food, whether anyone wanted to eat it or not? Would this bill take precedence over the cuisine preferences by patrons? And isn’t this the sort of federal government interference in commerce that the GOP usually opposes?

The article that Ernst’s tweet linked to supports her fear of meat discrimination, up to a point. It began by asking “Have you noticed that meat is always the ‘culprit’? Obesity. Environmental degradation. Cancer. Animal abuse. Climate change.” Which is a pretty good question, considering that meat actually is responsible for obesity, environmental degradation, cancer, etc. And it is also, according to Forbes, a prominent contributor to the climate change crisis. Plus, the article also made this rather salient point:

“Michigan State University’s 2021 Food Literacy and Engagement poll found that 41 percent of Americans were likely to buy faux meat that looks and tastes like real meat. That’s up from only 33 percent in 2018.”

So consumers are trending toward meat alternatives in big way. Why is Ernst against free market capitalism? The American people appear to be capable of making their own dietary choices without Ernst or the feds mandating menus by law. But more to the point, Why is Ernst ginning up alleged “atrocities” by Democrats that have no basis in reality. Like the Impossible Burger, it seems that Ernst is taking a big bite out of Impossible Facts – her own family recipe of alternative facts.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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