The Herman Cain Rock-A-Palooza Spectacular

Slime-Life Records is assembling a collection of Herman Cain’s personal faves from the wild world of Rock and Roll. It promises to be a blockbuster explosion of exhilarating music featuring some of the all-time greatest artists. Thrill to hits like…..

…999’s raucous social commentary, Homicide

…and The Godfather’s tales of Birth School Work Death

And what Cain collection would be complete without the Herminator’s own rendition of Imagine

In the past week Cain has exhibited his knowledge of foreign policy (Uzbeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan), announced that he would negotiate with terrorists, and declared that he is pro-choice. Too bad this joker has zero chance of getting the nomination. It would have been a great race. Maybe Mitt Romney or Rick Perry will consider putting him on the ticket. And speaking of Rick Perry, be sure to pick up his latest release, One of the Good Ol’ boys:

Rick Perry