Fox Nation Desperately Seeking An #OccupyWallStreet Bogeyman

With the ongoing success of the Occupy Movement, Fox News is exhibiting their desperation and fear. They know that the American people are waking up and recognizing the dishonesty and corruption of the conservative media, big corporations, and kept politicians. That’s why they are resorting to tactics like this nonsense aimed at George Soros:

Fox Nation

The Fox Nationalists featured this article with the headline, “Is Soros Behind ‘Occupy Wall Street?'” It’s a question they never get around to answering. That’s because they aren’t really interested in the answer, they only want to plant the suggestion. The Reuters article they link to doesn’t provide any further evidence of a Soros connection to the Wall Street protests. However, it does contain a direct denial of any affiliation. So the Fox Nation inquiry is simply a thinly veiled lie.

This transparent attempt to falsely link their favorite liberal billionaire to a grassroots movement on behalf of poor and middle class citizens is notable in that Fox has never bothered to reveal the actual moneyed interests who bankroll the Tea Party. The Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity, and Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks have spent millions on shiny, custom painted buses they send around to the country to AstroTurf rallies featuring conservative celebrities like Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity. If Soros were indeed financing the occupation of Wall Street, what was he spending his money on? Cardboard and Marks-A-Lots?

Soros is one of a growing number Patriotic Millionaires who have the integrity to want to see the country recover economically, and to be a part of that recovery. He is proof that the Occupy Movement is not against success, it is just against corruption, greed, and unfair practices.


3 thoughts on “Fox Nation Desperately Seeking An #OccupyWallStreet Bogeyman

  1. Oh yes, of course from their point of view, all citizen movements must have wealthy overlords pulling the strings to motivate them. Gee, I wonder why they naturally assume that…

  2. Fox not News knows Soros is not behind these protests. How do I know that? If they had any solid proof they would be broadcasting it all over their airwaves 24/7.

  3. What would it matter? He’s a corporate billionaire, I doubt it could be said that hes entirely immune from being part of the problem. Isn’t this a recurring theme for the right? Having unshakeable ‘gut feelings’ that they ABSOLUTELY won’t disavow, with ABSOLUTELY no evidence that can be empirically verifiable? Half of all their reasons for being a rightist hinges on SEVERAL conspiracy theories that there is no reason to believe. They are so ready to jump on the conspiracy wagon for almost anything. The west coast Chinese stealth sub nuclear missile launch, the president’s gonna take away all you’re guns, a secret Muslim terrorist can become president, cutting taxes raises revenue, LOTS of others. The left isn’t immune, but the right embraces conspiracy theories constantly and without question. Why is it that paranoia usually drives people to the right? I DIGRESS.

    Can a paper trail be found? Can one be insinuated? Can one be implied?(with some amount of evidence)

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