11 Mitt Romney Debate Lies For Journalists To Highlight (But Probably Won’t)

Media Matters has compiled a list that is a good starting point for the media to address the lies Mitt Romney told during the town hall debate last night. The problem is that the press is so timid and accustomed to dishonesty on the part of Romney that they don’t consider it news and thus ignore it. After all, the Romney campaign has already stated publicly that they won’t let their campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.

Romney Fact-Checkers

Here’s the list from Media Matters (click the link for the complete documentation and rebuttal).

  1. His Tax Plan Will Create 12 Million Jobs
  2. Oil Production Is Down On Federal Lands Under Obama
  3. He Wants To Increase Pell Grants
  4. He Advocated For Same Auto Bankruptcy Obama Used
  5. Obama To Blame For High Gas Prices
  6. Obama Will Raise Taxes On Middle Class By $4,000
  7. Gun Rights Group Was Onboard With Assault Weapons Ban
  8. Obama Promised 5.4 Percent Unemployment
  9. Obama Doubled The Deficit
  10. Obama Went On An Apology Tour (This one was a PolitiFact “Pants-on-Fire” lie)
  11. Obama Did Not Call Benghazi Attack An Act Of Terror

One notable lie that was left out was Romney’s assertion that he had sought out women for his administration when he became governor of Massachusetts. This was the part of the debate where he coined the now legendary phrase “Binders Full of Women.” As it turns out, his tale was another tall one that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Best Debate Moment:

Sketchy Deal


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