Bill O’Reilly Is A Nazi Who Secretly Adores Adolf Hitler

Grab yourself a large, economy size bottle of Pepto-Bismal and listen to this:

If O’Reilly can say that Robert Reich is a communist who adores Marx, then I can say that O’Reilly is a Nazi (or a racist, or a pedophile) who adores Hitler (or Manson, or Satan). The funny (or sad) part of this is that there is more evidence to affirm my sarcastic statement than O’Reilly’s earnest one.

The truth is that O’Reilly is a disgusting, hyperbolic, dishonest purveyor of lies and slander (or a scumbag fuckwad). And Lou Dobbs aint much better.


4 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Is A Nazi Who Secretly Adores Adolf Hitler

  1. Funny how the word “communist” brings out the most emotional responses from you – but that isn’t the point I want to addresss.
    I’ll be the first to say I don’t know what Robert Reich’s true beliefs are – but based on one specific commentary of his I heard myself on NPR a couple years ago – he is definitely a “BIG GOVERNMENT” control type of guy. Specifically, from the commentary of his that I heard, he stated he felt that government was a better (and preferred by him) distributor of money to charitable entities vs. the private citizen as we do now. Somewhat similar to what was said here, but not exactly. Needless to say I would prefer the power to spend our money on what we choose be left with us private citizens and corporations, but his feeling on what the government can and should do for American Society is certainly skewed toward government dictate. I don’t necessarily disagree with all of what he said, but he appears to be more extreme in practice than what I would prefer. Clearly being called a communist is not something you want to stick to any liberal given your general response to its use in describing someone with “far left” views”.

    • So it would be okay then if Mark calls you a fascist?

      • So go ahead, he’s called me all kinds of things – some accurate, some not so much. Stick and Stones….

        • Slight difference between:
          a) calling you a Nazi (epithet: indeed, “sticks and stones”); and
          b) accusing you of *being* a Nazi (slander, or, in this case libel = actionable).

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