Huckabee Calls On Bloggers To Stop The Presses

In a campaign event to thank bloggers for their support, Mike Huckabee told about 700 of them that they were “doing the Lord’s work.” He drew specific attention to a little known Commandment that compels disciples…er…voters that “Thou shalt disrupt the work of journalists.”

“He noted that the mainstream media might be ‘filing a bad story’ right now, and if the bloggers were relying on the same wireless system at the hotel, they might be ‘clogging up the lines’ and preventing them from filing.”

This sermon from the uber-righteous former minister and presidential hopeful says a lot about the state of morality in religious right-wing circles. It is especially revealing coming from a candidate who just held a press conference disavowing negative advertising, but showing his negative ad to same press gathering.

Apparently the God Huckabee worships thinks it’s OK to manipulate the media by seeding it with attack ads, and simultaneously interfere with reporters who are trying to do their jobs. This is the sort of hypocrisy that Huckabee regards as “the Lord’s work.”


One thought on “Huckabee Calls On Bloggers To Stop The Presses

  1. I wonder if anyone else is worried about a former minister who appears to have been threatening to shoot his opponents or those who vote for his opponents [on his recent hunting/press gathering]. I also wonder how such language would go over with foreign dignitaries. Will they understand that he’s just ‘funning’ with them?

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