Andrew Breitbart vs. Occupy: Behave Yourselves You Filthy Freaks

Every year at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) there are demonstrations of ludicrous and hateful behavior by the nation’s rightist luminaries. Already this year we have seen three of the candidates for the Republican nomination for president take the stage to throw red meat invectives at President Obama and other Democrats, to the delight of the ravenous crowd.

But nothing has yet come close to the maniacal tantrum thrown by Internet mogul wannabe, Andrew Breitbart. And it was all caught on tape:

Breitbart often tries to present himself as someone who wants to be taken seriously by the media. He thinks he is a credible journalist and media critic. But his behavior belies even the notion that he is mentally stable. By repeating incessantly, at high decibels, his demand that Occupy protesters behave themselves, he is not exactly a model of civil behavior. But then he escalates his tirade to inexplicably accuse the protesters of rape and murder. He becomes so completely unhinged that security guards intervene to remove him from the scene.

It boggles the mind that so-called respectable news networks provide Breitbart with a platform to spew his bile. When CNN, for instance, puts him on the air they are validating him as a credible commentator, despite his resume that is replete with hostility and brazen dishonesty. This latest episode of frenzied derangement ought to put an end to his media exploitation but, unfortunately, that will probably not be the case. Too many media executives (like CNN’s Ken Jautz) are more concerned with ratings generating controversy than they are with professionalism or journalistic ethics.


10 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart vs. Occupy: Behave Yourselves You Filthy Freaks

  1. really unattractive hood ornament for the gop

  2. “…accuse the protestors of rape and muder…”

    Wake up and smell the bong water, goober. Rapes and murders and fatal heroin overdoses have all happened at the illegal OWS encampments. Breitbart was 100% spot on.

    • That’s BS. None of those things ever had anything to do with OWS. And none of those things were done by the people Breitbart was shouting at – Goober.

      • “…none of these things ever had anything to do with OWS…”

        They all happened at the encampments. That’s what happens when your movement has no internal discipline.

        • Were you there when those things happened?

  3. I can’t even bring myself to watch the video, I just ate.

  4. Oh my! Somebody call the white coats we have an escapee! Breitbart looked completely disheveled like some psychotic off his meds, crazy.

  5. Well I brought myself to view the video. Like I said these people are seething with anger and hatred for bona fide democratic movements. He is screaming “behave yourselves”, say what? The only one misbehaving was this freak as far as I could see. And then he is screaming stop the rapes. Why not just say stop the genocide too. Just because you scream something to a crowd doesn’t make it the truth. This guy truly is unhinged and mentally unstable. Who the fuck acts like that! If a progressive went into a teabag crowd screaming shit like that their life would be in danger. He does this and no one lays a finger on him. That to me says alot for the progressive movement. Breitbatshit crazy is just a typical reactionary literally kicking and screaming against progress.

    • “…if a progressive went into a teabag crowd, his life would be in danger…”

      Yet another lie. I was at a Tea Party rally in Portland, and we had a bunch of couner-protestors who were all ten times as loud and profane as Breitbart was. We just countered their silly arguments with logic and facts and mocked them – with, yes, some amount of volume. We continued until other Tea Partiers encouraged us not to give these yahoos the time of day. We never, ever even came close to duking it out with them. No way.

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