Fox Nation vs. Reality: On Angry, Unpopular Michelle Obama

For today’s episode of Fox Nation vs. Reality, we’ve got a twofer.

Fox Nation

The Fox Nationalists are reviving an old and insipid insult directed at First Lady Michelle Obama. Right-wingers are obsessed with portraying her as angry, but the op-ed to which Fox Nation links goes even further. Joseph Curl, for the Moonie Washington Times, blasts Obama for being…

“…ready to spew her bilious disgust with America on the campaign trail. A dignified, transcendent first lady? No chance. Michelle is going to break with a hundred years of tradition and play the role of attack dog, heaping derision on her husband’s political opponents like no other first lady before her.”

Seriously, where do they get this stuff? Curl expects us to believe that he is clairvoyant and can predict what Obama will do in the future. And just by chance, everything he predicts casts her as rabidly un-American.

The other Fox Nation anti-Michelle article bears the headline, “Michelle Obama Approval Drops.” Technically, Fox got this one right. The Hill reports that the results of a new Marist poll show Michelle Obama’s approval rating collapsing from 65% in September to 63% now.

Call in the undertaker, it’s all over folks. Obama’s approval suffers a steep decline that is less than the poll’s margin of error. Although her approval still far exceeds her husband, Congress, Republican candidates, the media, and probably ice cream. But Fox Nation selects a headline that is so hysterically twisted that the writers at the Onion are getting nervous.

What is it that Fox is afraid of? The First Lady is a strong, intelligent, accomplished woman, who is popular with fellow Americans. So obviously Fox has to try to turn her into an acerbic witch whom every hates. It is the same tactic they have used with some success to tarnish the President with phony slurs alleging that he is a Kenyan, Marxist, Muslim who wants to destroy the country and re-crucify Jesus.

But as troubling as it is to hear these ridiculous and childish assaults, what is truly pathetic is that Fox has so many viewers and readers who actually buy into it. Sadly, in the 21st century, there is still no shortage of idiocy.


15 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: On Angry, Unpopular Michelle Obama

  1. Even with a so-called (phony) “liberal” media, when Bush and Bush were in office for a combined 12 years, Barbara and Laura were off limits to overly precise criticism. Or any criticism for that matter. Barbara was treated like our country’s doting grandmother and Laura was handled kindly and with kid gloves over her harrowing experience as a teenager in her car accident. Counter that with Hillary Clinton as first lady. She was accused of murder or conspiracy of murder by the right wing media. And now they (the right wing media) attack Michelle as being the “angry black woman”. They call her low class, crass and I’ve even seen despicable email forwards portraying her as a chimpanzee.

    • Yep. They even went after the kids. Rush Limbaugh made jokes about Chelsea being a dog. Glenn Beck has called the Obama kids stupid.

  2. Interesting to note the Internet traffic rankings, Fox Nation is ranked about 41 – way behind Huff Post and well below other major networks.

  3. Michelle Obama is, in my opinion, one of the best first ladies we’ve had. She represents this country in a way that should make all of us proud. She has more class in her little finger than the right-wing parade of idiots will ever have combined and they can’t stand it, so they try to tear her down with this nonsense. Well, I got news for them, not only does she have alot of class but she also has a high tolerance for their bullshit and will never lower herself to their guttoral level. She doesn’t have to because she is first rate and they are complete aholes.

    • Yes, and that is certainly just your opinion. I turn off any channel as soon as I see her face…she’s annoying.

      • Every first lady for the past 50 years has taken on a pet project, so why is this particular first lady so annoying to you? Was “Just Say No” to drugs, the failed ’80s plan to rid illicit drug use among teens annoying to you? Let me guess, Steve, you loved Laura and Barbara Bush, and they didn’t annoy you, but just coincidentally you disliked Hillary as much as you are annoyed by Michelle? But it’s just a coincidence, right?

      • Missed the point, as usual Steve. My point was that the so called “liberal” media didn’t attack the GOP first ladies, yet the right wing has continually attacked both of the most recent Democratic first ladies. What is there to attack? And the current right wing media isn’t even content to just attack the first lady, but also her two daughters. Michelle Obama “annoys” you, and I wonder if it’s because El Rushbo and Hannity are your leaders?

        • You’re very sensitive Sammy – I didn’t realize you guys considered Fox Nation part of the media. Why do you care what I think about Michele Obama? I generally don’t think about her unless I’ve got to see her on TV telling me or someone else what we should be eating – no thanks.

          • Fox Nation is the community site for Fox News. It is linked on the Fox News home page and since Fox News does not permit comments, it is the only place to express opinions (although it’s mostly the opinions of idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about).

    • Excuse me..but michelle obama is an absolute hypocrite. While working at a chicago hospital she was instrumental in turning away those who could not pay their hospital bill or those who had no medical insurance. And Michelle’s mentor? Valarie Jarret who was a slum lord who recieved thousand’s for housing yet the housing she was responsible for was so bad it was condemned.And rumor has it michelle obama lost her licence to practice law over corrupt practices.While working for a law company those who worked with her reported a women who was rude..unkind.standoffish.angry and elitist. She is the most racist women in our country. She seeths with anger over anyone white.

      • Thanks for that awesome collection of lunatic rumors and lies from the Teabag Enquirer.

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