BIRTHERS GONE WILD: New Obama Conspiracy Theory Tests The Limits Of Idiocy

If you thought that the psychotic lunacy of those who still believe that President Obama is not an American citizen had reached its peak, you have obviously underestimated just how severely demented this crowd is. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, these acutely fixated cretins cling to their fables and even expand on them ad absurdum.

Jerome CorsiThe latest addendum to the Birther Chronicles comes from (where else) Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily. Corsi is the loser whose book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” was published just days after the White House released the long-form copy of his birth certificate for which the looney right had been clamoring. Corsi begins his WND article by asking…

“Did the parents of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers help finance Barack Obama’s Harvard education? Did Ayers’ mother believe Obama was a foreign student? And was the young Obama convinced at the time – long before he even entered politics – that he was going to become president of the United States?”

All three of those questions were answered in the affirmative by a retired mail carrier that Corsi interviewed. Allen Hulton, claims to have had the route that serviced the home of Tom and Mary Ayers, the parents of former Weatherman, Bill Ayers. Hulton told Corsi…

“One day, Mary came to the door when I came up to the house with the mail,” he remembers. “After a greeting, she started enthusiastically talking to me about this young black student they were helping out, and she referred to him as a foreign student.”

Hulton went on to say that he recalled Mary telling him the name of the foreign student, which he later forgot, but said that it sounded African. So that pretty much settles it. A mail carrier remembers a customer on his route thirty years ago talking about a student with an African sounding name. If that isn’t conclusive evidence of Obama being supported by the parents of a domestic terrorist, what is?

Setting aside for the moment that none of this can be proven because Mary Ayers is deceased, it also makes little sense from even the most conspiratorial perspective. The implication is that there was some connection between Obama and Bill Ayers’ parents, and that the whole family was part of some anti-American cabal. However, Thomas Ayers, Bill’s father, was not exactly the model of a revolutionary extremist. In fact, he was CEO and chairman of Commonwealth Edison, the largest electric utility in Illinois. Ayers also served on the board of directors of Sears, G.D. Searle, Chicago Pacific Corp., Zenith Corp., Northwest Industries, General Dynamics Corp. of St. Louis, First National Bank of Chicago, the Chicago Cubs, and the Tribune Co. A socialist subversive if there ever was one. Hulton even described him as having “a Marxist viewpoint.” Of course, just like all the other board members of giant, capitalist corporations.

But this conspiracy theory is just getting started. Corsi continued his tale with an allegation that Obama had confessed to being complicit in a plot to usurp the presidency. When Hulton asked the student about his plans for the future, he was taken aback by the response:

“He looked right at me and told me he was going to be president of the United States,” Hulton says. “There was a little bit of a grin on his face when he said it – he sounded sure of himself, but not arrogant. I know how people will say things because they have an ambition, but it did not come across that way,” Hulton says. “It came across as if this young black male was telling me he was going to be president, almost as if it were the statement of a scientific fact that had already been determined, as if his being president had been already pre-arranged.”

Indeed. Who could dispute that account straight from the horse’s mouth? And it surely is not suspicious that Hulton is claiming that Obama casually disclosed the treasonous scheme of which he was an integral part. It is perfectly reasonable that Obama would spill the details of this conspiracy to a complete stranger. All of the attempts to overthrow the American government that I have clandestinely participated in always encouraged us to tell people we had never met before exactly what we were planning. (Oops. I may have said too much).

The Birther conspiracy has always been an exercise in idiocy. Despite having never had any basis in fact, it required its adherents to believe that the whole thing began as a plot to usurp the presidency of the United States. And now the Manchurian part of the scheme has been articulated out loud. They really do believe that Obama was created in a Kenyan petri dish, grown to adulthood in a communist laboratory funded by George Soros, handed a fictional resume and a pre-programmed Teleprompter, and escorted to the White House by some alien power that had the ability to hypnotize a majority of the American voters.

Seriously, these numbskulls are certifiable. I suppose the First Amendment protects their right to say astonishingly stupid things, but out of concern for public safety, they should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery, drive cars, or otherwise engage in activities that could bring harm to themselves and others. If they can’t be committed, I hope at least that they get the medical and pharmaceutical treatment they so desperately need.

[Update:] A follow up at WND, with no byline, was posted alleging that there is now a “full-blown media cover-up” of this ludicrous story. As evidence they cite this article, so get ready for some incoherent rightist rhetoric in the comments (they’ve already begun).

WND chief, Joseph Farah writes that this story was “deliberately spiked” by the mainstream media and even that “Big time talk-radio was tipped off on the story, as well – in advance. They didn’t bite, either.” Gee, I wonder why. Could it be because it’s insane? Farah, however, consoles himself with the fantasy that…

“…millions got the first-person, eyewitness evidence that Barack Obama was helped through Harvard by the family of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers back in the late 1980s.”

Farah obviously has a very low threshold for what constitutes evidence. In this case it’s a thirty year old memory of a brief and trivial conversation that is uncorroborated and didn’t even affirm what the source alleges. But that’s enough for the dimwits that read WND.


89 thoughts on “BIRTHERS GONE WILD: New Obama Conspiracy Theory Tests The Limits Of Idiocy

  1. This is only good for democrats in general and Obama in particular. Mainstream Republicans know this lunacy hurts their brand but there in lies the problem-there brand has been overtaken by these idiots. Look at that absolutely insane Joe Arpaio in AZ. What a f!@#$ng moron!!! Why is a county sheriff investigating this bc nonsense. Who the hell is he to investigate anything outside his jurisdiction in that county in AZ. What a joke! These people have no shame and no boundaries. It would be funny if it weren’t so frightening.

    • You may be right that this kind of book doesn’t help anyone in the republican race, but you assume the average person actually pays attention to this silly stuff. These guys can write all they want about this birth certificate stuff, but you overestimate it’s value to the average conservative or any other voter. I can’t believe anyone would waste time publishing this book – it can’t possibly make any money for the publisher. pointing it out is a waste of time too, if this is the big issue for anyone at this point, I would be very surprised.

      • I’m glad that you are not amongst those conservatives who spew this garbage. And I hope you’re right that the average person doesn’t pay attention to this. But reading the comments at sites where this story is getting played is pretty disappointing.

        • You know Mark, I think you would be surprised about how much we actually agree on, but sadly, division is about all we see anymore in this political world.

          • Steve, World Net Daily has its own in-house publishing unit, and consistently pushes its publications in advertisements dressed as news items. As to who would pay attention to it, while there are certainly Republicans who eschew the extreme accusations against Obama, there is a larger than expected sub-set who will believe and support any anti-Obama story, because they want to.

            As an exercise in the disgusting limits that subset will go Google “Michelle Hamburger” and look at the images said search returns.

            • And thank you for proving my point. There will always be those who will never want Barak Obama as president – even though he already is. I count myself as one that would be incredibly happy to see him lose in November.
              Buy you folks here are no better with your generalizations of all conservatives and your willingness to believe whatever any left wing nut writes about conservatives. I see it here all the time, so don’t act like you’re superior to everyone else who has a significantly different point of view.

      • And reading all the “blind” liberal posts is equally disappointing. Accept everything your demonrat masters plant in your brains. Say all the stories are wrong, and millions are stupid to believe them.

  2. What’s the point? Where is the nefarious conspiracy? So far he has done nothing more than be a disappointing president, not ship off all the christians and republicans to FEMA run concentration camps so he can implement socialist-marxist-fascist sharia law. They act as if there is some totally illuminati-esque conspiracy to rule the world, but where the hell are the actions that indicate that is what he is doing? Grow up birther nuts, the only reason you freaks are mad is because the president isn’t a white man.

    • What’s the point? That’s a great question. There is zero evidence of some grand scheme being implemented here – unless it’s in favor of the people the Birthers support. The Dow has doubled since Obama came into office.

      I think these conspiracy nuts are now claiming that the first term was a setup to give everyone a false sense of security. It’s the second term where they now think he is planning to open up the FEMA concentration camps and force all Christians into slavery.

    • Better check your “Polling” results. MANY people are interested in following this subject, in spite of what you libs say.
      If o would man up and stop this silly game he’s playing, and release info that is avaiable for all Presidents, except him, there would be NO dispute or questions.
      Now dems want to forever seal all o’s records, even after he’s out of office. Why do that silly move? That just fans the flames, but you libs just don’t get it.
      And your constant “Race Card” response shows how far your head is up…….

      • Blue Collar twit, do you care to expand on your demand that he “release info that is avaiable for all Presidents, except him”. He has released more information that EVERY president. No president has ever published two autobiographies prior to running for office. No president has ever produced their birth certificate to the general public. Are you talking about grades? The only president’s whose grades have been made public were not made public by the president. The press found them.

        Time to change the foil, nut-case!

    • The real problem is there are too many people who claim to be experts. As soon as they open their mouths, nothing but lies come out. Show me that you are an expert and keep your ideas to yourself. Everyone thinks they know what is best for everyone else, whether republican, democrat, christian, muslim, atheist, etc.
      Why can’t we just treat each other with a little respect? Why don’t we all just take a good look at who we are before we bash each other. What seems intelligent to one man may seem stupid to another. Who is right? I guess one day people will become so hostile towards each other that we will have to be ruled by a freedomless system. Whatever that may be. Keep on bashing and hating and see where it gets you. Animals care more about each other than people do.

      • Sorry David. This was supposed to be a reply to Anarchy Wolf.

    • News flash! Your Superboy Hero isn’t white and he isn’t black. He’s both, but you won’t hear him flaunt that. That’s a non-issue though. His ideas and aspirations don’t belong in this country. They have been tried in many other places with the same outcome – FAILURE. He’s power-thirsty and is headed full speed in a direction we won’t tolerate. If we can’t rid ourselves of him with the next election we’ll have to spend a bit more and impeach him.

  3. I wrote about this 3 years ago! The Right-Wing Birthers are basically stealing the plot from The Boys From Brazil:

    What I wrote in 2009: The Republican Party and it’s frenzied supporters, the 9/12ers, Birtherites, Teabaggers, Get-a-Job Shouters, have seemingly ingested the novel and film The Boys from Brazil and thus have been transformed into an unrecognizable conglomeration of madmen who scream and yell, talk real tough and make hysterical demonstrations of anger but despite their convictions that President Obama is Islamo-Hitler they lack courage and are thus nothing but Punk Ass Bitches.

    Enter Orly Taitz, The Girl from Georgia (USSR). Orly Taitz has convinced the Republican Party that Obama is one of titular characters in the novel and film, a genetic clone of Adolf Hitler.

    Watch the battle scene between two greats, Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier, and Peck’s prophetic revelation of Obama’s true heritage as the Islamo-Hitler of the 2000s.

  4. It makes no matter what evidence is submitted, the pinheaded leftist liberal mind won’t believe.

    Why bother? Obama is rounding the bend to his last 11-months anyway…

    He’s seeking to bankrupt the nation, blame it on Bush but it is happening and no liberal is the wiser!

    A long-haired yellow pussy cat could beat Obama, because the US-Americans that care will be there on election day!

    • Thanks for confirming the worst about the Birther/Conservative crowd that is downright delusional.

  5. Whattaya know…Six commies in a row singing the same deluded song. If you idiots had one ounce of sense, you would be looking for the fastest way to get rid of this muslim parasite. We are in trouble. He (the bug) has now given himself total power! Check it out. It will soon be martial law. Now that is for everyone, even the dimwits who will vote for him. Please quit sitting on your own shoulders and enlighten yourselves with the TRUTH. It is much better than suppositories.

  6. All I can say after researching everything on Obama for the past 1 1/2 years is that he has been lying through his teeth from day one. And about his birth certificate, it wouldn’t have been a problem if he would have only showed a real one in the first place. Why is Obama covering up everything? Why is he threatening the Media about publishing anything about him? Why is he trying to destroy our country? There are so many questions and many many cover ups. He has also destroying our “Constitution”! Why??? There is so much more here than meets the eye!!!!!! I fully believe that he was born in Kenya and is NOT a citizen of the United States of America!!!!!!! I truly believe you Democrats really NEED TO WAKE UP TOO!!!!

    • Yeah, and did George Soros provide the egg and sperm for him to be born and then brought over here to take over the country? That makes SO much sense you dimwit.

  7. Liberal Fascism 101: hate, attack, blame, lie, deny

  8. Gee, Mark, you’re really drawing out the nutcases this time! 😉

  9. Some people would not know the truth if it hit them right between the eyes.

  10. I’ve watched all this birther stuff for a couple years now and I would not be still interested if Obama would just present his paper copy of his birth certificate. it is an easy thing to do. Everyone has to do it from time to time throughout their lives. Obama has brought this all on by himself by not picking up the phone and call the Hawaii Dep of health and authorizing any news agency who wishes to have a paper copy sent to them. it is not like it’s a state secret. That would bring all this birther stuff to an end immediately. But he refuses to make the call. So, now I want to know why. There is a reason.

    • And please tell me any previous president who has been asked to publicly provide his birth certificate to satisfy a group of relentless nutjobs? I’ll wait….yep, that’s what I thought.

  11. I just don’t understand. If this is such a non-story, why are you clowns so anal over it. You come off as bad as the birthers.

  12. The birthers are right. How do I know this?
    Well I’ll tell you.

    It was not Ayers or Soros that supported Obama, it was me. Those other two are pawns on my chessboard to do with as I please.
    I put Obama into the White House.
    I started this conspiracy when I was born and Obama was the proper age for indoctrination; 3.

    Face it, I have a jump on the entire world and I will get my just revenge.
    Just as soon as I get our of these restraints.

    • You started this conspiracy when you were born? Prove you were born!

      • Born, did I say born?
        That statement was not meant to be factual.

        Wait, I’m a liberal for pete’s sake. What does that mean?

  13. What a pity! An organization filled to the brim with geniuses, and they choose to criticize and mock the investigation rather than unleash their giant brains to produce irrefutable evidence to the contrary. To a point it is understandable. The competition among mock media outlets is pretty heavy to be recognized as Barry’s favorite bitch. They couldn’t do real work and kiss his ass at the same time. The common dream amongst their ilk is for their phone to ring and, lo and behold, Barry his royal self invites them to join the most corrupt and sleazy inner-circle known to man.

  14. What utter GARBAGE! This “blog” is nothing more than the writer showing he is what Karl Marx referred to as a USEFUL IDIOT!

  15. what did you do mark, post this article on
    all of a sudden, Birthers everywhere!
    i really thought they were an extinct mythical character.
    reading the comments today is like watching a herd of Narwhals swim by!

  16. Mark, i think you need to give the folks over at WND some credit. They put all there intellectual prowess together and deduced that “News Corpse” is a play on News Corp….

    • News Corp??? Wow, I never thought of that. Hey, that’s pretty funny. 😉

  17. I really like the way the Birthers who have come here to comment have not once attempted to make a substantive argument to rebut a single thing I said above. Logic and reason are not their strong points.

    • I thought since the judges keep laughing Orly Taitz(sp) out of court and warning her to quit wasting tax payer money that these knuckleheads would be too embarrassed to show their ignorance. However, it seems more that they want to exclaim their racism to the world. For those who claim to be rational republicans, it seems they don’t want to prove that either.

  18. Holy shit, Mark! You really brought the trolls out this time! The second I see “libtard”, “demonrat”, “Obummer”, etc., I disregard everything said before or after. At least Steve from York can disagree without just repeating epithets created by Rush Limbaugh. Dave Richards, on the other hand…. 😉

    • Maybe I’m wrong about people not caring about this stuff….your really struck a nerve. I guess i can’t be right all the time.

      • Yeah, this is what I’ve been worried about.

        I think you actually were right on a broad scale. Most Americans don’t buy this BS. Unfortunately, a way too big minority of Republicans do, including people like Trump and Huckabee. Smart guys like Rove are embarrassed by these nuts, but can’t seem to do anything about it.

        • Mark, everyone has their hot button issue. I admit I’m surprised this one registers so loudly given all the other things to dislike about Barak Obama’s presidency.

  19. I am a commie. I love this commie site. Hail Hail Obama.

      • Yeah because someone who is not conservative is automatically in favor of communism. Conservatives need to learn how to navigate a dictionary.

        • No, not automatically. I’ve read stuff here for some time and I also read lots on the communist party USA website – there is very little difference between the two when you focus on what they believe and what many here believe.

          • If you “read lots on the communist party USA website” then you’re more of a commie than I am.

            It’s comments like this one that make you look more like one of these BirtherNutz. You clearly have no idea what the definition of communism is (or capitalism for that matter). You just like to throw the word around as an insult.

            • I try to understand why you guys believe what you believe so i go to places where stuff like this is written. Some time ago i wasn’t sure what to make of what you believe so i checked out some other websites and found much common ground between this website and the communist party USA website. So naturally I think of you and your followers as some level of communist. I may read their website, but that doesn’t mean I subscribe to their beliefs – but nice try anyway. By your account, you read a lot of Fox News or Fox Nation website stuff, shall I call you conservative – obviously not given your opinions.

            • let’s try some fun matching games:

              here are a couple definitions of communism – let’s see which most match your postings:


              1-a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state

              I don’t actually think this is you, so good for you.

              2- system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.

              except for the “totalitarian” part, which I also don’t think you want, the rest sounds like you, but with the rest of the definition, the totalitarian state is what you end up having.

              I think your biggest objection is the idea that you have an interest in some kind of dictator who will make things the way you like them, which I must admit isn’t what I get from you, but it’s how things will end with your desire to turn over so much of our freedom to the government.

              3 – advocacy of a classless society in which private ownership has been abolished and the means of production and subsistence belong to the community (from the world english dictionary)

              we have a winner!!!!!

            • I forgot one:
              Also from the world English dictionary:

              4 – any leftist political activity or thought, esp when considered to be subversive

              What do you think?

            • Steve, your first three definitions are correct (the 4th is one created by conservatives to demonize liberals, and is totally incorrect, as communism is a form of government, not “liberal thinking”), and you proved our point that conservatives throw around that word without even knowing its meaning. I know exactly zero liberals/progressives who believe in dictatorial control, or loss of private property ownership, or all industry being run by a central government. And the next person I meet who believes that will be the first. There is a HUGE difference between communism and a reasonably regulated market economy.

            • Well Steve, despite your earlier comment lamenting the divisiveness in contemporary politics, you have officially reverted to the lowest form of conservative scum in the game.

              There is NOTHING that remotely resembles communism in any of what I write. If you see it there you are either hallucinating because you want to see it, or you are an idiot – or both.

              For you to declare that the “winner” in the definitions is the one about a “classless society in which private ownership has been abolished” (neither of which have I ever advocated) proves that you have no ability to comprehend the concepts of democracy that I advocate here because you are so infected by a right-wing hostility to anyone who disagrees with your extremist, right-wing, Ayn Randian bullshit.

              It’s too bad that it seems you are just another of the tunnel-blind, wingnut ignoramuses that pollute our public discourse. I’m disappointed, but I’m sorry to say, not surprised.

            • Ok, I was going to write something but I’ve already caused enough of a stir..I’m tired.

            • By the way Mark, i didn’t write anythign here to be outrageous – after reading your posts and/or articles for some time, MY opinion is exactly as stated. It’s not written to be ignorant or to be insulting in any way, it’s my observation – sorry if it bothers you.

            • I thought of another big difference between us – I’m ok with who I am – I’m so ok with my randian beliefs that when you accuse me of it- I feel absolutely no shame or anything. when I accuse you of communist leanings or defining your beliefs as such, you go bonkers – just accept it. It’s ok to think that way, I won’t ever agree, but you need to be happy with yourself.

              and by the way, I think the burden is on you to explain yourself so that I or anyone else woudln’t get the wrong idea.

          • Except Steve, you actually have Randian beliefs and we don’t have communist beliefs. None of the tenets you listed are anything I come close to believing.

            • Sammy, i think it’s the negativity of the word
              “communist” that draws the fierce defense from Mark – maybe you don’t think you believe that stuff, but my interpretation of what is written – sometimes – is exactly that. I do believe that what the liberal/progressive types here believe is very, very close if not dead on with at least one of those definitions. On taxes and on role/size of government the left types here absolutely get pretty close to the “winning” definition.

              And by the way – definition #4 I found somewhat funny – I included it for that reason – in that it was specific to left wing thinking – I didn’t make it up myself.

            • Sammy, I totally missed this post by you :

              “Steve, your first three definitions are correct (the 4th is one created by conservatives to demonize liberals, and is totally incorrect, as communism is a form of government, not “liberal thinking”), and you proved our point that conservatives throw around that word without even knowing its meaning. I know exactly zero liberals/progressives who believe in dictatorial control, or loss of private property ownership, or all industry being run by a central government. And the next person I meet who believes that will be the first. There is a HUGE difference between communism and a reasonably regulated market economy.”

              Ok, I believe you and my comparing progressive/liberal beliefs to communism may be extreme, but the defense of liberalism/progressivism here gets uncomfortably close to giving the government too much control in our lives – I get it that government is in our lives now, but the line continues to get pushed further left (politically) and our freedom continues to be eroded by both political parties sadly. Vote Ron Paul – he is the only guy talking about freedom like he means it.

  20. This article is truly unbelievable. When you liberals are faced w/ the truth or opposing opinions you immediately attack, but not w/ intelligent counterarguments, just common dribble. I will be happy to debate anyone who will actually argue the facts: Address the Sheriff’s news conference regarding the birth certificate and social security card and logically dispute the facts presented by the Sheriff, not w/ your stupid liberal ad hominem put downs and conclusionary attacks, but w/ actual facts disputing the report. The point is that you can’t! You poor bastards are nothing more than drones and only follow orders. Remember, where ignorance is bliss, democracy can’t exist.

    • Arpaio’s allegations have all been thoroughly debunked, but nothing I say about that will convince you. So why don’t you try responding to the subject of THIS article? For instance, do you really think that the CEO of Commonwealth Electric was a commie agent? Do you really think that Obama, if he were part of a plot to take over the country, would have confided that to a mailman he didn’t know?

  21. The media is no 4th estate, it carries the water for Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel). Look idiots, we have three obvious choices concerning Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse’s 6 months worth of investigation proving Barry is flaunting a forged birth certificate and a fraudulent Selective Service.

    First choice: They are lying. These guys have a combined hundreds of years of law enforcement experience collecting and evaluating evidence. If they are lying they open themselves to Eric Holder’s lynch mob as national security risks and don’t dare think he wouldn’t do it. This is an absurd and illogical choice.

    Second choice: They are wrong. Based upon their unblemished records and reputations and experience this would be even a more absurd and illogical choice.

    Third choice: They are absolutely right. That is the logical and smart choice even though you idiots don’t want to believe it. Why run from it, confront the evidence and see where it leads. President Nixon was forced to resign for much less. Bill Clinton was impeached by the House for much less. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were fired by the LIBTARDS at CBS for much less. You should be really pissed off that the media is not pursuing the evidence. These posted comments are off the charts dumb as they come.

    • What evidence? There is no evidence. Just a bunch of wild accusations unsupported by facts (or sanity).

      Your blind faith in people like Arpaio is pathetic. Do you really think that he can’t possibly be lying because he’s in law enforcement? Oh right, no cop has ever lied before, have they? And his record is far from unblemished.

      Keep it coming, Birthers. You are the best thing that ever happened to the Obama reelection campaign.

      • Mark, Arpaio’s “investigation” was merely a copy of what Orly Taitz “found” when she Photoshopped the copy of the birth certificate to make it appear forged…before she changed to another Photoshopped copy when the first was debunked.

      • “Keep it coming, Birthers. You are the best thing that ever happened to the Obama reelection campaign.”

        bonus points for any birthers who also want to talk about abortion/contraception/”religious freedom of employers”

    • And the Republican governor of Hawaii was in on it too? You are a fucking moron.

    • Wow, the man decided Barack sounded more professional than Barry. Quite a conspiracy. And Tiffany Amber Thiessen dropped the Amber. I wonder how she figures into this?

      • @Mark and @Sammy, it is obvious that you didn’t spend one damn minute looking at the evidence that was presented. Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel) will be forced to resign and it will be the Democrats who will be facing a brokered convention in Charlotte. The media use to control the talking points but not anymore, the internet is the game changer. It wasn’t too long ago that anyone could plug this Social Security number into the Social Security Administration fraud site, not anymore (042-68-4425. The President’s number was FLAGGED by E-Verify. Some clown Fogbow attempted to refute the evidence of the fraudulent SS# and fell flat on his face. Some clowns name by the name Harrison J. Bounel had the same SS# and both appeared on a deed investigation in Chicago (anyone remember Tony Rezko). This Clunker is not going to be around much longer.

        • You’re right. I considered the source, much like if the source was And the internet may be a game-changer, but it is not THE game-changer, because anyone can write anything on the internet. With Photoshop, anyone can make Bigfoot look real. Or a man pregnant. Or a rightwing nutjob look sane. Okay, not the last one.

          • @Sammy – You are right, this is the accusation, the Clunker provided a computer generated forgery ON THE INTERNET. That is why all of this got started. That is why people want to see an original, NOT a computer generated document that can be proven to be a forgery. Do you realize how easy this would have been cleared up. John McCain cleared up the controversy over his Birth Certificate in a WEEK, it took the Clunker 3 years and nearly 2 MILLION dollars to produce his document and the damn thing was another computer generated document. Are you stupid Sammy or just so in love with this Clunker that you can’t bring yourself to examine the mounds of evidence, that’s right MOUNDS.

            • For one the 2 million dollar thingy was what he spent on in legal fees for his campaign AS A WHOLE and not simply to “clear things up” about his past (which for some reason everyone seems to be so interested in as compared to others in his position).

              For another you seem to base an assertion that the document was forged to begin with and that Obama posted a scan of a forged document. Well you must be truly super then, since NO ONE has PROVEN that the document was forged, the antics of Arpagio were done to prove the birth certificate was forged (not prove that it wasn’t, they apparently don’t seem to be interested in that half). And you know what? The way those guys are doing it they will NEVER be able to prove one or the other for a simple reason: they are working on internet scans of the document and not the actual document itself! When you scan a document into any format, there are subtle modifications added to the scan, such as layers, possible image resolution loss, effects of impurities from the scanner used etc. What they are doing is the same as examining a photo of the Mona Lisa, or a scanned copy of the dead sea scrolls and proclaiming them fake based on “findings” of the above. So yeah the most they can conclude is that THE SCAN is a forgery, something I could tell them without all that sophisticated effort. Of course the scan isn’t the real thing, duh!

              Obama has released his ACTUAL birth certificate for people to examine, touch etc, that includes conservatives as well. Oddly enough Arpagio does not seem to be focusing his investigations on/with those who actually held the document in their hands and rather focuses on scanned copies…..

              As for your mounds of evidence….pray tell what are they? I for one have seen mounds of such “evidence” debunked….

        • This is just plain delusional:

          “Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel) will be forced to resign and it will be the Democrats who will be facing a brokered convention in Charlotte.”

          I hope you’ll come back to this web site in November after Obama has won reelection and leave a comment.

  22. So there is NO EVIDENCE, well it seems Sheriff Joe Arpaio just sent a letter concerning the Clunker’s (Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J. Bounel) fraudulent Selective Service card to the U. S. Selective Service Director Larry Romo and demands a response in 30 days providing the original registration form so forensic document examiners can analyze the document. He also suggested the director, Larry Romo conduct his own investigation. This career veteran law enforcement officer will not roll over and cave to political pressure. However, there is a chance that someone may murder him.

    • Oooh, you got some ‘splainin’ to do. How can he be Kenyan AND be named Harrison?

      And I’m sure a stern letter from the honorable Sheriff Joe will get a quick response. Your last sentence just proves you’re another whack job who probably believes Hillary Clinton is a murderer.

      • No Sammy, that is for you to explain, do you know anyone else beside yourself that has your SS#. Barack Hussein Obama and Harrison J. Bounel have the same number (042-68-4425). Explain that. I never said he was a Kenyan, all I said is that he has a forged bc, a fraudulent Selective Service registration and a fraudulent SS#. He may be a Kenyan, we haven’t seen his ORIGINAL Birth Certificate hell can be whatever he wants to be with the press acting stupid.

        • Oh shit, my wife is in real trouble then. We lost her ORIGINAL birth certificate, so she petitioned her state of birth for a copy. And OH MY GAWD they gave her a new, computerized COPY (oh the humanity!) of her certificate of live birth that looks identical to the one Mr. Obama presented that you refuse to believe is real, even though his political opponents have accepted it. If he walked into your home with Sheriff Joe Dumbass with the original, wrinkled birth certificate, you’d find a reason to disbelieve it.

          • @Sammy – your wife was not running for President and didn’t spend more than 3 years and nearly 2 MILLION in legal fees (not campaign money)to keep in hidden. Someone one in this comment section claimed that no Republican ever had his birth record challenged. The original “birthers” were all LIBTARDS challenging McCain’s “natural born Citizenship.” It went on for months and the challenges came from the NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, liberal law professors. None of you “dumbasses” were going besserk over those challenges. The back up “birthers” also came from the Hillary Clinton camp, a lawyer by the name of Philip Berg. It was the LIBTARDS that started this and we are now nearing an end to all of it with Sheriff Joe Arpaio taking it to another level.

          • @Moron, opps Not a Moron – Is that all you have, Snopes, good luck bringing them into court. I don’t think they have ever been called as a witness to anything. Obama will be resigning and the Democrats will be the idiots having a brokered convention in Charlotte, yes I will be here in November, Lord willing!

            • Speaking of bringing things to court, a sound, rational guy like you has certainly seen this document, haven’t you TonyB?

              Imagine that. Orly Taitz and all her buds had a courtroom all too themselves. They were given the opportunity to present all of their evidence without any opposition whatsoever.

              And yet she still lost. Badly.

              Just as all the other Birther lawsuits have lost. Badly.

              Granted, those lawsuits past did not have the opportunity to present this new “evidence” from the Ayers’ former mail carrier, but in practical terms do you really think a decades old, second hand hearsay testimony would have made any difference? Or are you more inclined to believe that this, too, would been scoffed out of court in the very same way that all of the single ply toilet paper thin “evidence” the Birthers have presented have been scoffed out of court?

              Yes, I know, I know, Sheriff Arpaio has teased that he will to take things to a “new level,” but thus far all we’ve seen from him is stuff with the same old slant.

              The whole Birther thing has become much like the classic television series, Moonlighting; at one time it was amusing and entertaining, but soon became stale and boring. Moonlighting lost its appeal when the “will they or won’t they” question was settled. Birtherlighting lost its appeal when the long form birth certificate was released.

              Birtherlighting, like Moonlighting, has had its four year run. It’s time to cancel it and move on to other things.

  23. This Tony B guy has to be a paid plant. I can’t believe anyone is that brainwashed. He has all the talking points they gave him memorized to perfection. Tell the truth Tony B, how much do they pay you? And then do you donate your earnings to your fascists masters? And tell us about the black helicopters you saw last night. I know you saw them. I know I did.

  24. It seems that the first line of defense for Liberals is to start name calling. Never mind all that. Just answer the questions. There are some real concerns about this fellow Barry Soetoro, or Barack Obama, or Harrison J. Bounel or whatever his name is. I’m an Adobe expert and I have seen the certificate. No question it is manufactured. Blind faith is a very stupid thing to balance the survival of your country on. Between sports team… ok. But when a foreigner can march straight in and capture your presidency, you all are in for big trouble.

    • I’m willing to bet any “expertise” you can lend to this matter will curiously reveal the very same stunning revelations that the WorldNetDaily’s “experts” have uncovered — that we’ve been looking at a computer copy of the original, certified, verified, confirmed by the State of Hawaii to be 100% authentic original birth certificate as opposed to having that very same slip of paper in our hands.

      And let’s not pretend that having that document in hand would make a lick of difference in the wild and wacky world of Birthers. They would insist that was a forgery, too, and bedazzle us all with “evidence” of an odd crease, or a mismatched fiber, or some subtle difference in ink patterns. And once those “proofs” were disproved as well they would continue to stretch the limits of their imagination.

      And yet, as they continue to ask the questions to lay out their absurdly complex conspiracy theory that would require absolute cooperation of thousands of steel firm accomplices over a fifty year span, they continue to fail to ask a very important question; why in the world would anyone put together such a ridiculous plot in the first place? Are we supposed to believe that in 1961, during a time that there were still anti-miscegenation and Jim Crow laws on the books that there was a grand plot in the works to guide a mixed race child to the office of President? And if that was the goal just why would the evil geniuses responsible gain from it–no one is suggesting that anyone other than Ann Dunham is his mother; and as a child of a citizen of the United States he would still, legally be recognized as a natural born citizen of the United States regardless as to whether he was born within these borders or not.

      Ah, but that takes us to the Birther fall back position; that Obama still can’t be considered a “natural born citizen” — an “argument” they “support” with laws that do not apply, definitions not found in the Constitution, and opinions that do not have the backing of court decisions. Well, even the “best” of those arguments became moot when the Electoral College met and certified the results of the 2008 elections. At that point it was agreed, with no objection, that Barack Obama had met all eligibility and qualification requirements. And later, of course, we would see the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swear Obama into office not once, but twice. The precedent had been set — any ridiculous argument that “one parent is not enough” holds less weight than a puff of smoke.

      Let go of the Birther nonsense. If you don’t care for Obama then offer your objections on matters of fact and not flights of fantasy.

  25. Obama’s attorney has admitted (for him) in court that the birth certificate Obama presented as his real and true long form birth certificate is a forgery. Are we still bashing the ‘birthers’?

    • Yes, we are still bashing the birthers because that story is a sham (and because the birthers deserve it).

    • Yes, I’ve read that story, too.

      It came from a blogger who was able to point out that the online digital copy we’ve all seen was in fact (*gasp*) a digital image and not a piece of paper.

      Yeah, that’s brilliant “reporting.”

      So long as Birthers ever so eagerly parrot nonsense like that as “proof” of something expect them to continue to get bashed big time.

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