The Delusional Tea Party Plan To Cut $9 Trillion From The Budget

While the congressional Super Committee struggles to agree on budget reforms that would result in paltry savings of $1-2 trillion dollars, the financial geniuses at the Tea Party front group FreedomWorks have managed to shape a plan that will slash the deficit by more than $9 trillion without raising taxes on the long-suffering One-Percenters who control the vast majority of the wealth in America. How did they do it?

    The Tea Party Debt Commission

  • Repeals ObamaCare in toto.
    This would actually increase the deficit because, as the independent analysts at the CBO have concluded, the Affordable Care Act saves $143 billion over the 2010-2019 period.
  • Eliminates four Cabinet agencies — Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD — and reduces or privatizes many others, including EPA, TSA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.
    This furthers the Tea Party goal of dismantling any government program even if it is critical to national security, economic growth, and public safety.
  • Ends farm subsidies, student loans, and foreign aid to countries that don’t support us — luxuries we can no longer afford.
    In other words, keep America stupid and drive all of our international allies into the arms of unfriendly nations.
  • Saves Social Security and greatly improves future benefits by shifting ownership and control from government to individuals, through new SMART Accounts.
    Privatize Social Security and abandon seniors to the uncertainties of the stock market.
  • Gives Medicare seniors the right to opt into the Congressional health care plan.
    Kill Medicare by depleting the pool of members and siphoning off those with means leaving only low-income and high-risk participants, which would substantially increase costs.
  • Make the so-called Bush tax cuts, and other expiring tax relief provisions, permanent.
    Make permanent the tax cuts for the rich, which is the single biggest factor that has produced our current deficits.

The Tea Party proposal is wildly out of touch with economic reality, as well as public opinion. When exploring the details of the plan you will find such absurd suggestions as privatizing the Transportation Safety Administration and Air Traffic Controllers. That makes perfect sense to anyone who is pleased with the way that private airlines keep passengers trapped aboard planes that have been delayed on the tarmac for eight hours. Let’s empower those folks, who are motivated only by profit, to manage the safety of our airports and air travel.

The FreedomWorks Tea Party Debt Commission asks us to…

“Imagine a plan that cuts, caps, and balances federal spending without raising taxes; that gives future generations control over their own retirement security; and that lifts the massive debt burden from our children’s shoulders so they can know the American dream of ever-higher freedom and prosperity.”

I think I can imagine exactly what the Tea party has in mind:


4 thoughts on “The Delusional Tea Party Plan To Cut $9 Trillion From The Budget

  1. Well, I guess the irresponsible route, taken by past republican presidents and congresses, is the path to be taken. Run up so much debt that government programs – good and bad – collapse under their own weight and shrink the government that way. We’re practically there now. I’m not sure there actually is common ground, it appears to be all or none with you people. Save the government as it is – God forbid we cut something for real and God forbid we actually be required to be respnosible for our own retirement savings – even just a bank account is more trustworthy than social security.

  2. if it’s a choice between raising taxes enough to balance the budget as is – which means a lot more than just the rich regardless of what Mark says or allowing the government to go bankrupt – I’ll take bankruptcy. Better that than empowering the government more.

    • It was private unregulated industry that bankrupted the country in the first place and nitwit here says, ‘Yeah, more of that please.’

      Refer back to previous article: “Why the tea is [unflinchingly] unyieldingly stupid”

  3. It was the unregulated private financialindustry that bankrupted the country in the first place, and ntwit here says, “Yeah, more of that please.”

    Refer back to previous article: “Why the tea party is [unflinchingly] unyieldingly stupid”

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