Fox News Host is SHOCKED that Oprah Endorsed Fetterman Over Oz for Pennsylvania Senate

The end of the midterm misery is finally upon us as Election Day arrives tomorrow. Many of the races remain uncomfortably close despite the wretched rabble running under the Republican banner. The GOP has gone all in on election deniers and culture warriors, and apparently they have some support among the right-wing riffraff.

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The candidates on both sides are now making their closing arguments. For the Republicans that means booking some more spots on Fox News. On Monday morning Mehmet Oz visited with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo. The slushball interview began with Bartiromo expressing her astonishment that Oprah Winfrey has a mind of her and dares to use it…

Bartiromo: Dr. Oz, I want to get your reaction to what happened with Oprah Winfrey. I was totally struck that she is wading into Pennsylvania. She lives in Chicago, right? So why is she endorsing John Fetterman in Pennsylvania when she doesn’t even live in Pennsylvania?
Oz: I love Oprah, but we have different politics. In Pennsylvania we appreciate that people are allowed to think different things because it’s a purple state. My neighbors have Fetterman signs. But people talk to each other, they work things out. That’s why leaders from Pennsylvania often bring a bipartisan approach in Washington. They move past all the small stuff and they deal with the big crises we face.

Seriously? Bartiromo seems to have just discovered that Americans are allowed to offer their opinions on important political matters from wherever they happen to live. Although, Bartiromo never complained that Florida resident, Donald Trump, endorsed and campaigned Oz. She herself is openly supporting Oz, even though she lives in {GASP} New York City. And she never said a word when Oz was endorsed by her Fox comrade Sean Hannity, or Ted Nugent, Kimberly Guilfoyle, J.D Vance, Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, or any other of the non-Pennsylvanians in his camp.

But Oprah? For Bartiromo that crossed a line. Probably because she knows that Oprah is beloved and influential, and knows Oz well enough to recognize that he would be a terrible senator.

For his part, Oz answered the question without actually addressing it in any detail. He said they merely disagree politically. Which is, of course, precisely why she endorsed Fetterman. And it’s why informed voters will reject Oz as well. His phony remarks about bipartisanship aren’t going to fool anyone either. Throughout his entire campaign he has been a loyal sycophant to Trump, who regards all Democrats as “radical left communists.”

It is also notable that Oz volunteered that his own neighbors have Fetterman signs. He didn’t say whether they are neighbors in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, where he actually lives. But it’s another indication that the people who know him best would not vote for him. And with that Oz showed that he can’t even make an interview on Fox News a positive contribution to his campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Host is SHOCKED that Oprah Endorsed Fetterman Over Oz for Pennsylvania Senate

  1. Let me explain this to you, Maria Bartiromo, Oprah still believes in Amercian Democracy and not the Reactionary fascist right of which you and that psychopath Mehmet OZ are dedicated TUMP suck asses of. From now on, it’s not the GQP, but the RFR….(.Reactionary Fascist Right.) Domestic terrorist Party would be another name that would fit them correctly.

    0. As for Ted Nugent, i had a few CD’s by him and have decided to throw them in my burn pit, He is another asshole that keeps his lips glued to TUMP’s putrid ass. Do these nuts come in mixed pairs? Yes, and it’s scary to think there are millions of them here in this nation.

  2. This junkie obviously missed a few steps on her road to recovery from substance abuse!

    • She looks like the typical type of person Fox Spews hires as she fits in well with the likes of Carlson Tucker, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and that Watters jerk and everyone else associated with that worst example of a news show on earth. I believe all of them are on some kind of hallucinogenic drugs.

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