Trump Super PAC Raised a Paltry $40.00 in August – That’s Right, Four-Zero Dollars

Is it possible that the Trump Train is running out of gas? The only thing that Donald Trump has demonstrated any proficiency with in his political career is fleecing his flock of glassy-eyed disciples. From his scam charities to his political grifting operations, Trump has managed in the past to fill his pockets with money taken from his gullible supporters.

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Trump Baby on Cash Pile

In the past few years, Trump’s take has exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars. For the most part he has spent it on himself, especially his legal fees. In this midterm election year, Trump has doled out a pittance to the Republican candidates he has endorsed. That’s in spite of the fact that his fundraising appeals explicitly claimed he would use the money for an “Official Election Defense Fund,” that doesn’t actually exist.

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Now the Financial Times is reporting that a Trump Super PAC is struggling to raise funds that wouldn’t cover his lunch…

“Fundraising for one of Donald Trump’s biggest political action committees has slowed dramatically in recent months, according to new election filings, in an early sign that the former president’s escalating legal troubles may be damaging his prospects with donors.

“The Make America Great Again, Again! super Pac, which is the only active super Pac affiliated with Trump, raised just $40 in August, after bringing in $351,000 in July and zero in June. In April and May, the group had raised more than double that amount, with $864,000 in total contributions.”

This is a pathetic haul for what Trump likes to characterize as “the greatest political movement of all time.” That appears to be more of the hyperbole (aka lies) that got him in trouble with the New York Attorney General. Apparently inciting a violent insurrection, committing bank and tax fraud, and being caught with stolen classified documents isn’t particularly helpful to Trump’s campaign prospects.

As election day nears, Democratic congressional fundraising committees have significantly outraised Republicans. Meanwhile, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent far less than the GOP, and is currently favored to hold their majority and even pick up seats. On the House side, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent much more than the GOP and is getting closer to preserving their majority there than analysts thought possible a few weeks ago.

Through all of this, Trump is still hoarding about $100 million dollars in his Save America PAC. The only notable spending from that has been on his attorneys fees. Which may be why a few Trump minions have started a new MAGA, Inc Super PAC that they say will provide millions of dollars to Republican candidates. With only six weeks left before election day, it may be a little late to start from scratch to launch an effective funding operation.

More likely, this new PAC is preparing for either a Trump presidential campaign in 2024, or it’s fresh bait for more fraudulent filling of Trump’s private coffers. But if its success in raising money is anything like the PACs currently working on his behalf, he may never make it past 2023.

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