The Fox News Un-American 4th Of July Election Special

Demonstrating their blatant hostility to fairly representing the American people, Fox News broadcast an election special on the Fourth of July that consisted of almost exclusively conservative Republicans. Out of eleven political guests there was only one Democrat (Rep. Rob Andrews of New Jersey).

Balancing out that lone voice was Supreme Wacko Allen West (who thinks that there are 80 card-carrying Democratic communists in Congress), virulent Democrat hunter Darrell Issa (who never met a Democrat he doesn’t hold in contempt), and a panel of eight all-GOP House freshmen. Even for Fox this is a strikingly unbalanced division of ideologies.

Frank LuntzThe host of the program was the GOP “Word Doctor,” Frank Luntz. Luntz is best known for developing rhetoric and catch phrases to deceive people into supporting programs they would never back if they were told the truth about them. Recently Luntz held a seminar with GOP leaders advising them on how to mislead their constituents. Luntz advised Republicans to avoid certain words and replace them with others that he had focus-group tested. For instance: Out: Capitalism / In: Economic Freedom.” When conservative PR flacks tell Republicans not to talk about capitalism, a significant shift is taking place.

The program’s highlights included Allen West reiterating his belief about communists infiltrating Congress. No one bothered to challenge his nightmarish delusions. Darrell Issa was allowed to defend his inquisition of the Obama administration via a softball question about whether he thought he was too hard on Democrats. Did they really expect him to say “yes?” No one bothered asked him why his Committee on Oversight never held hearings on Republican malfeasance.

The program was so steeply slanted that the set was decorated with paintings of past presidents, but not a single Democratic president was on display. It was a feast of both overt and subliminal propaganda that sought to pretend that there was only one political opinion that encompassed the whole of the American population. For Fox News to schedule this brazenly partisan hour of Republican PR on Independence Day and label it an “American Roundtable” is evidence of just how far they will go to promote their benefactors in the party of the Greedy One Percent (aka GOP). They are going to be unpleasantly surprised when they discover that there are millions of Americans who do not share their self-serving, elitist views, but who aspire to a more inclusive and uplifting agenda that seeks to make “liberty and justice for all” more than just a slogan to be exploited by cynical Republicans and deceitful “news” networks.


3 thoughts on “The Fox News Un-American 4th Of July Election Special

  1. What the GOP forgets is that there are a majority of Americans who do NOT follow the news daily, do NOT care what Fox News thinks, and have never heard of Frank Liar Luntz. These people live their lives, notice prices at the ga pump and the totals in their paychecks, and will vote Democratic because things are improving. They will not care whether the GOP says it stands for capitalism or economic freedom, or which wacko GOP Congressman is counting Commies in the Senate. They care about their kids’ educations, grandma’s health care and SS, and the fact that global warming appears to be real (in MI, we had three snowstorms all winter, 80 degrees in March, and have had 10 90 degree days in a row now in June/early July.) Also, in states that were overtaken by the GOP in 2010, things are not going well. Women are being attacked, workers are under attack, and the poor and elderly are being taxed to cover breaks for corporations making millions. Not to mention education and public sector workers being hit by the GOP for working hard and daring to expect the retirement monies they paid in over many years!
    These voters will watch the debates, and be stunned by the lack of policy from Romney. They will be awed by the grasp of knowledge President Obama has, his calmness, and his record. The GOP can pull whatever tricks they want, but Democrats will not be denied in November. The GOP has screwed itself.

  2. I’ll take what Fox News had on July 4th over MSNBC’s July 4 line-up (re-run after re-run of “Lock-up”) any year.

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