THE VETTING: Mitt Romney Is A War Mongering Draft-Dodger

Breitbart News has been running a series of articles purporting to “vet” President Obama. They contend that the so-called “liberal” media never properly examined Obama’s past and the events of his youth that formed his character.

For the most part, the Breibrats vetting has been a circus that uncovered silly trivialities or outright lies. For instance, with no evidence whatsoever, they alleged that Obama’s college grades were lower than George W. Bush (They weren’t. Obama graduated magna cum laude, while Bush squeaked by with a C- average). They furthered the Birther conspiracy by claiming to have discovered documents that prove Obama was born in Kenya (He wasn’t. The documents were in error and the person responsible admitted it). They accused Obama of having anti-white, Marxist views associated with his Harvard law professor (He didn’t. Neither Obama nor Prof. Derrick Bell held those views).

However, in the spirit of vetting, and fully informing the public about the histories of our presidential aspirants, Here is a factual account of Mitt Romney’s past that you probably won’t see on Breibart News:

Mitt Romney At Stanford

In 1966 Mitt Romney briefly attended Stanford University in California. It was a tumultuous time when the Vietnam war was stirring up dissent among America’s youth and a vibrant peace movement was growing. Mitt Romney, however, would have none of that. He was a staunch defender of the war. The photo above shows Romney (far right) at a counter-protest to a sit-in at the office of Stanford president Wallace Sterling organized by peace activists who opposed Sterling’s plans to assist in the drafting of students. Doesn’t Romney look dapper in his white slacks and sport coat?

Despite Romney’s steadfast support for the war, he still secured a deferral that kept him from serving in the military. And even though he claimed that his deferral was due to his position as a missionary on behalf of his Mormon church (and later a student deferment), he nevertheless found time to attend rallies in favor of sending other young men to war.

Romney BoysLike many Republican hypocrites, Romney is a chickenhawk who advocates the glory of battle only for other people’s sons. As for his own family, he once responded to a question concerning why none of his five boys were serving in Iraq or Afghanistan by saying that “one of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping to get me elected.” That’s a typically Romulan statement that illustrates what an elitist he is, who considers himself exempt from the rules by which the rest of the peasant hordes must abide.

The Breitbrats will surely ignore this new and revealing photo of Romney. Because even while they pursue their mission of vetting the President, they oppose and ridicule any examination of Romney’s past. Earlier this month Breitbrat Ben Shapiro castigated the Washington Post for publishing an article about Romney’s high school bullying of a classmate. Shapiro made it all too clear that, in his opinion, the Post was outside the bounds of ethical reporting by digging up dirt from Romney’s high school days. However, on the same day, Shapiro himself posted an article about Obama’s alleged drugs use when he was in high school.

Breibart News

That’s how brazenly hypocritical these right-wing pseudo-journalists are. They aren’t interested in vetting anyone, They are only interested in disseminating propaganda and character assassination.

Bonus Bit: In further vetting of Romney, Buzzfeed discovered an old news item about a visit Romney made to a veteran’s homeless shelter in Massachusetts in 1994, during his losing campaign for the senate against Ted Kennedy. Before leaving Romney asked the shelter’s director what the biggest problem at the shelter was. The director said that it was getting enough milk on the meager allowances the shelter received from the state. Romney responded, “Well, maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows.” Good one, Mitt. And maybe they can just eat cake. The Breitbrats have already posted an item complaining about Milk-Gate.

Etch-a-Sketch Update: Apparently Romney was for the Vietnam war before he was against it. Despite his activism in support of the war in 1966, by 1970 he had turned against it saying that it was a “political blunder” and that “I think we were brainwashed.” Another outright flip-flop.


10 thoughts on “THE VETTING: Mitt Romney Is A War Mongering Draft-Dodger

  1. The Breitbrats have already posted an item complaining about Milk-Gate.

    Oh I’m sure they have, and THAT would not be news of any sort either.

  2. Conservatives know this… and don’t care. Military service is only an issue when their guy has it, then it’s beating the drums and waving the bloody shirt.

    When Rick Perry was the right-wing savior du jour David Limbaugh (yes R. Limpballs brother) created a side-by-side image of Rick Perry in flight suit and President Obama smoking a joint.

    The small print caption was “rick Perry at 22” and Barack Obama at 22 with the large caption “Boys will be Boys”

    On so many levels it represents Right-Wing thinking.

    First, the dog-whistle bigotry, then the appeal to military rightwousness when it might aid them, and the fact that the Limbaugh lied, because the image was of Obama at 17…

  3. Not sure what vetting is needed for Barak Obama – people or groups that are doing this are wasting their time – if you can’t figure out what our “glorious” president is all about after 3+ years of him as president, you haven’t been paying attention or you don’t care. It’s wasted effort.

      • I’m sure they’ll listen to me – it’s this kind of behavior that will usher in another 4 years of this guy – not that there is any difference between the parties anymore, but if they focused on his lack of accomplishment or anything else from the long list of reasons not to vote for Barak Obama, they would probably get much further – but maybe that is what they think they’re doing.

  4. I think it was WM’s father George who commented about being “brainwashed” into supporting the Viet Nam War.

    • Mitt’s father said it first. Mitt adopted the same position later.

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