Rachel Maddow Poised To Replace Tucker?

TVNewser is passing on reports (that are not much more than rumors at this time) that MSNBC has taped a pilot for a new program featuring Rachel Maddow and Bill Wolff.

Maddow currently has a talk radio program on Air America and she guests frequently with Keith Olbermann on Countdown. She is an attractive, articulate, razor-sharp political observer and analyst. Her courageous progressivism, honesty and insight would propel her instantly to the top of the pundit pack on cable news.

Wolff is presently VP of Prime-Time Programming for MSNBC. He also appears on Tucker as a fill-in for Willie Geist where he mostly cracks jokes about entertainers and pop culture. He is married to another MSNBC personality, Alison Stewart.

As a programming exec, Wolff has good reason to be testing new talent. His schedule is currently being dragged down by Tucker Carlson, on whose show Wolff was once the executive producer. While it is long past time to cut their losses on Tucker, there is no evidence that this pilot, if it exists, is intended as a replacement for him. If it is, Maddow would be an inspired choice who would bring intelligence and charm to the line-up – in other words, exactly the opposite of what Tucker brings.

Wolff himself seems to have a pretty good sense of humor, but I’m not really sure what he would add to a show with the substance for which Maddow is well known. Also, I can’t say that I particularly like this trend at MSNBC where their management casts themselves in roles on the network. Previously General Manager Dan Abrams gave himself a show following Olbermann’s Countdown. But if this is what it takes to get Maddow on the air, and Tucker off, I’m all for it.


7 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow Poised To Replace Tucker?

  1. Wouldn’t that be great? A brain to replace Tucker’s lack of one. Well reasoned arguments rather than argumentative blathering… almost makes one feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    • Keep praying to the deity of your choice.

  2. I would like to see more professional show like Olbermann’s than Tuckers. He is a crazy individual. But, someday, someone, should stand up and tell MSNBC, stop seeking after high rating only, put some heart and soul into your program. We don’t need Chris Matthew’s “torture” facts show. He should go home and spend sometime with his wife and watch someone else more professional than he is on show. Take real American media back. Other countries are laughing at us, at our comments and our misrepresentings. He has damaged so much MSNBC’S credibility and reputation. American people get to know this 2008 election, know the candidates, at the same time, they get to know all those reporters, journalist too and they don’t like what they hear from his mouth at all. Such show-no-respect behavour is 2nd topic around the American house now. He should leave, replacing him.

  3. Great news, good bye Tuck,
    I would like to see more Chris Mathews, or what about three hours of a joint show with Mathews and Maddow…..

  4. I know for a fact that Rachel Maddow’s ***** [Edited because you’re an obscene moron who obviously doesn’t know anything]

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