Breitbart Conspiracy Theory: Fact-Checkers Are A Liberal Plot

A new front has been established in the political war zone that reveals the unique character of the American conservative movement. Not satisfied with bashing everything about the media (despite the fact that their own Fox News is a huge part of it), the wackoids on the right have declared war against … Fact-checkers!

This may seem wildly deranged, but upon reflection it makes perfect sense. If your entire movement is built on a foundation of lies, then fact-checkers are your mortal enemy. This became clear a few days ago when a Mitt Romney adviser publicly declared that “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

Romney Anti-Fact-Checker

That comment was hailed by John Nolte, editor of Breitbart News, as evidence that Romney’s campaign had decided to tell fact-checkers to “Drop Dead!” It’s astonishing that a political operative would admit something so absurdly anti-fact and to frame his remarks in the context of factuality being a dictatorship. He plainly believes that being forced to adhere to only statements that are true is too large a burden for the Romney campaign. Of course, that has been apparent for the past several years to anyone who has observed Romney in action.

Now the mental deficients at Breitbart News are piling on with more articles blasting fact-checkers as if it were a dishonorable profession on a par with crack dealers. BreitBrat Nolte veritably glows with excitement as he declares that the “Era of Media Fact Checkers Intimidating Republicans Is Over.” Where he gets that from is a mystery, but then he doesn’t require any facts to support his assertions so he can say whatever the hell he wants – which he often does, such as when he advocated the murder of a child actress’ mother.

The source of Nolte’s glee came from reports following Paul Ryan’s fib-filled speech at the Republican National Kvetch-a-Sketch. Ryan was found to have slipped off of the truth tracks on numerous occasions that were well documented by a broad and diverse cross-section of the press, including Fox News. Nolte’s paranoid, conspiratorial dementia drove him to assert that the flurry of fact-checking that found fault with Ryan’s speech was…

“…undoubtedly pre-planned and organized between Team Obama and his Media Palace Guards. […] My guess is that Obama and the media set up this plan weeks ago.”

Of course they did. And Ryan must have been in on it as well because he dutifully spewed the lies that the media had pre-planned to expose in their fact-checking. The scheme would have failed without Ryan’s cooperation. Apparently, in Nolte’s diseased brain, Ryan is a double agent working to sabotage Romney’s campaign. And the plot was only uncovered because, as Nolte revealed, “Breitbart is everywhere.” Somehow the zombie spirit of Andrew Breitbart is still haunting the material world and communicating with Nolte to expose liberal media shenanigans. Scary, isn’t it?

In another article, Nolte bashed a columnist for the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler, for daring to venture into what sane political analysts call “speculation.” Nolte seems to think that when an opinion columnist attempts to anticipate events in the political world, which is what opinion columnists are paid to do, he has broken some sort of commandment. Nolte goes even further, accusing Kessler of extortion (while engaging in some childish insults):

“This feckless, impotent little fact-checker is bullying Romney; putting him on notice and threatening him. Kessler’s firing a warning show (sic) across Romney’s bow.”

Nolte virtually froths with revulsion over Kessler having the audacity to presume that Romney’s speech will contain some of the ideas Romney has been talking about on the campaign trail for several months. He may have a point. With Romney’s proclivity for flip-flopping on almost every position he takes, it may be risky to expect that he’ll be consistent in his speech tonight. So once again, Romney would have to be complicit in his own downfall in order for this plot to succeed. It’s downright insidious.

After celebrating the demise of fact-checking, Nolte feverishly condemns the practice of anticipating a future event in politics. But that doesn’t stop him from making his own wholly unsupported prediction:

“Day after day, before our very eyes, we are witnessing the media Kamikazee their integrity against the truth for a guy who’s going to lose.”

So Nolte thinks that Kessler is feckless and impotent for correctly noting the themes of Romney’s campaign and suggesting that they might be included in his big speech. But Nolte has no problem with stating as a fact that Obama is going to lose an election that is still two months away, despite the fact that the electoral college map is swinging heavily in his favor. However, that’s no problem for Nolte since he has already cast off facts as annoyances that are only important to liberals. How convenient.


8 thoughts on “Breitbart Conspiracy Theory: Fact-Checkers Are A Liberal Plot

  1. Doesn’t Canada have laws which make it illegal to blatantly lie on the public airwaves? Why can’t we have that in the US? These people are saying f you to the truth and those who have the temerity to point out their constant and easily debunked falsehoods. They think the rules don’t apply to them, hell there are no rules for them. We can say whatever we want but no one can say or ask anything of Romney! The frightening thing is they are serious.

    • Then no democrat would ever get air time..

      I cannot believe you people are this insane, this openly delusional.. We get the WaPo fact “checker” calling Romney a liar.. for pointing out that Obama has not been to Israel since his swearing in….. when in FACT.. he has NOT been to Israel since his swearing in…

      and this chump thinks Kessler isn’t a lying hack?

      unfrigging real…..

      Ryan was absolutely CORRECT on Obama’s promises to that GM plant… confirmed by MULTIPLE sources… including the union workers who had worked there, and are feeling bitter and betrayed by Obama..

      and you idiots call that Ryan speech a lie?.. when they were making SUV’s and trucks till 09?

      are you simple minded?

      Just because Obama and Gibbs say so, doesn’t make it a fact…. something you’d know if you ever peeked outside your left wing echo chamber..

      GOD.. you people are fucking THICK…. The media and the democrats lie to you, and you just bend over and say “more please”….. you clowns are sickening.

      you really can’t see the lies from Obama… pitiful.

      • You need to do your homework. The announcement of the closing of the GM plant in Janesville was made in 2008. About 95% of the employees were laid off by December of that year. A small contingent remained for a few months to complete a few vehicles on an expiring contract.

        The problem was that Ryan deliberately connected Obama to the closing when Obama had nothing to do with it. You know that’s true, but I don’t expect a BreitBrat to concede a truthful point.

        • Horse shit………….

          Ryan “linked” Obama to the closing,… because he heard what those same GM plant people heard from Obama…

          [“Obama visited the Janesville plant in February, 2008 on a campaign stop. He promised to keep the plant open and save the jobs of the 2,000 employees. Janesville made small trucks and SUV’s.

          “If our government is there to support you, and give you the assistance you need to re-tool and make this transition…this plant will be here for another hundred years,” he said.

          In October, 2008, Obama said it again:

          “As president, I will lead an effort to retool plants like the GM facility in Janesville so we can build the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow and create good-paying jobs in Wisconsin and all across America.”]


          I do research fine dude… try your own..

          You are so drunk on left wing delusions, you believe everything thing they say… regardless of how obvious the spin, or how cheap and lazy the distortion. Ryan told the truth, Obama went there and made what the workers THEMSELVES UAW approved workers… believed was a promise… elect him.. and their plant would be saved…

          Then the bailouts come and Obama seizes control of GM… and instead of using his power as GM’s main stock holder to get that plant retooled… he saved the unions fat contracts.. fucked the share holders.. Many of which were teacher and fireman’s pension funds.. he fucked the parts suppliers.. dealerships forcing thousands of lay offs..

          He short circuited the bankruptcy laws to keep the UAW’s fat contracts untouched. while he ravaged everyone else.. and the CBO announced we’ll never see 35 billion dollars of that money back…

          You halfwits have a funny idea of a Ryan “lie”…

          I do my homework chief….

          START doing yours.. liberals always do this… always fuck the working man, while wailing to the Heavens… only THEY can protect them…

          you have no clue.. just dogma and doctrines… and a handful of talking points.

          • Talk about being drunk on delusion…

            Nothing in your puerile rant contradicts my comment above. And spewing at great length with profanities and childish insults (ala your idol Breitbart) does nothing to help your argument.

  2. The worst thing Andrew Breitbart did?

    Gave us John Nolte.

  3. You’re an idiot.. and a liar.. you haven’t backed up a single claim, disproved nothing.. Even the Atlantic’s editor has said Kessler’s a liar and should be fired..

    but that little fact… as well as the other newspapers who have come out and outed these so called “fact checkers”… you never mentioned them.. or the fact that Gallop says only 9% of the public trusts a thing the media says… and only that 9% don’t believe that the same MSM isn’t actively shilling for that political thug in the White House.

    Some moron linked here from Breitbart.. probably hoping to gin uip your traffic.. a mistake I won’t repeat unless it’s to point out again what a pompous bag of wind you are as well as a knowing liar.

    • Thanks for stopping by and boosting my ad rates. Can’t wait for your BreitBrat pals to show up.

      I must say that I agree with about the sorry state of the media and it’s well-deserved low rating from the public. Part of the reason for that, of course, is the conservative bias that dominates it. I know you won’t agree with me on that, but think about it – all of the Mainstream Media is owned by corporations and wealthy businessmen. Do you really think that those fervent capitalists are secret socialists working to end their own reign of power and hand their companies over to the state?

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