Some Truth Deeply And Profoundly Infiltrates Fox News

Offered without comment because…well, because it says it all:

Geraldo Rivera to Occupier: “So what’s your goal?”

Occupier: “My goal here is to occupy everywhere possible. I think what you’re seeing here, Geraldo, is a large amount of people that have been deeply and profoundly fucked by the system.”

Geraldo felt compelled to apologize for this honest and accurate analysis.


4 thoughts on “Some Truth Deeply And Profoundly Infiltrates Fox News

  1. Oh my, he cursed. Call the police. The Wall Street kleptomaniacs ripped us off, tanked the world economy, created untold misery for innocent people the world over and are now attempting to do even more harm… but saying “fuck” is simply unforgiveable.

  2. What would have been way more interesting is if Geraldo would have interviewed one of those OWS people who blame the Jews for everything, now that would have been interesting TV.

    • Yeah, really interesting. But only to morons who buy into the lies that are spread by Fox News and ignorant commenters on blogs.

      Note: The Anti-Defamation League recognizes that some individuals have made repulsive remarks, but that they have nothing to do with OWS. The ADL completely vindicated OWS and stated unequivocally that “antisemitism has not gained traction more broadly with the protestors, nor is it representative of the larger movement at this time.”

      However, the ADL did issue a condemnation to Fox News and Glenn Beck over comments about Jews that “demonstrate his bigoted ignorance.”

      • You’re way too sensitive, I think I would have stated it differently if I thought OWS was anti-jew overall. But it’s always funny to get a defensive post from you when I wasn’t even trying.

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