LOL: Fox News Complains that Liberal Media Accurately Reports the News – Liberal Media Replies

If there is one thing that Fox News really hates, it’s actual journalists who dare to report the news accurately. That’s conceptionally foreign to Fox News. An honest presentation of facts about current events exposes how Fox lies so doggedly in pursuit of their ultra-rightist mission.

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A good example of Fox’s mangling of reality is how they reported the acquittal of Michael Sussmann, a former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer who was prosecuted – make that persecuted – by special counsel and Bill Barr flunky, John Durham. The not guilty verdict was a major black eye for Durham and his efforts to discredit the legitimate investigations into Donald Trump’s myriad criminal activities and unsavory connections to Russia. After wasting three years and millions of dollars, Durham’s fake scandal factory has succeeded only in humiliating itself.

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On Thursday Fox News reacted to the acquittal by compiling a montage of video clips from what they call the “liberal” media, but which in their view is actually all media except for Fox News. They headlined their montage “MSNBC, CNN, ABC and more pan ‘asinine’ Durham probe after Sussmann verdict: ‘A flop’” Which is uncharacteristically accurate.

However, Fox’s intention was to malign the media as being aligned against Durham, and therefore conservatives, simply because there was rational agreement in the reporting of the trial’s outcome. Their story began by saying that “Left-leaning media personalities, reporters and guests of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and The Washington Post gloated” following the verdict. Ironically, the montage only served to publicize the intelligent analyses of the allegedly liberal press:

Nice work, Fox. Although Fox didn’t bother to rebut a single comment by any of the pundits and legal experts in the video. Perhaps that’s because there is no rebuttal to essentially factual commentaries. The only thing that Fox can do is try to create a false narrative by lying to their audience, and even turning failure into victory. Which is precisely what they did.

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For contrast, Media Matters compiled a montage of their own. It contained some of the wholly counterfactual outrage that was unleashed by a variety of Fox News hacks. They struggled to find reasons to dismiss the verdict and to disparage the judge, the jury, and the entirety of the justice system. Because tearing down American institutions is what Fox News was designed to do:

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  1. So, what is Fox spews? A Russian institution? Exactly! Fox spews needs to be torn down and prohibited from ever being rebuilt. People that watch Fox spews and believe that irrational horse sh$t evidently have an IQ of 40 or less. There are some dumb, stupid, ignorant, gullible morons here in the USA. it’s alarming, it really is. AND DANGEROUS!!

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