Graphic Evidence Of The Bigotry In Fox News Coverage Of The Arizona Supreme Court Ruling

Today the Supreme Court issued its ruling on the controversial Arizona law against undocumented immigrants. It was a partially mixed decision, however, any objective appraisal would have to note that three of the four major components of the law were struck down, and the fourth (the most controversial part requiring law enforcement to inquire as to the legal status of people they have reason to believe are undocumented) was upheld, but severely limited.

Fox News covered this ruling in its uniquely racist way by tailoring the story to different audiences. On Fox News Latino the headline accurately reported that the “Court Strikes Down Most of AZ Immig Law.” However, on Fox Nation they went with the misleading, “U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Part of Tough Arizona Immigration Law.” Even Fox News was more balanced by saying that “Supreme Court Reigns In Arizona On Immigration.”

Fox News on Arizona Ruling

So once again Fox panders to their Latino audience on the web site aimed at them, while slanting steeply in the opposite direction on Fox Nation, the community of such rancid bigotry that Fox had to close the comments section for fear of the vile postings that frequently occur. Obviously, Fox knows its audience.


One thought on “Graphic Evidence Of The Bigotry In Fox News Coverage Of The Arizona Supreme Court Ruling

  1. The supreme court upheld the only part of the law that they didn’t need the law to do – police totally already had the right to inquire immigration status if they had a reasonable suspicion. It’s just generally policy not to: Because it’s a bad idea to scare away witnesses, victims, or suspects; or to have your witnesses, victims, or suspects deported or detained while you’re trying to solve crime.

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