Rush Limbaugh Goes There: Calls The President “Boy”

I guess it had to come to this. The undisguised racism of many pundits on the far right has at least avoided the most vile expressions of their hate when anyone outside of their private circles was listening. Today the hate came bubbling to the surface as Rush Limbaugh said this while mocking the way he thinks liberals view Republicans:

“You notice how everything Republicans do is venal? Everything is calculated for political advantage? Everything is done to try to harm our little boy president, Barack Obama?”

There it is – out in the open. Although this is nothing new for Limbaugh. For three years now he has been referring to Obama as a “man-child.” And what is a “man-child” but a boy. It was his way of calling the President boy without bearing the consequences of being more literal. His listeners knew what he was saying.

This sort of disrespect runs deep through the right-wing media. Fox Nation posted this graphic last year along with a story about Obama:

Fox Nation

And even worse, they deliberately mangled the results of a poll in order to run a story with this headline: Obama Has A Big Problem With White Women. Could they have come up with a more racially charged banner with which to introduce a story on a public opinion poll? This framing deliberately recalls the worst of a hate-filled era characterized by irrational fears of marauding black predators stalking innocent and vulnerable Caucasian virgins. I’m just a little surprised that Fox didn’t go with this headline: “Obama Polling: Where Da White Women At?”

Perhaps this is an intentional ploy on Limbaugh’s part. He has been taking considerable heat lately for having insulted Sandra Fluke, a law student who did nothing more than speak her mind on a matter of importance to her and all women. Limbaugh has lost dozens of advertisers. His show airs in some markets with only free PSAs (public service announcements) or even dead air. This may be his way of trying to divert attention from that controversy to something he thinks will be less volatile. Good luck with that, Rush.


13 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Goes There: Calls The President “Boy”

  1. Always retreat to your strengths! Racist Limpballs always get’s away with much more Bigotry than with Misogyny!

  2. Boy, you really pulled out an oldy but a goody – all frustration and disgust with this president must be racism – it can’t be anything but that. You would reach for that nonsense before ever criticizing this president for his total disrespect for freedom and liberty. You would prefer a dictator that agrees with you – so pull out the racism charge because you have nothing else. Way to go, but it’s been said so much that it loses meaning when normal people know it’s not remotely true. Even reading the quote doesn’t come close to convincing.

  3. 98 advertisers have pulled their ads from Limbaugh’s show according to an email sent out Friday from Clear Channel. He’s taken a hit…..a big one. He’s “apologized” twice.

    His fans still haven’t gotten over that yet. They may never recover. Rush backed down…..twice. Too bad, so sad. Waa Waa Waa!

    • It really is your desire to silence all that challenge your liberal/progressive beliefs – I haven’t always believed that because I could never believe people actually want to live in that kind of country but when I see this kind of tone and/or comment, it just confirms those beliefs. I’ve said it before and you guys keep confirming it – you are more dangerous to our freedom and liberty than any islamic terrorist.

      • Oh noes! Steve is worried because the Liberals are treating R. Limpballs as he deserves. Too bad buster.

        And once R. Limpballs is removed from AFN and he doesn’t have the Government Funded radio to carry his fat ass it’s just gonna be you Steve-o paying for the right to listen to this turd.

        Flush Rush.

      • Steve, it is really sad to see you make this argument. Like many conservatives, you think that any time a liberal expresses an opposing opinion it is an attack on free speech rather than an exercise of it. Conservatives seem to think that free speech is the right for them to say whatever they want but no one else can reply.

        You also think that debate consists of ad hominem attacks like calling the popularly elected president a dictator and anyone who supports him anti-liberty. There is no rational basis for such statements, but that doesn’t seem to matter. When I call someone a racist it is not out of the blue. It is in response to a an actual event for which I provide evidence. Your comments here never even bother to address the specific evidence I supply.

        But you abandon all credibility when you descend into inane (insane) accusations that people with whom you have political disagreements are worse than terrorists. I think you’ve finally hit bottom, Steve.

  4. Why would you call anyone a man-child or little boy president? What the f&*k is his point? This is not a rare thing. Limbaugh has been doing this since before Obama was elected. He appeals to the worst in people. There is nothing informative or enlightening in his daily attacks on all things he hates, i.e. democrats, women, minorities, immigrants, the President et al. Look at Limbaugh and Obama, overall, and ask yourself-which of these personalities acts like a child? It goes without saying! And he does like a spoiled rotten brat on top of it!

    • Like I said above, Limbaugh knows exactly what he’s saying, and his listeners know what he means. It’s the mainstreaming of hate and Limbaugh is its prime mover.

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