Why The F@&K Does Anyone Pay Attention To Breitbart’s Ghost?

Despite his untimely passing, Andrew Breitbart still seems to command attention from the mainstream media hacks who think that what he did was journalism. His ghost has the uncanny ability to summon up fables and pass them on to naive reporters desperate for a hot story.

The much heralded release of Breitbart’s supposedly explosive video that he promised would unmask the racially radical philosophy that President Barack Obama has been trying to conceal for twenty years came out this week. And there hasn’t been a more anticlimactic unveiling since Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s safe. But worse than just the sad spectacle of a failed exposé, the whole production number orchestrated by the Breitbartians (the inept crew that Breitbart left behind) fell apart amidst a tsunami of hype and lies. The list of unmet assertions is long and pathetic:

Claim #1) The videos would “vet” the President in a way he had not been vetted before. The result would dash his reelection hopes.
The Truth: The video was a harmless look back at a youthful and poised Obama advocating for more diversity on the Harvard faculty. If anything it makes Obama look better.

Claim #2) The Breitbartians accused Buzzfeed of “selectively editing” the video they released ahead of Breitbart’s big scoop.
The Truth: When the Breitbartians released their “uncut” version it had about two seconds at the end that showed Obama hugging the professor he had just introduced. Not exactly the makings of a scandal.

Claim #3) Prof. Derrick Bell was an extremist whose relationship with Obama was evidence of Obama’s radical roots. The Breitbartians repeatedly called him “the Jeremiah Wright of academia” in an attempt to paint a false and derogatory picture of Bell.
The Truth: Bell was a respected and admired legal professor and scholar whose work is still revered and taught at law schools around the country.

And the two most recent claims:

Claim #4) There was a conspiratorial effort to prevent the video from ever being released. The Breitbartians alleged that remarks made by Harvard professor Charles Ogletree were an admission of such.
The Truth: Ogletree was obviously joking when he said that “we hid this during the 2008 campaign.” He and his audience were laughing at the statement. Ogletree spoke with the Boston Herald today and affirmed this.

Claim #5) Derrick Bell had made two visits to the White House in 2010. I’m not sure why there would be anything wrong with a law professor visiting his former student at his new job in the White House, but nevertheless, the allegation was put forth as some sort of suspicious activity.
The Truth: It was a different Derrick Bell who was visiting the White House on a routine tour. Seriously, don’t these righties ever try to verify anything?

When you look back at all of the absurd concoctions that have been floated on the Breitbart network of web sites, you really have to ask yourself, why does anyone continue to pay attention to these people? Their record of mistakes, misrepresentations, and outright dishonesty should exempt them from being taken seriously by any other media outlet. How about we start to hold the media accountable for their poor judgment?

I would, however, like to thank the Breitbartians for having brought attention to the inspiring video of a young, activist Obama in his college days. I think that’s worth another look:


3 thoughts on “Why The F@&K Does Anyone Pay Attention To Breitbart’s Ghost?

  1. You have to admit its an odd coincidence that Breitbart died mere weeks after announcing he had this evidence…unless, of course, you realize that Breitbart was ALWAYS claiming he had some kind of damning evidence against Obama.

    On a less sarcastic note, you fail to realize that protesting is Un-American unless you are an affiliate of the Tea Party, and that Race related protest makes Obama an un-American white hating “Other”. Huh. I guess it wasn’t a less sarcastic note.

  2. Because the conservatives of this nation have allowed themselves to be brain washed into an Alternate Reality, now they engage in self-conditioning and are thus ready to accept everything which conforms to their pre-conceived myths. Lies aren’t seen as lies anymore.

  3. The whole gist of this thing ties into the racist remarks we hear from Limbaugh and other right-wing blowhards. This whole expose’ of a young Obama praising a highly educated and accomplished legal scholar wreaks of ‘hey look at the uppity blacks, trying to be all smart and scholarly, how dare they tell us anything we don’t want to hear’. It also is an attack on education, which the republicans have been doing alot lately. That, unfortunately, is what I see in this whole thing.

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