Glenn Beck Celebrates The Death Of A President

For anyone who was wondering, yes, Glenn Beck is still around. He may have been ousted from Fox News and reduced to posting Internet videos from his basement, but he’s still out there spewing his hate speech and conspiracy theories.

Field Marshal Beck

It’s actually a pretty sad spectacle. He’s taken to dressing like a field marshal of some fantasy army, and he insists on referring to his pathetic home movies as a television network, despite the fact that it isn’t a network and it’s not on television.

On Friday’s episode of his radio program, Beck launched into a typically repulsive tirade against one of his favorite targets, President Woodrow Wilson, whom Beck regards as evil. As it turns out, today is special day for Beck:

“This is the happiest day of the year for me. Every single year I celebrate. I’m thinking about putting up a tree today. Today is the day that in 1924 Woodrow Wilson dies – that son of a bitch. And I’m happy.”

It isn’t often that you hear public figures express such joy over the demise of national leaders who were democratically elected by the American people, particularly when they are known for being so pretentiously patriotic that they break down sobbing at the thought of how much they love their country. Imagine Beck’s reaction if someone were to throw a party commemorating the day Ronald Reagan descended to his eternal resting place in Hell. But Beck has a palpable lust for this self-declared holiday of morbidity. And that isn’t even the worst part of his ravings. He went on to say that Wilson was…

“…one of the worst presidents in the United States. He’s one of the founding fathers of the new United States of America. Theodore Roosevelt was of them too. This guy that we have in office now … he’s doing the same thing.”

So let me get this straight. Beck thinks that Woodrow Wilson is an evil S.O.B. whose death is cause for celebration. And Barack Obama is doing the same things for which Beck hates Wilson. The clear message that Beck is sending to his rabid disciples is that Obama’s death would also be a cause for celebration. That’s the level of hostility that Beck projects almost every day. Let’s just hope that none of his followers are motivated by this disgusting rhetoric to attempt to impress Beck by carrying out his fantasy.


14 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Celebrates The Death Of A President

  1. Is that Photoshopped, or is that a real image? Is he really wearing combat fatigues? He is starting to look like Ted Nugent: Another middle-aged guy who is all gung-ho about the military and thinks he’s reeeeeeally tough, but in all likelihood feels guilty because when he was young enough to join the military he was boozing it up.

    Note to Beck: Your guilt is not my problem, and your stupidity is not my problem.

  2. Love that Edison bulb lamp. Found a bunch of those retro bulbs at Home Depot.

    Yep, Beck’s screws have finally come all the way loose. They are so loose in fact they are falling out of his head.

  3. “The clear message that Beck is sending to his rabid disciples is that Obama’s death would also be a cause for celebration.”

    You’re as crazy and as insane as Beck is. You really need to get a hobby. Or see a psychiatrist.

    • First of all, thanks for agreeing that Beck is insane.

      Secondly, can you explain what’s wrong with my description of the logical progression of Beck’s thoughts on Wilson to his thoughts on Obama, or do you just like to post substanceless rants?

      Finally, my hobby is annoying conservatives, and that’s what keeps me sane. 😉

      • “…or do you just like to post substanceless rants?”

        Does that even need an answer?

      • I was thinking the same conclusion before I got to yours. Of course that’s picture he’s painting. What else could he mean?

      • Nothing logical about your progression of “thought”. Nothing. Glenn Beck has stated ad infinitum that we are NOT to resort to violence. Trying to take that insurmountable fact, tie it onto his disgust for Woodrow Wilson and then twisting it into a let’s-kill-Obama fantasy is staggeringly stupid. But it’s what I expect here.

        • No – What’s staggeringly stupid is someone who thinks that Beck has not advocated violence.

          He once fantasized about strangling Michael Moore to death with his bare hands. He used to have a regular feature on his show about who he would “beat with a shovel.” He rants incessantly about how progressives are going to steal your money, blaspheme your God, defile your daughter, and destroy America. Then he declared that the only way to stop them was to “shoot them in the head.”

          And still you have demonstrated that you are too dumb to make a coherent argument to counter what I said. All you’ve got is childish insults. Stop embarrassing yourself.

          • You are the one who is embarassing yourself, and I am smarter than you will ever hope to be in your entire life. I have heard those comments, and they are all taken out of context, particularly the last one. And you have no credibility to lecture anyone about childish insults and name-calling, considering how you engage in it 24/7.

            • Dude, what is it that you have to prove? And why do you think you can outsmart logic?

  4. Beck is a putrid piece of sh–! What an absolute psycho! He complains that Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson are founding fathers of a new USA. What the f–k does that even mean? Beck’s vision of America is to turn it back to the days of the robber barons in the 19th century.

  5. That shirt is the worng color… shouldn’t it be brown?

    • WRONG color… wrong, wrong, wrong… see, I can smell.

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