Fox News Reports on Trump’s Wisconsin Jobs Con Job, But Leaves Out Biden’s Booming Success

In July of 2017, Donald Trump made a big deal out of an announcement that Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, would be building a new factory in Wisconsin. This project was touted by Trump as “the eighth wonder of the world,” that would create 13,000 new jobs.

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Fox News, Joe Biden

Unfortunately, like most Trump promises, this one evaporated into the ether. But not before costing the state of Wisconsin and the communities where the plant was supposed to be built hundreds of millions of dollars in preparations that were all for naught. That outcome is consistent with the historic failure of Trump’s jobs record as president. Contrast that with President Biden’s record of historic job creation.

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On Tuesday Biden announced that the vacant land that was supposed to be the site of the Foxconn project would actually be put to use. In a new agreement with Microsoft, a factory manufacturing A.I. technology products would be built producing thousands of new jobs. It was made possible by Biden’s passage of his Infrastructure bill and the CHIPS Act that have already created millions of American jobs. Biden spoke about the new project with a sly nod to Trump’s failure saying that…

“He came here with your senator, Ron Johnson, literally holding a golden shovel, promising to build the eighth wonder of the world. You kidding me? Look what happened. They dug a hole with those golden shovels, and then they fell into it.”

On Tuesday morning Fox News had a brief discussion about these developments. And the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends actually brushed the margins of some factual reporting.

Steve Doocy: So Peter, this new A.I. Microsoft thing – $3 billion dollars, big job creator – that’s in Racine. Isn’t that the same town that Foxconn said – I don’t know, five or six years ago – we’re gonna build a big plant and they never did?
Peter Doocy: Yes, and that was a huge Trump announcement back then. And he said the factory was gonna be the eighth wonder of world. But then Foxconn decided to really scale back their plans and the land is still available. So Microsoft is going in.
Steve Doocy: It’s gonna be good for those people.

It’s notable that Fox News even brought up the subject. Ordinarily, any news that might reflect positively on Biden goes directly into the Fox dumpster. So perhaps some gratitude should be shown for bothering to talk about it.

However, the Fox crew left out some significant details. They described the failed Foxconn project as one that “Foxconn decided to really scale back.” They never bothered to attribute the failure to Trump and his incompetence in not securing more assurances that the project would be completed. They also never bothered to even mention Biden’s name or give him credit for helping to secure the new agreement with Microsoft.

Other than that, it’s probably the best that could be hoped for from Fox News. At least they didn’t blame Biden for the Foxconn failure and credit Trump with the Microsoft project. Every so often some truthful information leaks through the avalanche of lies that Fox produces.

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In the meantime, we can expect Republicans in the state, including Sen. Johnson, to take credit for themselves at the groundbreakings, despite having voted against the bills in Congress that made it possible. And Fox News will invite them on to brag about it. In other words, business as usual for the GOP and Fox News.


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The Biden-Harris Campaign Trolls Trump and Fox News on Truth Social with ‘Blowout’ Jobs Report

Last week the evidence that Bidenomics is working spectacularly well was revealed in the monthly jobs report that far exceeded expectations. That performance has become routine during President Biden’s term in office as his agenda of building the economy from the middle out, and from the bottom up, has delivered blockbuster results.

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Dark Biden, Fox News

The success of the measures executed by Biden and the Democrats is in stark contrast to those employed by Republicans and Donald Trump. During Trump’s occupation of the White House he devotedly advanced the interests of corporations and the wealthy, to the detriment of average Americans. And the outcome proved to be devastating as he left office with the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover. That contrast recently seeped into a segment of Fox News’ “The Five”

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The Biden administration’s stellar employment stats also made it into Fox News reporting. Although their reception of what is unarguably good news was something less than celebratory. For the most part they tried to downplay the news or find negative crumbs they could chew on. But in the end, the positivity of the numbers was hard to suppress and/or disguise.

The glad financial tidings were so tremendous that they were even recognized by Trump’s former director of his National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, who now works for Fox News. Kudlow’s commentary on the matter was surprisingly complimentary. So much so that the Biden-Harris campaign featured it in their social media posts, including their account on Trump’s failing Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, along with a few other entertaining messages.

[Note: The following posts all appeared on Truth Social, but these are the same posts on Twitter, so as to avoid making people dirty themselves by visiting Trump’s website]

“We had a blowout jobs report. More than twice the consensus expectations. Now, I know many of my conservative friends are trying to drill holes in this report. But you know what, folks? It is what it is. It’s a very strong report. Not every economic stat should be viewed through a political lens. […] 353,000 gained in non-farm payroll – a very big number. Prior two months revised up by 126,000 – another big number. And the bottom line here is more Americans are working. And that’s a good thing no matter what your party registration is.”

The 2024 presidential year is bound to feature more of Trump’s madness, hostility, and failure, as well as Biden’s competence, compassion, and success. Biden has already been focusing his campaign on substantive issues that the American people care about, such as jobs, abortion, climate and environment, healthcare, gun reforms, tax equity, diplomacy, and saving democracy.

Meanwhile, Trump has been ranting feverishly about “witch hunts,” “election interference,” and scary brown immigrants. His entire campaign is consumed by two issues that have zero significance to the American people: 1) His “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged and stolen” from him. And 2) His relentless whining about his legal tribulations, such as the 91 criminal charges he faces, and his civil litigation that has already found him liable for defamation and rape.

Therein lie the factors that voters must consider when choosing who to vote for in November. And if anyone is having any trouble with that decision, then they have been hopelessly devoured by the Trump cult. Let them go. They are lost to us.

Thankfully, there are way more Americans who are sane, reachable, and love their country. Many who have not voted before, or not voted for Democrats. And they should be the targets of Democratic campaign efforts going forward.


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Fox News Host Asks Democrat What Biden Did to Create Jobs, Then Cuts Him Off When He Tells Her

The success of President Biden’s economic policies is evident by almost every major indicator. The Biden administration is responsible for the nation’s record job growth, restoration of domestic manufacturing, inflation that has been declining for the past fifteen consecutive months, expanding healthcare and making it more affordable, and much more. All while reducing the deficit.

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Fox News, Fake News

So naturally Republicans and their Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) have embarked on a campaign of lies and smears in order to deceive the American people and inflame their MAGA-tized supporters. They are so determined to spread their brand of disinformation that they are even putting critical aid to our allies in Israel and Ukraine at risk on behalf of wealthy corporations and tax cheats.

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Democrats are making valiant efforts to counter the Republicans’ fictional dystopian fantasyland. For example, Rep. Ro Khanna of California ventured into the lion’s den of Fox News on Friday to try to expose their viewers to a few facts. He was met by a blatantly biased host who was clearly opposed to truthful information and was determined to prevent any from getting out.

Khanna: Let’s just look at some basic facts. Since the President has come into office almost 14 million jobs were created. Now 70% of those were jobs that were recovered. I grant that.
Smith: Can I just get in there, and I try not to interrupt [as she is interrupting[. “Created” is a very interesting word. Can you tell me what specific policy under this president created those jobs?
Khanna: Yes, I actually can. The American Rescue Plan, which put in money into infrastructure and helping people to stay employed in small businesses. The infrastructure bill, which has led to a boom in construction jobs. The Chips Act, which has led to a boom in manufacturing.
Smith (interrupting again): The reason I ask is because a lot of that was a rebound from the COVID pandemic, correct? [Khanna already said that]
Khanna: Seventy percent of those jobs were recovered from the COVID pandemic. I’m acknowledging that. But here’s the point. You know, it was recovered within two years because of the American Rescue Plan. We could have been in a Great Depression. Give the President credit for the recovery and the creation of new jobs. And the reality is that this was the policy of the American Rescue Plan, of the CHIPS Act, of the Infrastructure, of the Inflation Reduction Act. Four percent unemployment used to be considered full employment in this country. The inflation in this country at 3.7 percent is less than inflation anywhere else in the world.
Smith: I got it.

So Smith pretended that she wanted to know what policies President Biden had implemented that benefited the economy. But when Khanna surprised her by actually responding with the facts, she stopped him and asked him to concede a point that he had already made himself. Either she wasn’t listening or she didn’t care, because she was more focused on a “gotcha” moment that never came.

To his credit, Khanna rolled right over Smith’s interruptions, and finished laying out the record of Biden’s achievements. He made the salient point that, even though many of the jobs created during Biden’s term had previously been lost due to COVID, there was no guarantee that they would have been restored without the thoughtful and astute management of Biden and Democrats in Congress. In fact, nearly all Republicans voted against nearly all of the legislation that produced such positive results for the American people.

After Khanna had itemized some of Biden’s accomplishments, Smith cut him off again with a smug “I got it,” intended to short-circuit Khanna’s effective recitation of the economic realities. This is how Fox News works to keep their audience ignorant. And sadly, it works all too well too often. But then, it’s easier when the audience is eager to be lied to and swallows the most preposterous falsehoods without question.

Democrats need to continue to get out the message that Bidenomics is working. Maybe Fox News isn’t the best place to do that, but between now and the election next year they have to convince people that it is Biden and the Democrats who are working on their behalf – and succeeding.


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WATCH: Fox News’ Anti-American Hopes Get Crushed By Massive Job Growth in January Under Biden

From its inception, the mission of Fox News has been to advance the ultra-rightist agenda of the Republican Party and to malign Democrats and progressive politics at every opportunity. They have pursued that mission by deliberately distorting facts and promulgating lies. And more recently they amended it to include slobbering support for Donald Trump and Trumpism.

Fox News, Joe Biden, Fake News

The dishonesty with which Fox News attacks their ideological foes has always reflected their utter absence of journalistic ethics and personal morality. And it wouldn’t be overstated to characterize their rancid partisanship as unpatriotic.

To that end, Fox News demonstrated their seething animosity toward America Friday morning in their “reporting” on the January jobs numbers from the Department of Labor. Media Matters helpfully compiled some of the commentaries that appeared on Fox prior to the report’s release. For instance…

Brian Kilmeade: In the next hour the January jobs report will be released, and it could be the worst in years.
Peter Doocy: The White House has been bracing for a bad number.
Steve Doocy: It could be a loss of 300,000 jobs. How is the White House gonna put a happy face on that?

The glee in their delivery is palpable. They are virtually rooting for America to fail. They obviously couldn’t care less about the welfare of working people and families. The prime directive for Fox News is to disparage all things Democratic in general, and President Biden in particular. If that means cheering what they anticipate will be bad news for the nation, so be it. They have their priorities. However, for the record

“Job growth rose far more than expected in January despite surging omicron cases that seemingly sent millions of workers to the sidelines, the Labor Department reported Friday. Nonfarm payrolls surged by 467,000 for the month.” […]

“Along with the big upside surprise for January, massive revisions sent previous months considerably higher. December, which initially was reported as a gain of 199,000, went up to 510,000. November surged to 647,000 from the previously reported 249,000.” […]

“The labor force participation rate rose to 62.2%, a 0.3 percentage point gain. That took the rate, which is closely watched by Fed officials, to its highest level since March 2020 and within 1.2 percentage points of where it was pre-pandemic.”

This report brings the number of jobs created during Biden’s first year in office to more than 6.6 million. It is the highest annual rate of job creation in history. Nevertheless, Fox News went further when Harris Faulkner reported the numbers, but twisted them to turn it into something negative and flagrantly false. Biden, she said, was “taking a victory lap on the jobs created in the month of January because we’ve spent months going in the wrong direction.” That must be more of those “alternative facts” (aka lies). In reality, job creation under Biden has been hitting historic highs for months.

This is what Fox News does. Rather than appreciate the good news for the American people, and congratulate them on their successes, Fox needs to rain on their parade and try to convince them that the country is going to hell, regardless of the truth. It’s part and parcel of their strategy to drive down Biden’s polling. So expect them to continue to lie about the economy, about the COVID pandemic and vaccines, about Trump’s illegal attempts to overturn the election, and so much more. They’ve been lying for 25 years, and they aren’t going to stop now.

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Deranged Trump Declares that ‘I Developed the Vaccine’ in Lie-Riddled Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump is, if nothing else, consistent. Although that isn’t a compliment considering that his consistency is related to his being a pathological liar. He distinguished himself as having told more than 30,000 lies during his single term in the White House.

Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Since Trump lost reelection a year ago – a reality that he still isn’t able to grasp – he has continued disgorging flagrant falsehoods with unrivaled frequency and fury. Take for example this tweet in which Trump stuffed a surprising number of self-serving fallacies:

“America fell 340,000 jobs short of the very modest expectations set by economists. That’s because Joe Biden is a one trick pony, “Get the Vaccine.” But no one trusts this administration. I developed the vaccine when everyone said it wasn’t possible. Now without “Trump,” that’s their only solution. This administration is destroying America before our very eyes because there is no leadership. Besides my vaccine, this is the administration of no jobs and massive layoffs, high gas and energy prices, high crime, empty shelves, open borders, and a horrendous surrender and evacuation from Afghanistan. A lot of effort and money went into RIGGING the 2020 Presidential Election, only to destroy the Country. Was it worth it?”

If that isn’t a demonstration of someone tweaking on meth, then nothing is. Trump can’t seem to concentrate on a single subject for more than a nanosecond. There must be a medical diagnosis for this psychotic compulsion to enumerate every screwball thing that pops into his head. Never mind that he manages to get everything he’s ranting about wrong.

Trump begins with a criticism of President Biden’s record on job creation. But he immediately segues to the bizarre claim that “I developed the vaccine,” for the coronavirus. Does he also think he beat Neil Armstrong to the moon and wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays?

As for his commentary on jobs, he left out that “the unemployment rate fell sharply to 4.2% from 4.6%, even though the labor force participation rate increased for the month to 61.8%, its highest level since March 2020.” And that “Worker wages climbed for the month, rising 0.26% in November and 4.8% from a year ago.” In fact, as Biden noted on Friday, “in the first 10 full months of my administration, the economy has created 6 million jobs, a record for a new President.”

So Biden can hardly be called a “one trick pony.” And if there were only one trick, successfully reducing the harm caused by a deadly pandemic is a pretty good one. For the record, Trump left office with the worst jobs record in modern history.

The rest of Trump’s tweet was equally dishonest. Gas prices have only risen because the economy has rebounded so well. Crime is not higher relative to prior years. While there were product shortages due to global (not just American) supply chain issues, store shelves are once again full. The borders are not open. The “horrendous surrender” in Afghanistan was negotiated by Trump according to his own National Security Advisor. And Trump’s “Big Lie” about the election being “rigged” continues to be a dangerous fiction that undermines democracy.

The fact that Trump bothers to post tweets like this is further evidence of his emotional instability and his obsessive aspiration to return to a position of authoritarian power. He must not be allowed to succeed. American democracy and freedom depends on defeating Trump and Trumpism.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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Crybaby Trump Lashes Out Incoherently at Democrats Who Are Making America Great Again

Poor Donald Trump. He’s stuck in his Twitterless world being forced to watch helplessly as President Biden continues to preside over a nation that is making significant strides under difficult circumstances. Trump hates to see the country enjoying successes that he was never competent enough to achieve. So he behaves like colicky toddler throwing a pathetic tantrum that only makes him look worse.

Donald Trump

After the disastrous four years that Trump spent occupying the White House, America is moving forward. The Labor Department announced that 531,000 jobs were added in October. And the unemployment rate dipped to 4.6 percent. Also, the jobs numbers for August and September were both revised upward.

Contrast that with Trump’s record as the first president to have a net loss of jobs during a single presidential term since the Great Depression. His job creation record, even before the pandemic, averaged about 187,000 per month. Biden is doing better than three times that. And that’s while the pandemic is still a prominent drag on the economic recovery. Although Biden’s efforts to get more Americans vaccinated has produced a significant decline in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Which in turn has benefited businesses and workers.

So naturally, Trump, who spends his waning days rooting against America, which he says is “going to hell,” has unleashed another Twitter rant via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill. Liz Harrington. He whined that

“The Democrat politicians of this Country spend 99% of their time fighting Republicans and no time thinking about making our Country great.”

Once again, Trump is projecting his own psychological sickness onto others. He’s the one who can’t stop bashing his political foes. It’s the Democrats who have been working tirelessly on behalf of the American people on the issues that impact their lives. And despite getting nothing but flack from Trump and his Republican obstructionists, they are making real progress. But Trump wasn’t finished ranting…

“If [Democrats] would spend half of that energy fighting China, Russia, Iran and even the European Union, where the U.S. just dropped all tariffs, we would go back to greatness again.”

So now Trump wants the U.S. to fight “China, Russia, Iran,” and even our allies, “the European Union?” How exactly would that help to make America great? Trump is consistent, at least. He has always been a force for antagonism and conflict. And it proved to be a dreadful strategy that only brought failure during his term. And he continued…

“Instead, [Democrats] are weak with everybody except conservatives. Our Country has become the laughingstock of the world!”

It’s generous of Trump to compliment Democrats for being effective against conservatives. However, his complaints about the nation’s status in the world are, as usual, utterly divorced from reality. A recent survey of 46 countries found that…

“Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, approval ratings of U.S. leadership around the world had largely rebounded from the record-low ratings observed during the Trump administration.”

Trump was undeniably a stain on America’s reputation. But we have been redeemed by Biden’s competency and compassion in less than a year. Which you know is gnawing at the former guy. Nevertheless, Trump can be relied upon to keep up his factless ravings because, what else does have to do? This is his life now. Unfortunately, it’s ours too until he runs out of gasbaggery.

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PSAKI BOMB: A Doocy Dud on the Booming Biden Economy Gets Demolished

Another day, another humiliating smackdown for Fox News White House cor-despondent, Peter Doocy. If one didn’t know better, it would almost seem like Doocy was a plant in the White House briefing room, providing slow pitches for press secretary Jen Psaki to hit out of the park. Which she does with grace and saintly patience.

Psaki Lightening

During Friday’s daily press briefing the lead topic was the outstanding jobs report released early that morning. The U.S. economy added a higher than expect 943,000 jobs in July, while the unemployment rate dipped to 5.4% — the lowest since the pandemic hit more than a year ago.

So naturally, Doocy had to figure out a way to frame his question in the negative. He didn’t do very well. For one thing, his Fox News handlers will not be pleased that he acknowledged that the economy under President Biden is “so great.” According to Donald Trump we should be in a depression by now. But Doocy did manage to spin this good news as something to complain about:

Doocy: If the economy is so great, you guys are celebrating jobs being created at a historic…
Psaki: Wouldn’t you say over 900,000 jobs created is pretty good?
Doocy: So this is my question. Why then is the President still pushing for big relief packages, pandemic-era relief packages like the eviction moratorium?
Psaki: Well, first I would say, one of the biggest pieces of the legislation he’s pushing for as we know is the infrastructure package, and also the Build Back Better agenda. Most of the components in those packages are long-term investments. They’re overdue. They’re meant to modernize our infrastructure, put people back to work over the long-term, and make us competitive over the long-term. It is still a reality, even with a good jobs number this month, and even with four million jobs created over six months, that there are still people out of work. There are still people who don’t have enough money to make ends meet.

This answer would seem so obvious to most people that the question would never even be asked. Just because things are improving, it doesn’t erase the hardships that people have been struggling with for the past year. Particularly those threatened with eviction, wherein the missed rent payments date back several months. Landing a job this week doesn’t pay those back rents or remove the threat of eviction.

The fact that Doocy needs to have this explained to him is a sad testament to his ignorance and unfitness for the job he’s pretending to do. But it’s also typical of his tenure in the White House press corps where he’s also needed help understanding the evolving state of a viral pandemic, or grasping the complexities of inflation. He has virtually made his career by admitting publicly that almost every important field of study is over his head.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
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GOP Attack on Biden’s Job Creation Success Actually Exposes Trump’s COVID Failures

There is a peculiar tendency on the part of Republicans to brag about things that, in reality, demonstrate their own negligence, incompetence, or deliberate malfeasance. For example, there was the time that a Fox News guest once inadvertently affirmed that Donald Trump has Been a lifelong racist. Or the time that Trump inadvertently admitted that he caused hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths.

Joe Biden, Tweet

These are not merely episodes of inattention to the criticism they’re attempting to dispense. They are the result of being so determined to invent some hurtful scandal that they completely lose track of their own false and vicious narrative. And on Saturday, the Republican Party provided another example of this mental defect as they attempted to disparage President Biden’s historic success with job creation. The GOP tweeted that…

Oddly enough, this political assault differs from the usual malarkey emanating from the Republican’s knee-jerk negativity in that it contains a morsel of truth. There are about 9.5 million Americans still unemployed. However, there are a couple of glaring problems with what the GOP is whining about.

First and foremost, they are purposefully ignoring the indisputable good news that 850,000 jobs were created in the latest report for the month of June. And three million jobs have been created in the five months since Biden was inaugurated. That is, as Biden noted, “more jobs than have ever been created in the first five months of any presidency in modern history.” Wages are also reportedly higher.

Where the GOP lost this argument with themselves is their complaint that “At the current pace under Biden, the economy WILL NOT recover all the lost jobs until JUNE 2022!” Conceding for the moment that the pace of job creation won’t increase, Republicans are still admitting to a fact that they don’t seem to recognize. The reason that so many jobs need to be created is that Donald Trump so badly mismanaged the COVID pandemic that millions of jobs were lost that otherwise would not have been.

And that says nothing about the hundreds of thousands of lives lost unnecessarily due to Trump “downplaying” the deadly crisis (which he admitted), his hostility to scientific guidance on social distancing and mask wearing, and his bungling of the vaccine distribution. All of which was aided by Fox News, especially pandemic “truther” Tucker Carlson.

In the end, the only thing that the GOP tweet does is reinforce how dreadfully bad Trump and his Republican confederates failed the American people in their time of need. And when the facts are spelled out, it makes it all the more clear that the Biden administration was there for the people, providing competence and compassion. So perhaps we should thank the GOP for creating an opportunity to clear this all up.

Nah, never mind. After all, they didn’t do it on purpose. And they don’t deserve thanks for their continuing idiocy.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Floundering Trump Frantically and Falsely Spins Economic Data

With less than a week to go before election day, and Trump’s prospects trending worse by the day, his desperation is becoming ever more apparent and bizarre. He’s complaining about “COVID, COVID, COVID” getting more press than he does. And he’s pushing ludicrous and unfounded conspiracy theories (with the help of Fox News).

Donald Trump, Stock Market

Trump’s arm must be getting sore as he stretches to grasp any bit of support he can cling to. In the process he’s actually alienating more voters than he’s attracting. That’s what happens when you brag about only losing 780,000 jobs in a week, or telling his female rally attendees that he will “get your husbands back to work.” And it doesn’t help that Trump thinks the new Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report is good news:

Trump is actually right that the number is one of the biggest ever reported. But that’s only because he has also presided over the worst numbers ever reported. In fact, the 7.4% (33% annualized) gain is less than the 36% decline that preceded it. So we are actually performing worse economically than we were before the coronavirus hit. If you score five runs in the ninth inning, that’s a pretty good inning. But if you gave up ten runs in the eighth, you’re still going to lose the game. For some reason, Trump failed to mention that in his tweet.

In the same tweet, however, Trump also failed to tell the truth (surprise) about Joe Biden’s tax plan. It is hardly “record setting.” It doesn’t even completely reverse Trump’s Tax Scam for Rich. But it does restore some measure of fairness.

It’s also interesting that Trump says that he’s “glad this great GDP number came out before November 3rd.” Notice that he isn’t glad the number was positive. He isn’t glad that it may be an indicator of some economic relief for the long suffering American people that his negligence and incompetence have hurt so badly. He’s only glad that it came out in time to possibly help him get reelected. Although it is likely too late for that, it shows where his priorities are.

For the record, the nation is still in recession. There are still record numbers of people unemployed, and many of those job losses are permanent. Small businesses and farms have gone bankrupt. Savings for seniors and others on fixed incomes are earning next to nothing on interest. Even worse, Trump is trying to terminate the Payroll tax that funds Social Security, which would bankrupt the program by 2023.

Trump likes to claim that he’s responsible for any gains in the stock market and that Biden would be a “disaster.” But not only is the stock market not representative of the broader economy, no president controls it. It’s a function of investors predicting how business will perform in the future.

However, to the extent that those predictions are based on policies put forward by a president, the market’s rise is actually a vote for Joe Biden. That is who Wall Street is anticipating will be president next year, and they regard that as a positive development for the economy. Which makes Trump’s assertion that “Next year will be FANTASTIC!!!” the only true comment in his tweet.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Chicken Trump Flees Fake News Conference For Fear of Being Asked Questions

The character (or lack thereof) of Donald Trump is on display every day, and it isn’t a pretty picture. In addition to his pathological lying, infantile name-calling, flaming racism, and malignant narcissism, Trump also flaunts his unabashed weakness and cowardice. He is the first American “leader” who has actually bragged about being the most fabulous whiner.”

Donald Trump Chicken

On Thursday morning Trump held something that he called a “news” conference to announce the details of the latest jobs report. However, it was nothing but a self-serving public statement wherein he spoke for a few minutes, then left without taking a single question. The reasons for that were obvious after a quick analysis of his remarks.

First of all, the jobs report had some surface level good news that 4.8 million people had returned to work in June. But looking just slightly below the surface reveals that this report is not at all encouraging. None of those jobs were newly created. They were all just a small fraction of workers being called back from furloughs. More troubling is the fact that there are still more than 30 million people unemployed. The unemployment rate of 11.1% is still higher than at the peak of the Great Recession. And there were 1.4 million new unemployment filings. That’s likely to increase significantly next month reflecting that more than half the country has reinstated lockdown rules due the surging coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s phony fifteen minute press conference may be the shortest of his presidency. And no wonder. He was clearly afraid to face questions from the free press that he maligns in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.”. He was afraid he would be asked about coronavirus deaths nearing 130,000, and cases exceeding 50,000 in a single day for the first time. He was afraid he would be challenged on his lies about Russia paying bounties to Taliban militants to kill American soldiers. And Trump was surely scared about having to field specific questions about this jobs report. He’d rather just unload his spin, waddle off the stage, and get back to satisfying his Twitter and Fox News addictions.

Consequently, Trump said nothing about the Russian bounty story that is, without a doubt, the most flagrantly treasonous conduct ever alleged against a U.S. president. As for the pandemic that is reaching new and tragic heights of cases and fatalities, Trump dismissively referred to them as “hotspots,” continuing to downplay the peril that he still thinks will “disappear” by magic. “Now we’re opening it up,” Trump boasted, “and it’s opening up far faster than anyone even thought possible. And more successfully.” If this is his idea of “success,” let’s hope we never see what he would call failure.

It would be an understatement to say that things are going badly for Trump lately. His standing in the polls is lower than any incumbent president in modern times. Speculation is growing that he might choose to drop out of the race, even on Fox News. His cherished cult rallies aren’t drawing the throngs of adoring disciples that he requires to satiate his ravenous ego. So it’s likely that he will continue to be ducking out of the public eye for the foreseeable future. If there’s one thing that we can rely on, it’s that Trump is a coward who would rather skulk in his bunker than face the prospect of accountability for his failures and crimes.

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