Lara Trump’s Fox News Fantastical Fact-Free Revisionist History: Trump vs Biden: The First Year

It’s that time of year again. The time when the media loves to contrive mostly irrelevant milestones in order to shape easily digested narratives that invariably oversimplify complex political and social matters. And as we approach the one year anniversary of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the spinners are coming out to create their partisan perspectives of what occurred in the recent past.

Fox News, Lara Trump

Prominent among the propagandist class is, of course, Fox News. On this occasion Fox’s Sean Hannity invited Fox News contributor Lara Trump, to deliver her perverse version of events (video below), and to compare Biden’s record to that of her father-in-law, Donald Trump. That’s not biased at all, is it? It’s the sort of “fair and balanced” analysis that Fox News is known for.

Ms. Trump began her stroll down memory-hole lane with a wildly distorted retelling of Trump’s work ethic while in the White House:

“I’m old enough to remember when we had a president who worked all day everyday for the American people, and by the way, took no salary. Of course I’m talking about President Donald Trump who in four years in office made $4.00. That’s right, because he had to take $1.00 a year. And I struggle to figure out any job where you could just not show up for a quarter of the days and keep your job.”

Good point! And indeed, Trump did not keep his job. Also, somebody might want to remind Lara about “Executive Time,” a euphemism coined to describe Trump’s notorious laziness. Leaked records from Trump’s White House reveal that he spent 60% of his time watching TV, phoning Fox News hosts, and tweeting undeserved exaltations of himself or bitter attacks on his foes. And that was when he wasn’t sermonizing at his cult rallies or golfing. Speaking of which, Lara noted that…

“I remember when the press and the Democrats would go crazy if Donald Trump got anywhere near a golf course. He clearly wasn’t golfing a quarter of his presidency.”

Actually, it was almost exactly a quarter of his presidency that Trump spent on the links. The documented truth is that Trump played golf at least 298 times (an average of once every five days) at a cost of $144 million taxpayer dollars. And most of those dollars went straight into Trump’s pocket as it paid for accommodations at his hotels and golf resorts for family, staff, members of Congress, Secret Service, political organizations, and even foreign operatives with business before the U.S. government. It shows what a trifling and dishonest dodge his bragging about taking a one dollar a year salary is.

Ms. Trump went on to praise Daddy-in-law for a string of imaginary accomplishments, including “the biggest tax cut in American history” (that overwhelming benefitted corporations and the wealthy; “remov[ing] so many regulations on businesses” (that made them more profitable at the expense of safety and the environment); “And he had also gotten rid of ISIS” (which will come as surprise to ISIS that is still very active).

In closing, Lara criticized Biden for taking “vacations” to his home in Delaware:

“I think it’s time to stop vacationing Joe Biden. I think it’s time, instead of walking your dog masked up on the beach in Delaware – by the way we still don’t know what happened to the first dog – It’s time to roll your sleeves up, get to work in the White House, cause vacationing clearly is not working.”

That’s a bold critique coming from the daughter-in-law of the president who spent the most time away from work in history. For the record, Biden was not on vacation when he went home. He was working remotely and getting a fair amount done. For instance: a major COVID-19 relief package, a bipartisan infrastructure bill, historically low unemployment, solid economic growth, the most federal judge confirmations in forty years, and getting more than 71% of American adults vaccinated.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been setbacks. The Build Back Better bill and the voting rights bills are still stuck in congressional limbo because not a single Republican will put the interests of the America people above their partisan political interests. Consequently, Biden is suffering a painfully low approval rating. However, he’s still doing better than Trump by a considerable margin.

“As Biden prepares to enter his second year in office, his average approval rating during the first year of his presidency (48.9%) is second only to former President Donald Trump, who had the lowest first-year rating of any post-World War II president, at 38.4%, according to Gallup.”

Democrats just need to do a better job of communicating their successes. And if they can do that without lying, the way Lara Trump is doing, they will eventually reap the reward.

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15 thoughts on “Lara Trump’s Fox News Fantastical Fact-Free Revisionist History: Trump vs Biden: The First Year

  1. I am old enough to remember presidents who worked every day for the American people: Barack Obama, James Earl Carter, Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy. All Democratic presidents. Bush I worked most of the time at his job, not necessarily for the people, and so did William Clinton. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Trump were primarily after the power and trappings and the people be damned.

    I am also old enough to remember when only New Yorkers had any idea who Trump was and a world where none of the Trump spawn existed. It was a better world without them.

    • My primary doctor is old enough to remember Trump’s cheating with his contractors. He hired them cheaply and simply wouldn’t pay them. He knew they were not financially well off and didn’t have enough money to sue. The doctor added all Trump does is lie.

  2. What a witch! Her husband just invoked the 5th Amendment 500x. Nothing to see there folks!

    • I know some witches; most of them are nice people. The word you’re looking for starts with a ‘b’, not a ‘w’.

  3. Just another rightwing “working girl” who opens her mouth for reasons far more immoral than that other one.

    • Married Eric Trump = indicates likely 2-digit IQ. Bet she’s a big hit with Trump’s “cult of imbecility” …they prob”ly consider her a right-wing “genius”.
      Compared to them? Maybe.

      Not just Mrs. Lara T — I can’t think of any Trump-thumpers that this wouldn’t apply to:
      With their head always so far up their ass, is it any wonder that so much shit comes outta’ their mouth?!?

      • Sunny, so extreme! But I love it! I can remember when “Mrs. Lara T” got on tv offering “dinner” with her father-in-law. Ugh!!

    • LOL! Unfortunately, there still seems to be a steady stream of nutcase Trumpsters on Fox and elsewhere.

  4. It makes every nerve in my body agitated when I hear or see anything from the people involved with the Trump family or the Republican party. They all flaunt their corruption and dishonesty with every word that oozes out of their lying mouths. Lately I’ve been imagining what this country will come to if or when the minority Republican party takes complete control of the United States and it doesn’t look good. Some people have the finances to pack up and leave but others, like myself, don’t have that option. I think of when protesters start hitting the streets in support of equality for all and the new government comes down on them with force not seen since Kent State. We’re in a world of trouble and it’s not good trouble.

    • I too, have given that much thought… since it looks like the most anti-democracy, party of sedition & ‘Big Lie-ers’ — the 1 that makes America’s enemies ‘gleeful’, as they watch USA self-destruct; the real fascists & power-hungry tyrants, who will strip us of our rights, 1by1 & have no intention of ever leaving power again.
      Like you, I haven’t the money to pack up & leave the U.S., or I’d do it now & watch from safe distance. Not sure where we could go?
      Ironic, if we became the “flood of immigrants at the border” of some other country, huh?!? Would they have pity, or turn us away? Put us in cages? At age 60+, who’d take me in?
      So then, what’s the best case scenario? I can’t see 1 from here. It’s not just 1 man that’s the problem anymore, it’s whole Party of wretched Trumpites who love power (theirs) & hate freedom (ours)!
      The hatred & division they feed their base doesn’t suggest tolerance & peace toward rest of us. I can’t & won’t pretend to be 1 of them! Freedom of Speech will be 1st to go under Rethug Rulers…”Uh-oh!”
      I cannot see a good outcome if they’re able to take over in ’22 or ’24. Can anyone else see a good scenario if it happens? If so, please share it!

      Otherwise, it would depend on Biden & Dems being strong & taking charge, to not allow it to happen. Most media is already straddling the fence, so won’t be any help. Haven’t seen many in Dem leadership up to the fight… willing to fight back as hard, as dirty, as other side is!!? A record # of them are leaving Congress, rather than fight for our democracy.
      My only hope is that Biden Admin will grab the bull by the Executive Orders & “bodyslam” the tyrants, get bold, angry, fierce ~ undo the ‘cheat’ they’re doing to elections + maybe all voting should be on paper ballots for now, so there’s proof in paper trail?! Let Trump, Rethugs & their supporters be the ones who leave here! They hate democracy ~ fine ~ go elsewhere & start your own nation. On an island somewhere, or Guantanamo Bay? We have large bases around the world, pick 1 & all go live there, start a new nation…
      Can call it “Trumpdum” & do whatever ya’ want over there.
      Seems like it’s that, or Civil War 2.0 here. But who will decide when it’s over? Negotiating with Rethugs is futile now, but maybe after enuff war & deaths all around us, that could change?!? IDK But, I hope it won’t come to that! There’s plenty of blame to go around, but blame won’t solve the problems that appear to lie ahead. The Big Lie had been proven false, yet continues & is too far along now, with constant & shameless lying all this time.
      Truth, trust & respect between the 2 groups is long gone & those making $$$ off the lying, won’t stop. They can never admit they were lying all along …& the millions played for fools & lied to, won’t admit that part either. The truth hasn’t been nearly as loud as the lies & liars! And truth was/is forbidden by Right-wing media – liars & “noise amplifiers”.

      Actions have consequences. (Well, it’s supposed to!)
      So does lack of strong & timely action by the other side!
      Our hubris & arrogance made us think it could not happen here. “Reality checks suck!”
      I know, right?!

      • Sunny, Nancy Pelosi, 80+ speaker of the House, is “up to the fight”. And she doesn’t depend on funds from corporations. Just grassroots donors. And she is doing an excellent job for Democracy. Liz Cheney a Republican, who continues to vote Republican, is a big help by heading the January 6 Committee, which hopefully will lead to the conviction of Trump.

        • Yep, they’re 2 stronger ones & there are others. Pelosi is 1 of the many Dems in Congress that’s not running for re-election again; just goin’ home. Many seats being left open! Scary!
          Katie Porter is another kick-ass gal in Congress! Love her! She’s sooo good at what she does & how! Mark DeSaulnier is very busy in House – gets alot done.
          Raskin is also great.
          Sens. Sanders & Warren are fearless. And AOC + the “Squad” have strength, energy & smarts. There are some good people in there, but I admit, am a little disgusted that “when going gets tough…so many go home” — rather than stay & fight for democracy! Leaving all those seats open for the taking, with the cheating being done by GOP, is bad idea. Unusual for so many to decide to quit & go home! No way we can keep all those seats in Dem hands. Just a few would’ve been easier to hold onto. Bad timing, but oh well…

    • All the more reason we need to redouble our efforts to inform and organize and most of all, VOTE! We cannot be complacent or get overwhelmed by pessimism.

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